• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.


  1. N

    Question When will Netflix 1080p be avaible again?

    Hey there, dont want to annoy, but it is nearly 2 months since the issue with Netflix. I still cant download in 1080p. Netflix is the lain reason why I bought it. In the Info on the homepage they mentioned it would took some days. But we are getting to the region where it will be some months...
  2. D

    Question on netflix more than 720p or 1080p

    hello, I can no longer download at a resolution higher than 960x540. I did as indicated in another post:log out, close anystream, start anystream and log in. Still the same, it still doesn't work even though I have no problem with Amazon Prime or Disney+ Thanks for your help.
  3. F

    Question Netflix, What subscription for 1080p?

    Hi, My question is simple, does the ad offer work to download on Anystream in 1080p, is there a limit? Thank.
  4. U

    Resolved Problems with Netflix

    Hello! In the first days of using AnyStream Plus, I was able to Download HD Movies from Netflix. Then, after a week on last thursday only SD was available. Since yesterday I can't download anything from Netflix, while Amazon is unproblematic. I logged of and in again, but always the same...
  5. Flymo

    Discussion Netflix - FUBAR bitrate

    Hi all For those that have downloaded the TV series FUBAR from Netflix, what video bitrates are you getting and what region are you downloading from? For me, all 8 episodes range from 1.9-2.7Mbps with most sitting at ~2.2Mbps. The show has low video quality as a result which is very...
  6. A

    Netflix bitrates

    New to this program. Works great for Amazon and Disney, Netflix more variable. Am wondering are file sizes for this kind of thing typical or strange. It seems to happen quite often. They all seem to be 1920x1080. Total bitrates from 3069 to 6730kbps. I've tried logging out of NF in Anystream...
  7. jpp72

    Not a RedFox Issue Netflix's Chris Rock: Selective Outrage - Can't Retrieve Playlist

    I get that error when trying to download this. I have a feeling that the playlist format/url is different than others because this was a live show that can now be replayed...
  8. B

    Not a RedFox Issue Netflix 4K

    I cannot find any info, if Anystream should be able to download Netflix hevc 4K HDR content. I have tried on serveral (Squid game, Stranger things, etc.) but it offer only AVC 1080p. I used search button but didnt find relevant info. Thank you for answer.
  9. T

    Resolved Netflix all still LoDef

    As soon as the latest fix came out I re-signed up with Netflix Premium with 4K & Atmos. All has been great. Suddenly all are LoDef (540 or less) for the last 2 days. I read the other posts that say Resoved and followed the directions. I have restarted Win11, signed out of all devices via...
  10. 1

    Resolved Crash after changing Netflix profile

    Hi. After updating to to the latest AS beta and opening the program, I had to log into Netflix again. Of course it defaulted to the first profile in the account after logging in, so I went to switch to my profile and the program crashed. I'm attaching the crash log it created in case...
  11. V

    Discussion Why do some episode simply have a much lower bitrate on Netflix?

    Hey folks, I noticed that some episodes on Netflix (explicitly Netflix) come in a much lower bit rate than the rest of the TV-Shows Season on download. Example, I download Series YXZ Season 2, Episode 1-12. They all have the same file size and all have a very similar bit rate of about 3...
  12. R

    Resolved Netflix resolution down in middle of a series

    Series: Coroner Season 4 Issue: Episodes 01-09 downloadable in 1920x1080 Episodes 10-12 only downloadable in 960x540 Date: Noticed Jan 2, 2023 (today) Note: I checked a few Archer Seasons, and they also are inconsistent in offered download resolution, for example Season 2: Best...
  13. 1

    Resolved Netflix no longer defaulting to last used profile

    Before when you opened up AS, Netflix would automatically be on the profile you last used. Right now on ver, it defaults back to the first profile on the account. Would be nice if this could please be fixed. Thanks!
  14. JCH.H

    Resolved Netflix "The recruit" only SD

    Hi, Can someone confirm whether it's just me that can't get HD for the (newly released) "The recruit"? Logs attached. cheers. edit: I should add that I can get HD for other Netflix shows.
  15. vikingár

    Resolved NF in 540 only

    Seems that cat and mouse race startet again. Most (all?) films in NF are 540 (or 480) only.
  16. Zanzibar!!!

    Resolved App crashes

    App sometimes crashes when changing profile on Netflix. This wouldn't be a problem, except I often need to change the profile. It would be good if there was a warning before I tried to change the profile.
  17. Darklord_ICE

    Download in 4K?

    Hallo, ist es möglich, mit Anystream Videos in 4K herunterzuladen? Falls ja, für welche Quellen? Ich überlege mir, Netflix Premium zuzulegen, würde aber keinen Sinn machen, wenn Anystream es nicht unterstützt. Danke!
  18. O

    [RESOLVED] NF: Provider setup failed

    Suddenly happening: 00:02:36.580 - [Debug] [tabs] Create new panel for Netflix 00:02:36.582 - [Debug] [netflix] not using proxy 00:02:36.587 - [Debug] [tabs] New provider widget: Netflix 00:02:36.587 - [Debug] [tabs] Netflix panel loaded. 00:02:36.588 - [Notice] [browser:netflix] Startup...
  19. Michael B. Field

    [ Resolved] unable to down hbomax and netflix 1080p or 720p

    Unable to download "Julia" from HBOMAX at 1080p or 720p. Unable to download "Russian Doll" from Netflix at 1080p or 720p. Both streams say unable to decrypt. did not get a logfile this time but often do.
  20. Michael B. Field

    [ Resolved] unable to down hbomax and netflix 1080p or 720p

    Unable to download "Julia" from HBOMAX at 1080p or 720p. Unable to download "Russian Doll" from Netflix at 1080p or 720p. Both streams say unable to decrypt. did not get a logfile this time but often do.