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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by hadar, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Gizzmo

    Gizzmo Well-Known Member

    Hi Brian, no it was an firmwareupdate for the onboard DP to HDMI converter chip.
    All fine for me at the moment, only 3D frame packing is not working, but that seems
    to be an issue from Intel with the DP to HDMI converter chip of the board. Intel and
    AsRock are trying to find a solution for this issue.

    But the other issues (audio, HDCP) are solved.
  2. Brian owens

    Brian owens Active Member

    Hi Gizzmo, so what update was that? I'm having trouble finding it on asrock site. Thanks. I'm thinking of deleting everything I got from the intel site and going with just what's on the asrock site. I think I've got drivers interfering with each other. Also, would drivers from amd be interfering with the onboard audio drivers? Just wondering. I could do without my 460 if I could get this loud popping issues solved. It only does it when I play movies. It happens with MPC and Power DVD. I also know it's not my receiver cause it don't do with my amd card. I think intel don't have everything together with their drivers or something. Anyone else have this problem with the asrock z270 board? Thanks.
  3. jmone

    jmone Well-Known Member

    So I the BDR-XD06J-UHD drive has arrived and I will get the two DP1.2 to HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 cables this week. So we will see if it works with the NUC6. I've now got the Cyberlink Adviser happy with everything but the HDCP2.2 / and Advanced Protected Path. The drive itself is small but noisy!
  4. bluntman420

    bluntman420 Member

    I'm seriously considering purchasing anydvd and I was wondering if u knew if anydvd fixes the issues with iso playback in powerdvd and other players? I know currently it does not from what u have said but is that part of anydvd's fixes??
  5. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    PowerDVD plays my ISO's just fine. 14, 16 and 17.

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  6. bluntman420

    bluntman420 Member

    What are you using to mount them? And is anydvd contributing? When I try to mount any Blu-ray isos it says an unsupported disc is in the drive. Powerdvd 16 works fine tho.
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Virtual clone drive, free software from Elby and available on the RedFox downloaded page. AnyDVD contributing, no. It decrypted and ripped them fine the first time.

    'It' said unsupported. What is 'it'? Pdvd? AnyDVD? Windows?

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  8. bluntman420

    bluntman420 Member

    Sorry yes powerdvd 17 is saying that. 16 worked fine. I'm back to using that for testing right now. Gotta get anydvd to bypass the damn cinavia tho. I'm using alcohol 120 to mount. Its working good. I tried virtual clone drive which also works good. It just lacks feature.
  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    If you say AnyDVD's cinavia fix doesn't work with PDVD 17, please create your OWN topic in any one the AnyDVD HD sections (as cinavia appears on both dvd's and blu-ray's) and provide an AnyDVD logfile. That way the developers will have the EXACT PDVD 17 build info to address the problem. Do NOT post that info in this topic. All i can say is that PDVD 17 + VCD iso mounting works perfectly in my case. Check your ISO's or Alcohol 120. It is definitely not an anydvd problem and doubtful it's a PDVD 17 one either
  10. bluntman420

    bluntman420 Member

    Im not saying anydvd's fix doesnt work. What im saying is that my iso's dont work in powerdvd 17 but they do in 16. Another person posted that he couldnt get his iso's to work either, so somethings going on. I mentioned cinavia because i dont have anydvd currently as im debating whether or not to purchase it. I just tried powerdvd 17 again on all my iso's and none of them work, but the same iso's work perfectly fine in powerdvd 16? I dont know whats going on?
  11. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    AnyDVD has no impact at all on ISO playback behavior

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  12. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    I'm also using PDVD 17 and have no issues with ISO's mounted using VCD
  13. bluntman420

    bluntman420 Member

    It must be something leftover in my system from all the virtual drive software I have tried and uninstalled. Thanks for your help. Gonna try a fresh install of Windows to see if it fixes my issues
  14. Gizzmo

    Gizzmo Well-Known Member

    No BD ISO is not working for me too with PDVD 17, but 15 is working.

    Didn't test the official trial versions till now, but one of the first versions
    posted in the first post has this issue. I don't use PDVD as mainplayer so
    didn't test it more deeply. Will try with official trial version asap...
  15. Gizzmo

    Gizzmo Well-Known Member

    So a bought license is needed to get ISO movies to work. The trial version can't
    play them. Bought it some hours ago and PDVD downloaded driver for 3D and
    activated ISO playback extra with internetconnection active.

    Now it's working with PDVD 17...

    Edit: but still only with DP1.1 to HDMI 1.4, with HDMI 2.0 3D is still not working
    with all players.
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  16. etc6849

    etc6849 Active Member

    Anyone using the pioneer drive (bdr-211) in a USB 3 enclosure?

    I need to do this or wait for a slim internal drive.
  17. Brian owens

    Brian owens Active Member

    Hi Etc, where is the BDR-211 for sale at? Just wondering. I keep looking for it. I ended up getting the Japanese version. I'm having to send my motherboard back to asrock cause the audio started popping when playing movies. Are u having any issues with your build?
  18. optical10

