Black screen when I play Blue Underground blu-rays

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Jun 12, 2020
I have a problem with 4 blu-rays I bought released by "Blue Underground" : the disc loads and then there's nothing but a black screen, no menu, no picture, no sound...


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What are you trying to play it in? The log looks fine and protection was removed.
thanks for the quick reply, I forgot to mention, I use PowerDVD 20. And it works with the speedmenu on
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My opinion: Speedmenu is ugly but if it works - who cares :).
yeaaaah... but those imported blurays (i'm french) cost me an arm and a leg... i wanted to savour The Experience you see...
I assume you set region code removal in AnyDVD and told it the correct region for the disc?
Yes I did. The region code removal is set, and I always tell AnyDVD the correct region before I copy. In that case, the disc is region free, so I told AnyDVD just that. Seeing that it didn't work, i tried again by telling it's A. Then B. To no avail.I'd rather they had set the disc to region A, i never had any problems with american Criterion or Arrow video blurays.
But you see the problem already arises when I play the disc directly with PowerDVD (before copying) : even with the region defined by AnyDVD (running at the same time), the disc loads, black screen, no menu. So maybe the problem comes from Power DVD 20, which is strange since I bought it only a few weeks ago. I asked them for help, I'm waiting for a reply. When it comes, i'll keep you posted
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How did you determine the disc was region free? No region on packaging doesn't necessarily mean free.

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It's made in the USA, so you'd want to tell AnyDVD that the region of the DISC is A. If AnyDVD can detect that the disc is region-free, it will ignore your "region A" suggestion. If AnyDVD can detect that the disc is region A, or any other region, it will mention that in the status window. Telling AnyDVD that the DISC region is B when the DISC comes from region A would be a mistake. There are a few detailed descriptions in the forums that explain AnyDVD's region handling. They boil down to: AnyDVD tries to detect the code on the disc that determines the Blu-ray region so that it can patch it on-the-fly from a comparison statement to an always TRUE statement. If it can't determine the region code comparison precisely you have to tell AnyDVD the region WHERE THE DISC COMES FROM so it can look for that region in the code, find it, and patch it. Where YOU are makes no difference. Just because your disc player is set to region B has nothing to do with what region you tell AnyDVD.

Sorry, didn't mean to get pedantic about it, but if that's clear as mud -- which it might be since I only just had my first cup of coffee and I'm not completely awake -- there are better descriptions of this in a couple of other forum threads. I have to go elsewhere right now. Maybe our friend @Ch3vr0n might point you in the direction of one of those AnyDVD region discussions. He's likely got the best ones bookmarked. :)



p.s. Your problem is not likely to be a region code issue; there would have been a video sequence shown that said "wrong region" in some way. A black screen might be more likely something to do with missing short video sequences messing up the menu handling. You could try turning off the AnyDVD Video Blu-ray settings "remove annoying adverts" and "remove sequences shorter than..." and see if that changes the behaviour of these discs in PowerDVD.
That was going to be my next question, yeah. What options do you have enabled in anydvd? You may want to try setting them to defaults and see if that works.

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thanks for the quick reply, I forgot to mention, I use PowerDVD 20. And it works with the speedmenu on
Does it play in PowerDVD without AnyDVD running?
Thanks for the replies!

To Michael : When asked, I already tried to copy by answering "region free" (it didnt work), then "A", because the disc is made in the USA, just as you say. I totally agree with you. Trying "region B" was just me being frustrated.

To SamuriHL : AnyDVD is set to defaults except for the option "always ask the region code". Following your advice, I tried doing a copy with all the settings set to default (so that it automatically detects the region). It didn't work.

To James : no, the problem with the black screen occurs in PowerDVD without AnyDVD running. That's why I sent CyberLink an e-mail.... Sorry guys, I realize that my problem may not be related to AnyDVD...

Update : I tried to copy the disc following Michael's good advice : I ticked the boxes "remove annoying adverts" and "remove sequences shorter than...". It didn't work.
Again, I'm waiting on PowerDVD's insight on this.
Regarding AnyDVD : awesome customer support, by the way, cheers!
Yea that definitely seems like a PowerDVD issue. At the very least it should tell you the region is wrong (since PowerDVD is probably set to region B I'm guessing in your setup) because you're playing a region A disc. The fact that you get nothing indicates a problem outside of AnyDVD. Personally if you've got AnyDVD and you're playing on a PC I'd recommend a different player anyway like J River MC (what I use) or VLC or Kodi. It's unlikely any of those players would have issues and you don't have to screw around with region coding in any of those, either.
Thanks for the reply. I tried playing the ISO with J River MC and with Kodi but I get the same results as in VLC, that is : I don't get to see the menu. I can however select the title with a right click on the mouse.
Thanks for the reply. I tried playing the ISO with J River MC and with Kodi but I get the same results as in VLC, that is : I don't get to see the menu. I can however select the title with a right click on the mouse.


I was thinking. Doesn't this - and the fact it works in all players if SpeedMenu is on, mean it's more likely a Menu navigation problem than a Region issue?

Also, could ScreenPass have anything to do with it?

Hi Testiles
I shoud add : it works in all players with a regular copy, without the speedmenu activated.

Only I don't see the menu (but I can choose the title with a right click on the mouse).
By "regular copy" I meant I only ticked the box "always ask the region code". I didn't tick the speedmenu option.
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