Anybody a member to Netflix?

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    Hi ClonedDVD. I have recieved almost three hundred dvd's in fourteen months. Out of those i had maybe three that were broken and i'm guessing that happend while being shipped by the postal service. Now i don't know about anyone else but im completely satisfied with getting that many cd's in just over a year. I didn't have to run to the store to return anything.All i have to do is put them in the mail box...or on a rare occasion run them to the post office myself when i have forgotten. While i know that others live alot closer to a Blockbuster than i do and their deal suites them it just doesn't give me what i need at a more affordable price.
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    Don't forget to tell how many DVD's you can have out at one that is important for people to understand. Your 300 number looks different if you can have 3, 4, 5+ out at one time.
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    Not entirely true either. The option is offered in the help section and gives the same description for wrong movie sent and damaged disk replacemnt. They sent me the wrong copy of "Blade Runner" I informed them as it said I should do and sent back the wrong copy. I never got the corrcted title in. I have since added the movie back to my que and hopefully it will be correct this time.

    They sent me the Directors cut and it does not have the Harrison Ford Voice over on it. I thought this is what made the movie and made the scenes darker.

    Does anyone know how to contact Netflix with problems or concerns, or even a "great job" email? I have searched their site and can not find any way to contact them.
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    Every now and then put 2 movies in one local envelope and keep back up local envelopes to use for those movies that come to you shipped from a distribution center from another state. Otherwise you have to wait for that movie to make it all the way back to where ever it shipped from to get a new one shipped.;)
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    I also use BlockBuster. I had used NetFlix for nearly a year. I am disabled and I am at home all the time, well most of the time. I turn movies around real quick. NetFlix slowed down my turn around time to a crawl after awhile, they actually got slower than me. BlockBuster is great. The people here have mentioned most everything about them but I did not see any mention about the free in store coupons that you get online weekly. Every now and then I get a bad disk, and sometimes a scratched one, but most of the time they are fine and even the scratched ones are fine. Anyway until something better comes around I will stick with BlockBuster.
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    I just photocopied a local envelope. Then when I need to, I manually cut and paste the local addy over the distant envelope. Only had to about 5 times in 2 years.

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    Guys word of warning DO NOT post your backing up rented DVDs!!!!!!
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    No kidding. I love Netflix and have been using it since July of last year. I complained about being throttled back 1 time and they picked the pace back up.
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    yeah there throttled me in the last couple weeks there going to get a phone call this week lol . then iam out for the second time i guess because the phone call will probably do no good
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    I've been with Netflix a little over a year and have almost 1000 movies.
    NetFlix has BlockBuster beat in all ways.
    I also subscribe to BlockBuster. The only good thing is walking in on Tuesday
    and picking up the new releases.
    With Netflix I can mail in and the next day I turn on my computer they have already received my Disc's. They immediately mail my next ones back to me.
    With BlockBuster,I trade them in at the store on Tues. and receive my next ones in the mail if Iam lucky around Sat. Bad Turn around!
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    You must be watching movies from the future.
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    1-888-638-3549 or 1-888-Net-flix to contact them
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    Netflix is the BEST I have been getting old rock and roll DVDs from them and they have hundreds! I have only gotten two bad ones- one scratched and one cracked and got replacements in a day or two
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    You're 1000 movies would be more or less impressive if you would also state how many movies at one time you can have out.

    As for Blockbuster vs. Netflix, as stated previously they are pretty similar but everyone would be best trying both services to see which ships quicker to the distance to the local BB store is also important. For those who have to drive 30+ mins just to get to a BB, then the instore returns might not be consistantly available and without those, Netflix really takes the lead.
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    I have used both over the years...starting with Netflix, which I have nothing bad to say about them but wanted to try BB when they first started and am totally happy I did. The only problem I had with Netflix is that the new releases would be gobbled up quick if you didn't have some mailed out to you on every Tuesday. I usually had to wait up to two weeks to sometimes get any new releases.

