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  1. S

    Metadata ISO

    Hi all, So, I feel like a headless chicken running round in circles trying to name my ISO files to what I want and then, then PowerDVD rewriting them to how it wants. I know I can switch this feature off and it orders my ISO files perfectly. Although with the feature switched off is add cover...
  2. D

    Looking for PowerDVD 8 HD-DVD Reloaded edition

    Good afternoon. I saw a forum about an old software that I'm trying to find via this forum: https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/powerdvd-8-ultra-reloaded-8-0-a-v-engine-hd-dvd-powerdvd-7-3-player.16668/ I was wondering if anyone still has the installation files for this as I am currently looking...
  3. J

    AnyDVD UHD and PowerDVD 22 Ultra

    Hey guys, I bought PowerDVD 22 Ultra yesterday and tried to play the UHD BD of Evil Dead with Any DVD running in the backround. However PDVD is refusing to play the Disc and just says A Disc with an unsupported Format is located in Drive D. Not even the ripped ISO File is playing. My BD Drive...
  4. Knew

    ReClock for editions above PowerDVD 18?

    I noticed that the last version of ReClock ( was for PowerDVD 18, does this mean I won't be able to get it to work with editions above that? If so, what solutions can I consider for my PAL speedup? I really don't want to use Corel WinDVD 12 (which has PAL TruSpeed) because for whatever...
  5. KevinS72

    Intel SGX Support requirement for UHD Software Playback going away?

    This may not be news for others (especially those not using Intel CPU's), but I'm assuming this would make tools like AnyDVD HD a requirement to play UHD discs on a computer if/when Microsoft removes Intel SGX support from their drivers? From CyberLink's support FAQ...
  6. Knew

    PowerDVD 20 Ultra + AnyDVD HD still blocking screencapping etc.

    Hi, I own a copy of AnyDVD HD and PowerDVD 20 Ultra. Near the end of 2020 I was using both of these to watch my Blu-rays with my friends online, it worked flawlessly. Then I had to reinstall Windows for other reasons and I installed these both softwares again. It worked fine for a while, then...
  7. K

    My AMD Radeon R7 M260 doesn't work properly on PowerDVD

    I have an Intel / AMD hybrid computer. If set in the graphics settings of Windows 10 PowerDVD on high performance, it can only play MPG and VOB videos. For everyone else he will tell me: "This file cannot be played", yet I installed the K Lite Mega Codec Pack by setting LAV Video on DirectX 11...
  8. K

    Perché la mia AMD Radeon R7 M260 non funziona su PowerDVD?

    Ho un computer ibrido Intel / AMD. Se impostato nelle impostazioni grafiche di Windows 10 PowerDVD ad alte prestazioni, può riprodurre solo video MPG e VOB. Per tutti gli altri mi dirà: "Questo file non può essere riprodotto", eppure ho installato il Mega Codec Pack di K Lite impostando LAV...
  9. K

    Power DVD spielt 4K ISO's nicht ab

    Hallo, mit PowerDVD 19 Ultra funktioniert Star Trek The Next Generation (normale Blu Ray). Jetzt erkennt der dumme Player viele meiner gerippten 4K ISO's nicht, wie z.B die Batman Collection (1989-1997, Teil 1-4) Er sagt, es liegt kein Datenträger in Laufwerk G.:cry: Ich dachte AnyDVD hat es...
  10. K

    PowerDVD Ultra 2019 sein Geld wert?

    Hi, ich hab ne lebenslange Lizenz von besagtem Programm PowerDVD Ultra 2019 für 16€ (Paypal) im Visier. Lohnt sich die Software? VLC finde ich scheiße zum Abspieken von Blu Rays und UHDs und/oder ISO.
  11. H

    New in PowerDVD 19

    Essential (build 2022): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1912): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1511): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1511): Downloader or Installer Patch (build 2403): Installer Live (build 1807): Installer Volume License (build 1529): Installer Yeah, wallpaper...
  12. S

    Dolby Atmos with PowerDvd 18

    Hey, here is a very stupid question I think. I am going to buy an Atmos AV and want to playback my Files with an PC not an standalone BD-Player. So the PowerDVD Software Homepage mentions nowhere if you can PlayBack Atmos Discs with it. So is it possible to bitstream the Atmos track with...
  13. B

    PowerDVD17 17.0.2820.62 retail update (2018-05-09)

    PowerDVD17 17.0.2820.62 retail update dated 2018-05-09 is available from www.cyberlink.com.
  14. DJHallo

    CyberLink PowerDVD 18 UHD-PlayBack Protection?

    Problem: I was wondering when import a UHD Disc into you're Drive and want to play it with you're Computer, you get the following Error. Error: Ultra HD Blu-Rays cannot currently be played on this computer. Please make sure your graphics processor (GPU) meets the system requirements for...
  15. H

    New in PowerDVD 18

    Trial (build 2307): Downloader or Installer LG ODD Trial (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Live (build 2202): Installer Volume License (build 1619): Installer...
  16. B

    Installing AnyDVD HD stop PowerDVD 16 playing any Blu-ray disks

    Installing AnyDVD HD stops PowerDVD 16 playing any Blu-ray disks. PowerDVD error says it cannot read a file on the disk. Ability to play Blu-rays only returns after uninstalling AnyDVD HD and rebooting. I am running 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate. EDIT: I am using Microsoft Security...
  17. H

    New in PowerDVD 17

    Trial (build 2508): Downloader or Installer Amazon ESD Trial (build 1808): Downloader or Installer LG ODD Trial (build 2101): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1523): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1523): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1523): Downloader or Installer Live (build...
  18. Roxy

    PowerDVD 14 and ReClock => no sound

    I installed ReClock with these options: After installation, PowerDVD 14 remains silent. What's wrong? PS: May I add that the configuration options seem quite expert options to me. I would prefer to have only one single radio button list for configuration: Pitch Shift: O Automatic O...
  19. DJHallo

    CyberLink PowerDVD 15.0.2003.58 Cinavia / Nero Platinum 2016 September Cinavia

    CyberLink PowerDVD 15.0.2003.58 Cinavia. I don't know if you know it yet, but there is a New Version of CyberLink PowerDVD. Can you please make this version also work with the Cinavia Protection. ;) Download Update...