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    BluRay Creations are Small

    You had someone talk about Ben-Hur bluray creation being too small. I have had the same problem with, Ben-Hur 10.8GB, Suicide Squad 13GB, as well as Pete's Dragon 7.45GB. Discs play fine. I have the latest installed 8081, 1110. I'm using two Nvidia 970's in SLI setup for GPU acceleration. Any...
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    Problem with "Ben Hur (2016 Version) Blu-Ray

    I am trying to use AnyDVD with the Blu-Ray version of the new Ben-Hur movie, but for whatever reason it is not working. Whenever I try to load the disk, I get an error saying, "Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!Problem connecting to AnyDVD update server!" followed by, "Error processing...