Creating MP4 from Blu-ray with Cinavia

Arnold Murray

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Mar 29, 2016
After doing a thorough review of the forums' topics relating to Cinavia on Blu-ray/DVD, I think I understand the process now (many, many thanks for the numerous posts and answers on the forums).

If my understanding is accurate, if I am only wanting to create a MP4 of the main movie on the Blu-ray that is only going to be played back from a HDD, then I do not need to remove Cinavia at all as Cinavia is not checked for in media being played via a HDD. So I can retain the full audio (retaining the Cinavia) in the MP4 format as playback from the HDD will not trigger Cinavia. My experience has been that removing Cinavia in creation of the MP4 does distort portions of music and is annoying/distracting to me.

Any comments as to whether my conclusions are accurate or otherwise would be appreciated.