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Dec 17, 2016
I am trying to use AnyDVD with the Blu-Ray version of the new Ben-Hur movie, but for whatever reason it is not working. Whenever I try to load the disk, I get an error saying, "Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!" followed by, "Error processing Blu-ray disc! Please check the AnyDVD status window for Details."

Whenever I open the AnyDVD user interface, this is what I see:

Summary for drive F: (AnyDVD HD, BDPHash.bin 16-11-29)
HL-DT-ST BD-REWH14NS40 1.02 N000100SIK9HG2EF501
Drive (Hardware) Region: 0 (not set!)
Drive supports AACS version: 1

Current profile: BD-ROM
Media is a Blu-ray disc.

Total size: 17845760 sectors (34855 MBytes)
Video Blu-ray label: Ben_Hur
Media is AACS protected!
Drive supports bus encryption!
Disc wants bus encryption!
AACS MKB version 57
Error retrieving VolumeID!
Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!
ERROR processing Blu-ray disc!

What is the matter here? Why can I not connect to the database? The computer that I am typing this on is the same computer on which I am trying to use AnyDVD, so it obviously has internet. Any ideas?
Your drive has problems getting the Unique id which is needed to retrieve decryption data from the OPD. And next time, please provide an AnyDVD logfile. Not a copy paste of the status window output

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@Ch3vr0n Sorry about that. Here is a copy of my log file.

Update: I tried the disk again just now and created a new log file. This time however, I did not receive an error message that stated that the OPD could not be accessed, but the disk still did not load properly. I have attached the log file from the new attempt to this post as well with the name "AnyDVD_8.0.8.0_Info_F_Ben_Hur (NEW ONE).zip."

Update 2: I am so confused now. I just tried the disk a third time and this time I got the OPD error again.


  • AnyDVD_8.0.8.0_Info_F_Ben_Hur.ziplog
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  • AnyDVD_8.0.8.0_Info_F_Ben_Hur (NEW ONE).zip
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The problem in those logfiles is likely your drive. It seems to have problem with creating a secure "channel" (the bus encryption line). Without it, anydvd can't retrieve the unique identifier and without the identifier it can't contact the OPD for decryption data. Does it have issues with other discs? Did you try the disc in a different drive?
@Ch3vr0n Does the disk have to be a Blu-Ray? If so, I cannot try with another disk because this is the only one that I have in my possession at the moment, although I have been able to use both Blu-Ray disks as well as DVDs in the past with no problem. As for trying the disk in a different drive, I cannot do so because I only have one Blu-Ray drive. The reason why I doubt this is a hardware issue is because when I try to use a trial version of Passkey, it seems to work out just fine.
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The fact that passkey works is irrelevant. Different software. You're comparing their volvo to a ferari. and yes it needs to be a blu-ray AND one with java on it so it contacts the OPD. Although DVD's say they use the OPD in the status window, the OPD only speeds up decryption for DVD's. It's not actually needed. You can't use a different logfile for a DVD to troubleshoot a blu-ray. Forget protections for a second, the file structure on the discs alone is completely different
@Ch3vr0n Well all I can say is that Blu-Ray disks have worked in the past. I do not know why I am having an issue with them now.
Every disc is different, basic AACS protected ones don't need the OPD, not every disc uses java, ... way too many variables. Check the cable connections, maybe it's come loose.
@Ch3vr0n I checked everything, and it all looks good. So frustrating...
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@Ch3vr0n - One more question: in your analogy comparing about Passkey to AnyDVD being like comparing a Volvo to a Ferrari I assume you meant that Passkey is the Ferrari. If that is the case, why is it that the Volvo could handle the disk but the Ferrari cannot? I am sorry if my tone sounds snarky, as I do not mean for it to be, but I just do not understand the reasoning behind your logic. :)
Passkey the Ferrari, yeah right. And I'm Santa. My point is, you can't compare the 2. Different software, different decryption mechanisms,... And there's nothing snarky, maybe @James can take a look or has any idea. All I know it's that without the discs unique identifier, anydvd can't contact the opd for correct decryption info.
@Ch3vr0n - Actually that assumption was a typo on my part. I actually meant to say "AnyDVD is the Ferrari"/"Passkey is the Volvo" but at 1AM when I was typing that I guess I was not paying attention. I would appreciate any suggestions that @James may have to offer.

