Anybody a member to Netflix?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Branco, Jan 28, 2007.

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    You might want to research the whole lawsuit against Netflix which was settled last year or so. Netflix openly admited to sending new releases out to those people who don't rent as much over their heavy users, as in the long run they make way more money off them....then the people like you and me. Think about the big picture....while the new release might be sent to both of us within 5 days...over that same time we've taken out twice as many movies as the person who keeps 1 title for 5 days.

    The average (and best customers money wise) are those who pay the exact same as us, but only use 1/2 the services per month.

    This is not a fairy tale, it all came out in court, and Netflix settled by giving all customers who were on board at the time a free month with extra movies.
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    but you are right, there is probably nothing that will get a topic nuked on these forums faster than specific talk like you mentioned.
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    For the record, I never said anything about copying movies I rented.

    So, please do not assume my rentals are being copied.

    :( sorry if anyone thought I was discussing illegal actions.

    Simply put, I was not.
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    I didn't say you did, lol.
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    this is true.. You know that, I know that... but I want anyone reading what you said to not assume you were talking about me, so I wanted to get the last word...

    so shhh.. let me!

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    Im well aware of the "throttling" lawsuit as I was a member and was contacted by Netflix. I've been a member since Jan 04 and have not experienced this to my knowledge. Knock on wood. As stated I usually get anywere from 2-6 or so new releases a week. For instance I have in my queue currently 6 movies at the top scheduled for release Tues. they are listed bleow and I have little doubt Ill get atleast 4 of them if not all. Ive never had less than a 5 at a time membership so it can be explained away as members who dont get as many movies get the new releases. Theres little doubt that throttling does occur, Im just grateful it hasnt affected me and my new releases. To hell with the rest of you.:p
    3.UFC 59
    5.UFC 60
    6.The Gathering

    Ill post back up and confirm which ones Ill receive.
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    I'm trying Blockbuster for the 2 weeks. NetFlix has been pretty good, but there is always room for improvement.:agree:
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    Looking at your list, I see no reason why you wouldn't get 4 of them....they are not all exactly the "hot list" of releases for the week. Not taking a shot at your selections, I mean my top 10 are not either.....but as a member who like me was around for the lawsuit, then you know full well that Netflix admited to doing such things.

    It is great that you've not experieced delays or not had the majority of the DVD's at the top of your que get shipped in order.

    But it can happen, and I think any review of either BB or NetFlix would be wrong to not at least mention the light of the admittence on their part.
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    quoting jjancoh: Cons: Something goes screwy with my delivery of DVD's that "say" they are shipping on Monday. Those DVD's which are generally that weeks releases don't appear to actually leave until Tuesday. Those movies show up 80% of the time on Wednesday, while movies that are listed as shipping on Tueday almost always show up on Wednesday also.

    i agree.. this does seem to happen often. some times movies supposedly sent at the same date are received a day OR two apart..why? even if more than 1 are returned to the store at the same time, sometimes the online replacements are deliverd bb received 2 in the mail, and i am wqaiting for 2 to be hipped to hopefully receive by tomorrow to exchange for new releases!
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    Happy Netflix Member

    I have been a Netflix member for about a year and have had a good experience though they did screw up pretty big this week. I got Saw 3 on Tuesday and was having issues with it. It was actually pressed on a generic Saw disc with a small white Saw 3 sticker in the center of the disc. Anyway, I reported it unplayable and sent it back, then they sent me a Saw 3 Blueray disc by mistake. I wish I could have watched that but don't have a PS3, I'm a Wii and DS guy. They just received the Blueray disc back today and I had to re-add Saw 3 to my queue and it keeps switching between Long Wait and Short Wait. Other than this I am happy with Netflix. I am extrememly anal about "watching" :D the movie and dropping it off INSIDE the post office to make sure that Netflix gets it back the next day so the service is fast for me. The sticker thing is probably Lionsgate not being ready for production but sending me a Blueray disc is dumb. I would buy an HD-DVD drive if I wanted a High Def player anyway.
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    I've been a max-out member of Netflix and BlockBuster Online for a very long time. Taking advantage of the new in store return with BB seems great, but it takes them quite a while to ship a new flick when I've returned them to a retail location. After all is said and done, don't think I'm getting more at all.
    Both will throttle higher users, even though they both say they no longer do. The secret to getting new releases with Netflix is:
    1) Time returns to hit them on Monday.
    2) Put the DVD in your queue the moment you hear of the film. Doesn't matter if it has even been released to theaters yet. When I've had titles in queue for a long time waiting for DVD release, it appears I am at the top of the list to ship out.
    Oranges to oranges, I wind up getting more DVD's with Netflix. They also carry thousands more titles than Blockbuster. Nice if you're into foreign films, TV Series, Musical Concerts and Documentaries. In-store choices with Blockbuster is very limited! Use both, but if had to choose just one, would pick Netflix. DVD quality seems equal from both. Rare cracked discs. I use a hand-crank resurface device if too heavily scratched. Makes them like new. You can get them anywhere for under $35.00 or so.
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    I used to assume it had something to do with it being a new release and those "technically" are not available each week until they can't mail them till Tuesday?

    It doesn't always work this way, so I think my logic is flawed. So I guess it boils down to my distribution center just getting the DVD's for Monday together to late to actually mail that day, so they sit till Tuesday.
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    Good post, I forgot to mention some of these things, but I've learned myself over the years and follow as well.

    But I am not sure I agree with Netflix shipping more movies. In my case, either services gets my DVD's back next day that I ship that is equal. Now I will admit that an extra day seems to be added when I let the store mail it back, but what about the movies I took out while I was there?

    example: on thursday I have 3 titles from both Netflix & Blockbuster. I put some in my mailbox and return the others at the BB store. I leave Thursday night with 3 new movies from the BB store. Friday comes and Netflix recieves and ships 3 new movies. On Saturday I get the Netflix movies. Monday I mail back Netflix and BB also checks in and sends out new releases.

    While I would have to continue that over an entire month, but in my case it appears like the new BB program has pretty much evened the playing field against Netflix. Prior to this new policy there was no question Netflix would offer a user more movies over a months I am not so sure.

    But as you stated, personally I use both services together. But if I had to choose it would be only after I used both for a month and saw which one consistantly gave me 1 day shipping....I bet 1 service does for most everyone.
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    Well, I did get 4 but I really wanted Unknown too.Im greedy like that!:(
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    Tht's why I love Blockbuster...they're around the corner from my house...i do the online rentals and as I back them up I return them at the store instead of mailing them back... and for every online movie I return I get a free instore rental no questions asked....btw I also use problems with them!!!
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    Did someone mention that they re-label any Netflix DVD's that come from any other distribution center than their own local one?

    Is it as simple as putting a new label on the envelope or something more?
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    I'm sure Blockbuster's deal is pretty good but considering the crappy service i recieved from them before and coupled with the fact that i'd have to drive 20 miles round trip to my nearest Blockbuster store it's cheaper and over the long run more convienent for me to stay with Netflix.
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    This is true... How many movies, over how many months have you gotten with netflix?

    Perhaps I should try them.
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    link no worky
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    This is exactly why I use Blockbuster. I'll keep my mailed movies until Tuesday when the new releases are released and drive to the store to get them. No problem.

    - Jay