John Wick Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD


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Mar 20, 2017
Hi there RedFox,
I have a copy of John Wick UPC 031398211044 80 that has a huge number of play lists on it. Is that something that AnyDVDHD is supposed to solve? If so I can provide additional info if needed.


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Check the AnyDVD status window. If it has a good playlist number in there then use that. If it doesn't show a good playlist number then you need to post a logfile for the disc.
Hi adbear,
Thank you for the fast reply. In the status window it says this: Java BD protection good playlists: 820, 202
I see it's only 2 possible play lists. Is there a way I can help narrow to one?
Logfile has to be from an original disc or protected ISO. Once you've decrypted it using a version of AnyDVD that couldn't decrypt it at the time it can't be fixed. So the one at the top of the thread is pretty useless

Also don't use the Microsoft Virtual drive to mount Blu-ray ISO's it doesn't work properly. Download Virtual Clone Drive and use that.

From what I can see there is no 820.mpls file in the playlist folder
Hi adbear,
Thank you for your suggestion with the clone drive. I dismounted the bogus iso and created a new log file. It is attached.


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Well as I said, your disc doesn't have an 820.mpls file so you would have to go with 202
Hi Adbear,
I will use 202 for the backup. Thank you for your help with locating the correct play list within AnyDVDHD.
AnyDVD listing 820 looks like it might just be a mistake - @Pete will take a look and remove it for future users with this disc (if he hasn't already :))