    optical10 Member

    This is the dilemma I was facing when I googled upon this thread. Having purchased my Samsung 49 KFS 7000 UHD TV reluctantly after accidentally damaging my eight year old Gateway XHD 3000 inch 1600p 30 inch monitor this week I started looking into the HDR MKV/MP4 demos and found that my current 980 Ti and my six-year-old PC (see signature) seem to struggle pushing content in HDR 4k to the 49 inch. I immediately thought I had a CPU/mobo chipset bottleneck running the 10 bit demos through MPC-HC, LAV, madVR with the 980 Ti but having read your thoughts gereral1 on the effective setup I'm not so sure I need to go the power DVD17/iGPU upgrade route currently, At least until it is more mature with drivers etc.
    I am now going back to my original thought of upgrading to the 1080Ti for the same money as it would cost to build the PDVD/Intel iGPU/DDR4/z270 mobo upgrade route.
    I'm pretty sure my problem is my settings especially sound not been offloaded to my receiver properly so I need to look into your custom presenter DTS decoder.dll solution, any help with this would be much appreciated. I have occasionally got it right and I agree with you it makes all the difference with setting correct in madVR and the brightness and shaded areas are equalised with full detail with more vivid colours.
    By the way if anybody is interested the Samsung KS7000 series makes a good job of standard TV viewing with its HDR + mode, as close to the Netflix HDR content as I have seen anywhere else. I don't game in HDR via the Xbox S or any other console but looking on the web there seems to be a lot of love for this particular TV.

    PS. It's just been announced that Netflix will be supporting Samsung's new Dolby Vision equivalent standard HDR10+.
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  19. gereral1

    gereral1 Well-Known Member

    Ive got 4k with hdr on rx470 working on win 10 with win10 player and hdr tab set to on. I perfer custom presenter filter and directx with custom contrast and satur and brightness levels for hdr content with hdr tab off in windows. Not many believe me but the dark colors get crushed 1stop of brightness. I would rather see high contrast and proper detail in the blacks. The only thing I need to do in my hdr tv is set my color from rec709 to bt2020 and the hdr material matches. I do find that the recent planet earth documentary takes a higher contrast and lower brightness setting to match the uhd disk. What ive come to learn is each uhd disk is mastered with different contrast levels. Thats were the meta data is important. Still messing with this part You can make fake meta data for mpc with wondows regristry settings by storing a set spec for each movie and loading each one manually for each movie to get the best brightness and contrast. I am legion movie uses a lower level than planet earth bbc. Same as oleds demos uhd hdr ones. Thats why hdr meta data is important as you cannot use one set for all hdr material. So you either find a way to copy the teal meta data or tweak the levels and save a masked reg file in each movie folder and load it with a kodi script to load the reg color file then movie so each movie is calibrated to match your original hdr disk. Now what I need to do is learn how to configure contrast and brightness levels from mpc controls into r g b decinal values then I can inject accurate meta data that xan be loaded with hdr tab set to on in windows 10 and media and movie player can duplicate hdr to tv. I cannot test media and movie player weither it can pass bitstream hdmi as I do not own hdmi amp. I can test lpcm 7.1 but it appears stereo thru that player which leaves me mpc because of dtsdecoder.dll

    If I owned a hdmi that coukd decode ayamos dtshd master I would simply pass bitstream to let the amp decode. I ordered an lpcm hdmi 7.1 breakout box to go directly from hdmi out on uhd player to 7.1 rca from my uhd movies as samsung can decode tryehd and dtshd master to 7.1 lpcm over hdmi and the box should breakout the audio out of the hdmi to my denon amp. Like I said to many 4k on pc im moving onto uhd and buying originals and 7.1 lpcm. This whole uhd 4k is to help out anyone not wanting to upgrade to kaby lake to get 4k hdr. I was surprised to find hdr is only bt 2020 at 10bit color with a more free play of intense contrast and brightness and color saturation. Those controls can meet and match any hdr material in mpc mis. Options .

    Hope this makes sense. When you capture hdr the footage is dull and awful looking. The tv adds the contrast brightness and saturation to the dull video with settings in hdr meta file. The tv switches its mode to bypass the user picture settings and forces these settings locking you out. Thats all it is.

    I know some will say im wrong but ive got hdmi 2.2 video card and 2.2 uhd player and all bought material to test. Seiedits calbration hdr file is how I set the misc settings in mpc to cover from white to black grey test pattern so when watching oled journey thru colors you see every shadow and bright detail missing nothing. You can test these yourself with hdr win 10 tab on and mpc hdr tab off with calibration settings. They are close but hdr win 10 looses 1 f stop of brightness but mine shows that fstop in blacks which means you see hallways , clothing, clouds in the dark night sky! But win 10 hdr crushes these details.

    I wish everyone a good hdr experience on powerdvd17 and those who bought kaby lake and sgx chain but its actually cheaper to buy uhd player and the movies then to copy uhd movies, spend 20 hrs converting them to build uhd collection. Then you have to deal with banding and 7.1 hd audio and on and one. Yes it is possible to have hdr pc with huge hard drives and 7.1 movies coded to mkv but your talking 1000 bucks for 7.1 studio and graphics card and other stuff. Uhd player 250bucks and movie 24 bucks. I could buy powerdvd 17 for 50 bucks upgrade and test my hdr results anoung 3 platforms but ill pass. Maybe someone else can try to compare mpc with ver17 in hdr mode.

    Sorry for the long post.
  20. optical10

    optical10 Member

    Very useful thanks for sharing. Just wanted to ask what standalone UHD player have you got connected to your PC?
    At your 250bucks/£198 you paid its all i need to stay for now with the GPU 980ti on existing HW versus £780 min going the Kaby Lake/z270/PDVD 14 pioneer UBR drive bundled sw for it to work in win10.
    By the way do I need the creators Windows 10 update for Windows Media Player to work?

    Cyberlink PDVD 17 test page lists 3 mobos, inc the asrock, if it helps for needing an alternative to the mini-itx ASRock fatality single PCI Express GPU mobo issue. Two Gigabytes are your guarenteed tested choises.
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