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  1. Lowpro

    "Babylon 5: The Complete Series" on Blu-ray.

    "Babylon 5: The Complete Series" was released on Blu-ray earlier this month. The release didn't include season specific cover art, so I created some. I also created some cover art for "Babylon 5: The Movie Collection", "Crusade: The Complete Series", "The Legend of the Rangers" and "Babylon 5...
  2. DeepSpace

    Resolved - Different hashes for the same disc

    As promted, I create a new thread for it. https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/list-of-uhds-currently-un-supported-in-anydvd.76597/post-619784 True, but there is no story. I just ripped it three times by now, with three different hashes inside the .md5 files (opened them via Editor, maybe it is not...
  3. D

    Looking for PowerDVD 8 HD-DVD Reloaded edition

    Good afternoon. I saw a forum about an old software that I'm trying to find via this forum: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/powerdvd-8-ultra-reloaded-8-0-a-v-engine-hd-dvd-powerdvd-7-3-player.16668/ I was wondering if anyone still has the installation files for this as I am currently looking...
  4. D

    Need ISO Mac BluRay Player Recommendation

    If I make ISO using AnyDVD HD of 4k UHD BluRays - how can I play this on the mac? So far I came across these two that seemed to work. DVDFab Player Mac 6 - seems to cost $99 https://www.dvdfab.cn/media-player-mac-new.html Leawo - seems to be free https://www.leawo.org/blu-ray-player/ What are...
  5. T

    LG BH16NS55 1.05 UHDfriendly

    Hallo ich habe das Laufwerk mit der Firmware kann mir jemand sagen wie ich diese zu 1.02 downgraden kann?
  6. Knew

    PowerDVD 20 Ultra + AnyDVD HD still blocking screencapping etc.

    Hi, I own a copy of AnyDVD HD and PowerDVD 20 Ultra. Near the end of 2020 I was using both of these to watch my Blu-rays with my friends online, it worked flawlessly. Then I had to reinstall Windows for other reasons and I installed these both softwares again. It worked fine for a while, then...
  7. Clam Raider

    High Anxiety isn't recognized

    I have put in the Blu-Ray edition and the DVD, and it doesn't even recognize that the disc in even in the drive. Not sure what kind of encryption it has, but so far it has eluded me.
  8. P

    Black screen when I play Blue Underground blu-rays

    Hi I have a problem with 4 blu-rays I bought released by "Blue Underground" : the disc loads and then there's nothing but a black screen, no menu, no picture, no sound...
  9. A

    Creating MP4 from Blu-ray with Cinavia

    After doing a thorough review of the forums' topics relating to Cinavia on Blu-ray/DVD, I think I understand the process now (many, many thanks for the numerous posts and answers on the forums). If my understanding is accurate, if I am only wanting to create a MP4 of the main movie on the...
  10. H

    New in PowerDVD 19

    Essential (build 2022): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1912): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1511): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1511): Downloader or Installer Patch (build 2403): Installer Live (build 1807): Installer Volume License (build 1529): Installer Yeah, wallpaper...
  11. Pyanfar

    Partial Audio out of Sync: Matrix Reloaded

    Hello all: I was transcoding additional material from the Blu-Ray of The Matrix Reloaded. There's a section that's a collection of cutscenes from Enter the Matrix. This the entire section had the audio substantially out of sync with the video, with the sound ahead of the lip-sync. If I play...
  12. SLKabaker

    Converting HD DVD to Blu-ray (or MKV)?

    Ten years ago HD DVD ceded to Blu-ray. Unfortunately, there are still Movies and even a Season of Smallville (among other content) that have not been re-released on Blu-ray. I worry that one day my HD DVD player will fail for one reason or another and I will not be able to watch certain...
  13. SLKabaker

    Possible ImgBurn issue with AnyDVD HD

    I am using ImgBurn and the only thing that has changed, AFAIK, is I updated AnyDVD HD from to (had to reboot after running installation). I created an unprotected ISO with AnyDVD HD Image Ripper and ejected the disc. Before putting a blank disc in the drive, I unchecked...
  14. H

    New in PowerDVD 18

    Trial (build 2307): Downloader or Installer LG ODD Trial (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Live (build 2202): Installer Volume License (build 1619): Installer...
  15. W

    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

    Hello! I've got the Blu-Ray of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Series 1 (purchased here - http://www.deepdiscount.com/miss-fishers-murder-mysteries-series-1/054961894598 and would assume US version), and am trying to either copy the individual episodes or create an iso file. Either way, nothing...
  16. S

    John Wick Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD

    Hi there RedFox, I have a copy of John Wick UPC 031398211044 80 that has a huge number of play lists on it. Is that something that AnyDVDHD is supposed to solve? If so I can provide additional info if needed.
  17. H

    New in PowerDVD 17

    Trial (build 2508): Downloader or Installer Amazon ESD Trial (build 1808): Downloader or Installer LG ODD Trial (build 2101): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1523): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1523): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1523): Downloader or Installer Live (build...
  18. A

    BluRay Disks Not Recognized: Disk Not Ready -SOLVED-

    For the past Year I've had issues ripping Blu-ray disks. AnyDVD HD wouldn't see any disk that was in my Blu-ray D: drive. I searched all the other drive letters just to be sure D: was the right one and it was. I've always had the latest versions of AnyDVD HD and have had this problem for a...
  19. D

    Problem with "Ben Hur (2016 Version) Blu-Ray

    I am trying to use AnyDVD with the Blu-Ray version of the new Ben-Hur movie, but for whatever reason it is not working. Whenever I try to load the disk, I get an error saying, "Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!" followed by, "Error processing...
  20. S

    Now You See Me 2 (Nordic blu-ray release)

    I'm having some minor problems with the nordic release of "Now You See Me 2" (barcode: 5708758715669). When looking at the status window of AnyDVD HD, the good playlist is not listed as with other disc such as "The Hunger Games" blu-ray release. Is there any way to obtain the good playlist from...