UHD/HDR Menu Problems with VLC/MakeMKV


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I know this might not be the correct forum to post this issue to, but I tried the VLC forum and got no responses.

I was able to get Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs working using VLC/MakeMKV and I even downloaded Java so the Menus can show up, and everything seems to be working fine, except one problem. If I turn on HDR in my Windows Settings, the Menu Options (Play/Scenes/Set Up/Extras) will still work like normal but they will not be visible or incredibly dark. If I play those same UHD BD Discs with HDR turned off, then the menu options will look normal. Everything else (Home Entertainment logo, Warning Screens, Movie, Menu Audio) will play normally in both HDR and SDR, the problem is with the actual Menu options themselves. I am wondering how I can get the Menus to show up normally when I have HDR turned on. Maybe I don't have a certain Codec that would fix this or its maybe something in settings I couldn't find.

What it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/1n0WYRN


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Sounds like a VLC issue. I know you said you tried on the VLC forum, but, that's the right place to address this particular issue.