BluRay Disks Not Recognized: Disk Not Ready -SOLVED-

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    For the past Year I've had issues ripping Blu-ray disks. AnyDVD HD wouldn't see any disk that was in my Blu-ray D: drive. I searched all the other drive letters just to be sure D: was the right one and it was. I've always had the latest versions of AnyDVD HD and have had this problem for a while. I thought upgrading to the new Redfox License would solve it and it didn't. I even upgraded the firmware for my Blu-ray drive and that didn't solve it either. Re-installs, registry cleanups, and making a new user profile didn't help either. I started intensely investigating the issue after one of our movie nights and found that Virtual clone drive was the culprit. After uninstalling Virtual Clone Drive from my computer, AnyDVD HD was able to see and rip our latest Blu-rays just fine. On of my friends were having the same problem and I passed this on to him and it solved his problem aswell. I've been searching all over for this solution and no one had it so I figured I would share this just in case you guys haven't tried this yet. This could be related to a specific setting in Virtual Clone Drive but it was easier to just uninstall at the time. If anyone could investigate this that would be awesome because I do need VCD every once in a while.

    Solution: Reinstall Virtual Clone Drive
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    there has to be an underlying cause. I've been using anydvd and VCD together for years, never any issue.
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    That's a good idea.

    Alex please insert a random disc and generate an AnyDVD logfile and attach it here so we can take a look.

    If you are willing, make one with vcd installed to an non functional disc recognition. That way the developers can maybe spot some differences

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    I went through event viewer and device manager and all my hardware was working without any errors. I have a feeling it was just something funky with my VCD install. All my computers have been fixed by reinstalling VCD so I can't replicate the error at the moment. I'm going to go to a friend's place later today. He's also having the same issue so I'll grab a log from his setup so you guys can get a window into the problem.
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    I used VCD for years a well and have it installed and running all the time in my task and had no problems. Running version
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    I just suggested this as an easy fix for someone who might be experiencing a problem like this and doesn't have time to navigate long forums filled with debugging and dead ends. Sometimes it's easier just to reinstall instead of break everything apart and debug when it could just be an anomaly with the current install. I know the programs themselves are very stable and play well with each other, I've been using these programs in Tandem since 2008 keeping them both up to date and this is the first time it has ever happened. It's been unresolved for the past year simply because I didn't have time to troubleshoot my own devices up until recently when I had a day off and I have literally tried everything. I've used different disk drives, I've updated/reinstalled drivers, Rolled back OS updates, Done hard drive and FS checks, Reinstalled AnyDVD, Cleaned and edited the registry, all of it and the only thing I can tell you is that 2 of my other personal computers were experiencing the issue and the reinstall fixed all of them and it literally took 30 seconds to download and install. I'm still going to post the log because I would like to know what happened now that it's fixed but I find it to be useless information when people state that they haven't had any problems. That's nice things have been working great for you, but fact still lies that I was having an issue that popped up which ONLY effected Bluray disks, not dvds, and was resolve by a simple VCD reinstall. I don't see the need for anyone to attempt to invalidate my record of what happened. Stay tuned for the log.