    I have been using BB for over a year now and have finally got it down to a science. The great thing about Blockbuster is that you can return your envelopes to the store for new movies (which I drive by one on my way home from work every day). And to top it off you get two free rental coupons per month that you can use on either movies or games. Anybody who loves XBOX360 or PS would be a fool not to do this. The two free game rentals alone almost pays for itself in your monthly charges. Plus BB allowes a 7 day grace period to return the game. So I usually get one game every two weeks...FREE. Beats paying $8.

    I usually go through the mail to get the older movies that I want and use the store to get all the new releases. BB always has TONS of NR in the store so you are pretty much gauranteed to get one.

    Now the cool thing that BB has on its website is that you can use the "report a problem" under the dvd issues. When you select that option they offer numerous problems that could occur with your dvd like if they get damaged among others. But the one that I alwayes use is "I returned the DVD but it has not cleared my queue". BB gives you 72 hours after the time they ship you a new selection before allowing to use this. So if I have 3 dvd's coming to me on Jan 10 and I don't get them until Jan 13 I can go in on that day select that issue and have 3 new ones shipped out same day. So basically I have 3 new movies every 3 days no matter how long it takes for them to get to me. Sometimes I'll get like 6 movies in one day.

    Anyway... I usually end up with about 28 to 30 older movies, around 15 to 20 new releases (depending on how many that month), and 2 free xbox360 games. All in one month and all for around $18...Netflix can't beat that!!
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    Hear this warning often. Not completely convinced is a problem. Backing up a rented video has not been tested legally yet. The Digital Media Recording Act as well as the Court that decided the fate of 321 Studios both state it is perfectly legal to make back-ups of music, software AND videos (movies) of any owned item. "Owned Item" is the questionable part. In the US, when you rent practically anything, the laws allows full rights of ownership. That includes property, vehicles, equipment, housing as well as everything else.
    Two different friends of mine that are Attorneys both said they would be glad to argue the validity of backing up rented media. Course for a fee most attorneys would argue anything! :D
    I live about 5 miles where 321 Studios was in Missouri. Had many friends work there. The Court decided, okay to back up by a consumer but not okay to sell or provide the means to decrypt.

    If a moderator or employee has further info, would love to hear it.
  17. I have the same problem. I wet the disk and spread liquid colgate tooth paste
    on the disk's surface, then I go around and around with a very soft tooth brush.
    This is ususlly enough to smooth the scratches and let me read the disk.

    [ Man this slow site only lets me type one character a second. ]
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    Scratched discs are a real problem. Appears some parents let the kidlets use them as frisbees.
    I finally went and invested about $30 @ BestBuy for a hand crank resufacer. (Not a disc cleaner) Spray a small amount of an approved cleaner, snap shut and crank for about a minute or so. Then polish the disc with an optical cloth and it is like new! Works wonderful! Never rub or polish a cd or dvd in a circular motion going around and around. Always wipe from center to edge or edge to center. Wiping around works great for our vinyl records, but can cause harm to a cd or dvd.
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    Netflix the best yet!!!!

    I have netflix an had it for about 1yr and 1/2 I get 6 movies at a time for $43.00 a month. I get 72 movies a month It is the best thing I have ever done you have to know how to beat the system. If you want to know just respond and I will lell you how I do it . I return 6 movies on sat and get 6 new releases on Tue. return 6 on tue. and get 6 on thurs. return 6 on thurs and get 6 on sat. The key is copy and return in the same day 3 movies in one sleve so I send 2 sleves for 6 movies and I send them to a local Netflix office so it is one day mail. all the out of state sleves I get rid of it just slowes your return down Good Luck PJ
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    Well you must get lucky and get your mail early enough in the day to return the same day! Best I can do is return the next my mail doesn't show up until 4:00-5:00pm every day, plus I work. Far as I know, dropping off the DVD's at the Post Office at say 8:00-9:00pm doesn't count for same day.
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