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  1. DeepSpace

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    I've successfully flashed my own drive first-time and it is working.
    Now I am on another drive, LG BH16NS40.
    I tried to insert an UHD disc (I know it is a good disc, I copied it on my own drive), but it will not even recognize the disc (with and without AnyDVD HD).
    MakeMKV gives me this:

    OS-Gerätename: F:
    Produzent: HL-DT-ST
    Produkt: BD-RE BH16NS40
    Revision: 1.02
    Serienummer: (deletet)
    Firmware-Datum: 2113-12-06 15:35
    Markierungen der Bus-Verschlüsselung: 17

    LibreDrive Information
    Status: Enabled
    Drive platform: MT1939
    Firmware type: Original (unpatched)
    Firmware version: 1.02
    DVD all regions: Yes
    BD raw data read: Yes
    BD raw metadata read: Partial
    Unrestricted read speed: Yes

    I was surprised to see LibreDrive Status: Enabled but Firmware Type unpatched (no, I flashed nothing).
    Can anyone tell me what this means? Can I flash a patched firmware and will it work then?
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    Not an anydvd issue. Moved to drives.
  3. coopervid

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    This drive will never work with UHDs. It's too old. Drive patform: MT1939.

    See and read here:
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  4. DeepSpace

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  5. coopervid

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    DO NOT FLASH THIS DRIVE! Even if you try the official LG flasher it will brick your drive since that one does also not check that it's based on the old hardware platform MT1939.
  6. DeepSpace

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    Now I understand. In this case not the Drive Model is important, but the old hardware platform and there is a folder with the drives name because the newer hardware platform is supportet?
  7. coopervid

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    U got it!
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