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Anybody a member to Netflix?


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Jan 28, 2007
I am a Netflix member and having both AnyDVD and CloneDVD, its the best thing going right now. My DVD collection is expanding so fast its crazy. Great site Slysoft.
do you find the dvd in good condition when they arrive from net flix?
I bet blockbuster online gives me more movies than netflix does you... I am willing to share screen shots of my account history to prove it.

Plus blockbuster offers free instore movies for each mailed dvd I get..

Hmz, I should goto work for these guys, it seems like I got a crush on them.

Anyways, you can not legally copy rented dvd's so I would not know about that.

But I do know, over a year of being with BBOnline, I have received nearly 300 dvds... and of those, only 4 or so were damaged.

So I would say 1% isnt bad... at all.
Actually about 1 in 10 DVDs are so scratched they wont copy. I have wrote to them and complained but they dont care. I had hoped to ask someone who was a Blockbuster Online member and find out if they were any better.
I have been a member of Netflix for about a year and a half or so now, and I get on average about 5 movies a week or so. In that time I have only gotten 2 that were bad. One was scratched unbelievably, and the other was actually cracked in half. Got new ones within 2 days though.
I can't complain too much.....
netflix is okay but blockbuster online is better

Hi, I choose blockbuster online over netflix for 1 reason they both are the same price but with netflix you send back a dvd and wait for another. With blockbuster online you get a movie in the mail just like netflix but you can take that dvd to your nearest blockbuster and pick out another movie from in the store and trade it in for FREE yes thats right instead of mailing the dvd back and waiting you can trade it in for a new one right then and the best part is they send it back for you and then send the next one on your list.
take a look at it http://www.blockbuster.com

they also have a 2 week free trail

much better than netflix by far.
I have gotten ride of Netflix and block buster because they slow way down sending you the new releases after you been with them awhile.. I have a movie pass from Blockbuster right here at the house and I get get as many movies as I want at two at a time..

My problem is I dont think the movies that are coming out anymore are very good and worth ripping there just so so movies.. Cya Slick
To Cloned DVD,
Blockbusters new in store program is making it very hard not to switch to them. With netflix I can have 8 movies out at a time, does blockbuster offer a plan like that?
they offer 4 out, i know at one time they did offer 8 out... i think it was like for $36.99...

but 4 out at a time, and you can swap out the 4 in the store, that is like your current 8 out plan. for 23.99.
Movies sent out since November 1st..

Hi! I have been a member to Netflix for over 3 years. I have tried Blockbuster on 2 different occasions. Netflix has so far been the best as far as mail service. I get more than 20 movies every month. I have had as many as 9 in a week. Blockbusters new deal where you can take your movie back to the store sounds great, but if your looking for new releases.... it will drive you crazy tring to get them at times. I don't live close to a Blockbuster store, living in a rural town, so I don't want to run 18 miles every time to exchange movies and find out I can't get anything I really want to rent. Netflix mail service beats Blockbusters mail service hands down, but if you live clost to a Blockbuster store and they aren't too busy and have new releases on hand, it might work out better. Blockbuster always took much longer to get movies from, but if you happen to live close enough to one of their few mailing centers... you might get decent service. I'll take Netflix anytime.
The reason I quit going to Blockbuster and became a Netflix member about 7-8 years ago was because of the crappy in-store selection at Blockbuster...why would I want to join Blockbuster online? So I could start going back to the store to pick up movies? Netflix has such a huge online selection, they are always available and the added features such as multiple queues (great if you have kids), ratings, friend lists, etc. are the best. As far as turnaround, I live in northern NJ and if I put a disc in my mailbox on Monday, I have a new disc on Wednesday. Netflix has also begun online streaming rentals.
I have been with Netflix for about 5 years, actually I am pretty close to one of the original members. Anyway, I have been pretty satisfied with them. As soon as blockbuster came out i noticed Netflix lowered their prices. Now with Blockbusters new program I am hoping they will follow suit and lower them again.
As far as scratched up discs, I have only had about a dozen in the years, and they send a replacement as soon as I let them now I had a problem.
I have been with Netfix for a little over a month. I have received 2 damaged Videos. The problem is that you have to send it back and wait on a replacement. This all takes time away from you if you are trying to get as many videos as you can. One video was replaced with another damaged video.
I do not like the fact that if the local Netfix does not have your next video you will receive it from a distribution area that is farther away. This also takes longer to receive. I think they should only ship videos in stock that are listed on your que list. I will most likely switch to Blockbusters if things do not improve.
That's not actually true. If you go on the website, you can report a damaged disc and they will immediately send a replacement.

AS far as shipping from remote distribution centers, I've only had that happen twice since I've been a member.
I was a netflix fan for about 3 years until I found out that if get your movies, watch them and then send them right back the next day then netflix so called looses money on shipping and will ship your movie from another distribution site. They had a lawsuit for this a while back. Here is a link to a small page about it....


...after I found out about what they do. I went to blockbuster. You can return your mailed movies into the store and get other ones on the spot till other movies get mailed to you.
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I had been a member of netflixs for over three years - living in various places, and found it to be good if you lived in a large city or close to one. I recently compared Netflixs with Blockbuster, two weeks running together. In the long run, Blockbuster outweighs Netflixs because I find that by renting older or harder to get movies online, I can then take those to the store, exchange them for the new releases, and then within three or four days receive my next shipment. For the month of Janaury, I have received 16 via mail and 18 by exchange and coupons that were given me when I started. That would basically compare to about 24 from Netflixs over the same period. I also like the fact that you can talk to a "live" person at the store for information and oftentimes, help. The only drawback for me is that almost every dvd at Blockbuster is WS, and I still like the FS, at least until I buy a new TV. Since both offer you a trial period, try them both, and see for yourself. Happy hunting!!!
I started out using Blockbuster and they sucked big time.Out of the 65 or so movies that i got more than 30 of them were so scratched they wouldn't play or were cracked.I even had to wait for over 2 weeks to get something that was watchable.It got to the point that i was sent the exact same damaged movie 3 times.I finally broke the cd in half and sent it back to them and attached a very nasty letter with it.I did away with my Blockbuster account and started one with Netflix and haven't had a problem with them at all.I usually get a movie on the second day ater returning the one i just finished looking at (If i return on Monday it is Wendnesday when i recieve the next one )and if a movie is broken when i recieve it, it is promptly replaced with another.I'll never go back to Blockbuster no matter what kind of deal they have.
Netflix member

I've benn a member since 01-06. I've ran into 2 problems,cracked DVD and at one point it took a week to get the 4 DVD's that I ordered. It's great that
Blockbuster lets you return a movie to get a different one. If I wanted to go out and get a movie I wouldn't be with netflix....so yes I'm happy with them.
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