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    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved - but it will take a few days. Thank you.


  1. DeepSpace

    Resolved - Different hashes for the same disc

    As promted, I create a new thread for it. https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/list-of-uhds-currently-un-supported-in-anydvd.76597/post-619784 True, but there is no story. I just ripped it three times by now, with three different hashes inside the .md5 files (opened them via Editor, maybe it is not...
  2. G

    Portable UHD Drive Recommendation (Slim & USB-C Preferred)

    Hey all! I'm looking to upgrade my full-size BD drive to something that can be an AIO with UHD. It'll probably go between my desktop and laptop depending on use case. - Live in the US - Not burning, just ripping - Prefer slim for portability & USB-C since my laptop has no A ports, while my...
  3. T

    AnyDVD keydb.cfg import support

    Thanks to James for adding that. My question is how do I actaully use this IF I have an unsupported UHD but MakeMKV does support it? How do you find the key or the keydb.cfg in MakeMKV? Or am I going about this all wrong? This is not a feature I ever used (was before my time). Thanks.
  4. J

    AnyDVD UHD and PowerDVD 22 Ultra

    Hey guys, I bought PowerDVD 22 Ultra yesterday and tried to play the UHD BD of Evil Dead with Any DVD running in the backround. However PDVD is refusing to play the Disc and just says A Disc with an unsupported Format is located in Drive D. Not even the ripped ISO File is playing. My BD Drive...
  5. B

    Not a RedFox Issue Netflix 4K

    I cannot find any info, if Anystream should be able to download Netflix hevc 4K HDR content. I have tried on serveral (Squid game, Stranger things, etc.) but it offer only AVC 1080p. I used search button but didnt find relevant info. Thank you for answer.
  6. U

    Best Software For ISO Playback

    Hi All First of all I apologise is this is posted in the wrong section of the forum I posted a few days ago in the high definition software section with no responses. My question is the following. What is the best solution/software for playing back Blu-Rays and UHD iso files on Windows and...
  7. B

    UHD Probleme

    Hallo, irgendwie liesst Anyd DVD HD meine UHD nicht korrekt aus. Gibt es irgend etwas was ich einstellen muss? DVDfab hat keine Probleme damit meine UHD auszulesen.
  8. R

    Externes LW funkt

    Hallo, habe mir von TECHPULSE120 ein Slimline UHD Brenner gekauft. Hier mit Daten: Produzent: HL-DT-ST Produkt: BD-RE BU40N Revision: 1.00 Serienummer: MO4L66D4942 Firmware-Datum: 2116-12-20 15:28 Markierungen der Bus-Verschlüsselung: 17 Highest AACS version: 71 LibreDrive Information Status...
  9. J

    Unable to read Ghostbusters Afterlife UHD [ + MakeMKV]

    Hello. :) I found in the linked thread that Ghostbusters Afterlife was handled and supported, but it must have been updated as the disc I acquired will load and is browsable but AnyDVD HD fails to process it. Log is attached...
  10. DeepSpace

    Resolved Drive question - LG BH16NS40

    I've successfully flashed my own drive first-time and it is working. Now I am on another drive, LG BH16NS40. I tried to insert an UHD disc (I know it is a good disc, I copied it on my own drive), but it will not even recognize the disc (with and without AnyDVD HD). MakeMKV gives me this...
  11. Knew

    PowerDVD 20 Ultra + AnyDVD HD still blocking screencapping etc.

    Hi, I own a copy of AnyDVD HD and PowerDVD 20 Ultra. Near the end of 2020 I was using both of these to watch my Blu-rays with my friends online, it worked flawlessly. Then I had to reinstall Windows for other reasons and I installed these both softwares again. It worked fine for a while, then...
  12. D

    UHD/HDR Menu Problems with VLC/MakeMKV

    I know this might not be the correct forum to post this issue to, but I tried the VLC forum and got no responses. I was able to get Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs working using VLC/MakeMKV and I even downloaded Java so the Menus can show up, and everything seems to be working fine, except one problem...
  13. C

    Wie 4k mit HDR und Dolby Atmos grippt und komprimiert?

    Hallo zusammen, habe mich hier angemeldet, da ich gerade verzweifelt auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Ripping Programm bin. Zur Vorgeschichte: Habe mir vor kurzem einen neuen Beamer (4k und HDR fähig) und einen neuen AV-Receiver (Dolby Atmos und DTX fähig) zugelegt... also habe ich mich neu...
  14. evitaler

    UHD Blu-Rays with Ryzen 3900X & Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

    [English]: Hello everyone, I'm happy to come across AnyDVD again after almost 10 years :) Therefore I have built a new PC with Ryzen 3900X, 32GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, and bought a UHD / 4k Blu-Ray Writer "Pioneer BDR-XS07TUHD" and cannot play my original 4K Blu-Rays because I miss "SGX"...
  15. B

    ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.01 - AnyDVD HD rippt keine UHD-BluRay

    Hallo, obwohl die Firmware-Version meines BluRayBrenners (ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.01) UHD-friendly sein soll, kann ich keine UHD-BluRay als Image kopieren. Der Inhalt des Info-Fensters ist folgender: "Summary for drive E: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 19-09-17) ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.01 Drive...
  16. P

    Need help with UHD and BD-RE XL

    I ripped The Bridge over the RIver Kwai with Anydvd HD yesterday. The rip is good. The file plays fine on my PC in VLC or PowerDVD, and was ripped with a LG WH16S40 drive. I burned to BDRE XL Sony Media in Imgburn at 2x. However, having trouble reading with my Panasonic DMP-UB900 blu ray UHD...
  17. B

    Abspielprobleme von UHD auf XBOX One S

    Guten Tag, leider habe ich feststellen müssen, dass es bei meiner Xbox One S bei vielen UHD Blurays zu Abspielproblemen kommt. Ich habe meine Sammlung an geschrumpften Kopien getestet und nur ca. 30% funktionieren. In erster Linie sind es die Universal Platten, die Probleme machen. Es erscheint...
  18. K

    Power DVD spielt 4K ISO's nicht ab

    Hallo, mit PowerDVD 19 Ultra funktioniert Star Trek The Next Generation (normale Blu Ray). Jetzt erkennt der dumme Player viele meiner gerippten 4K ISO's nicht, wie z.B die Batman Collection (1989-1997, Teil 1-4) Er sagt, es liegt kein Datenträger in Laufwerk G.:cry: Ich dachte AnyDVD hat es...
  19. K

    PowerDVD Ultra 2019 sein Geld wert?

    Hi, ich hab ne lebenslange Lizenz von besagtem Programm PowerDVD Ultra 2019 für 16€ (Paypal) im Visier. Lohnt sich die Software? VLC finde ich scheiße zum Abspieken von Blu Rays und UHDs und/oder ISO.
  20. K

    Which external Blu Ray writer for UHD?

    Hello. Does anyone know which external Blu Ray writer is good for Ripping UHD Blu Rays? Regards.