Does AnyDVD store information about Blu-Ray disks that it has decrypted in the same way that it stores the CSS keys of decrypted DVDs? If so, where is that information stored? Unfortunately in a few hours I will no longer have the disk in my possession so unless something can be worked out it will be necessary for me to just break down and use Passkey this time around, although I really would like to get this solved.
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@Ch3vr0n - Actually that assumption was a typo on my part. I actually meant to say "AnyDVD is the Ferrari"
Indeed it is. And Passkey is the Fiat Punto. ;)
But your Ferrari is stolen, and what you see is the anti theft alarm kicking in. CRACKED ANYDVD VERSIONS ONLY RUN ON 4 CYLINDERS. In other words, they won't work.
Buy a license and enyoy driving the real thing. Yes, your disc will work if you buy it. You get what you pay for. You pay nothing, you get nothing.
@James HAH. Another pirate bites the dust. i wonder if we're gonna see David_B again :)
@James @Ch3vr0n Oops. Busted. If you do not mind my asking , how did you know? Was it something in the log I attached? In all honesty, I have actually been considering getting a legitimate license for some time. (I know that may be hard to believe, but it's true.) My stolen Ferrari has served me well enough that the license would pay for itself the instant I purchase it. The only reason that I am afraid to purchase it is because the SlySoft incident that happened earlier this year in which all lifetime licenses were cancelled. It happened once, and while I sincerely hope that it does not ever happen again, there is no reason it could not. What I found most worrisome is that only AnyDVD licenses were cancelled. All other licenses were carried over.

To be honest, I am surprised my account has not been banned. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.
@David B How did they know? Well they're not going to tell you are they. Or pirates can use that info to defeat the measures, and that's not gonna happen. Now as to the shutdown and license carryover it's really simple. No there's no way of knowing it won't happen again, though we all hope it doesnt. Obviously there's measures in place to avoid that as long as possible. As to the licenses.

CloneDVD licenses sold by slysoft were never affected. CloneDVD is an Elby product which doesnt do any decrypting and as such never is in danger of shutting down. SlySoft was only a licensed reseller for licenses. no more, no less.
CloneCD & CloneDVD mobile there are currently no plans to require a redfox license. They simply don't require as much development
AnyDVD is currently the only product that requires an active redfox license. The reason is simple. AnyDVD doing the decrypting and protections constantly evolving & changing, it needs pretty much daily development to keep up. That needs money to do. No $$$ = no development = no anydvd. End of story

As to the banned thing, nothing to be surprised about. Unlike some other forum where simply mentioning anydvd can get you banned, we don't do that here. There's such a thing as freedom of speech. As long as you don't go around posting torrent links, insulting members etc or other foul stuff, your account is in no danger of getting banned. We all love turning the occasional pirate (such as yourself this time) over to the good licensed side, and anydvd will pay for itself :)
@Ch3vr0n @James That's fair I suppose. I was just curious about what could have given it away because I went through my log file before posting it to see if there was anything to identify it as a pirated copy, and when I did not find anything that stood out to me, I uploaded it. (Why is it necessary to use a fake "ziplog" file extension when it would have been fine to just use "zip" since that is what it is anyway?)

As for my fears about RedFox being eliminated in the same way that SlySoft was, I suppose that my fears are ungrounded, but they still beg the question, "What would RedFox do if this did happen to them?"

Have you turned other pirates into paying customers before?

Also, have you heard of Sandboxie? I love Sandboxie just as much as AnyDVD, and just as with AnyDVD, I used a pirated copy for the longest time. As soon as they announced the return of lifetime licenses after getting rid of them before I knew about the program, I purchased it, but it had already paid for itself before I made the purchase. The difference was in that in that case, I was not exposed as a pirate. I pirated the software because I wanted a "lifetime license" even though they only offered a subscription. My point is that not all pirates do it for greed. Some do it to allow themselves an extended period of time to use a software and see what happens. Since I have been found out, I do not mind telling you now that I have been using AnyDVD since the SlySoft days, and if I had purchased a legitimate license, I would have been screwed over because my income is very limited at this time.
it initially was .zip but users started to delete info from the file that made troubleshooting via automated tools pretty much impossible. As such the extension was changed, in part to prevent exactly what you wanted to do. Nobody said you did it for greed. Anyway We're getting of topic and this is not a piracy discussion board. Pleas refrain from posting further about this.

And yes, it it happens frequently that pirates get busted when they come to the forum and complain anydvd doesn't work. Lo and behold, they get a licensed version and the same disc that refused to work, suddenly worked just fine.

I will now be locking this topic to prevent further piracy related posts.

Please get yourself a license and the disc will work fine. If it doesn't, create a NEW TOPIC and provide a NEW logfile with your LICENSED version, then we can proceed if needed.
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