Anybody a member to Netflix?

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    new releases come out on Tuesday here i get them in the mail on Wednesday i started renting thru netflix in 2002 i have had 2 bad disc in that time never had one with peanut butter on it or vasiline i am happy with them
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    I guess you never rent PrOn. :D :D

    -W (sorry - I was compelled)
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    BB vs. Netflix

    I loved Netflix. I did decide to give BB a try though. I would get my Netflix movies in 1-2 days from the time they shipped it (usually 1), BB takes 2 to 3. Netflix has a warehouse in Memphis, TN and BB has theirs in Baton Rouge, LA. I live in Memphis, so the obvious winner should be netflix, and as far as online only goes it is Netflix. With the instore return for free rentals for everyone returned and the free movie rental coupon I get every 2 weeks from them I get more movie rentals for my money with BB (just barely though) I do like the convienience of browsing through the store from time to time though. I find movies I have not seen in fore ever and would like to see again, just never thought about. I also stumble across movies I did not think about. So, for now BB has me. Netflix is still a great choice if it is out of the way to go to a brick and morter BB store.
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    Just to let yall know, the pron counterpart to netflix is xxxxxx
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    Do not post links to porn sites, please. :policeman:


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    No problem
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    I'm a Netflix member and rarely burn the movies anymore. I have a 300 GIG HD that plugs into a USB port. Every time a movie arrives I rip it to the HD and send it back. Most movies I really don't want a copy of so this way there are plenty of choices to view without filling my Netflix QUE. They look better on my 22"wide screen monitor then the TV anyway. On tap I have:

    Pursuit of Happyness
    Happy Feet
    An Inconvenient Truth
    Blood Diamond
    Children of Men
    Flags of Our Fathers
    Man of the Year
    Lady in the Water
    Stranger Than Fiction
    Tenacious D the Pick of Destiny
    A Good Year

    Monk season 4
    Jermiah season 1
    Closer season 1
    Deadwood season 1 & 2
    Carnivale season 1 & 2

    I doubt I will burn any of them, I can always rent again from Netflix

    secondly I have HP Media Center Computer in the Video section I have all the Quick time trailers so if my wife says whats that one about, we view the trailer.

    Life is good and I'm no Pirate

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    WHAT!! you mean i can get porn at netflix???:D:D
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    I perfer blockbuster over netflix in 3 years I dumped netflix because that start trottle your acct to where u are down to 3 movies every 2 weeks or get nothing but bad ones for a while

    I get a movie from blockbuster return within 2 days pick new realeses up at store and within 2 days I have new movies in the mailbox / get a bad movie report online request same movie usually within day recved /plus new movie in store I picked up instead avg movies per week 9 movies/ 14.99 a mnth way better then netflix
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    Talk about bringing up old threads man....
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    better one is movie collector stays on your system update from imdb /PRIVATE it allows you to catalog with auto or barcodes and to sort users
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    Netflix member

    Hi from Michael in Ireland
    Can some one tell me what is Netflix member I have AnyDVD and CloneDVD,
    Thanks Regards Michael in Ireland
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    Netflix is an online movie rental service where they send you movies through the mail and when you return the movie you get another one. I doubt Netflix ships to Ireland. :D
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    Disk quality

    Hi from Michael in Ireland
    I bought some DVD+RW 1X4 Speed
    Can i use 1x16 speed on my dvd recorder or is it best to set it to the speed of the DVD that i bought by the way i bought some blank dvd in PC World
    Thanks for your Help
    Regards Michael in Ireland
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    Huh???? :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    If I am reading your post should stay with the speed media your burner was made for. There is no benefit from using 16x media if your player burns at 4x speed.

    Will it hurt to use 16x media? I never tried, but I have to think it could. Worst case is the media is just plain rejected by your burner and won't even use it.

    But assuming your burner will work on the 16x media, it won't burn any faster than it would with 4x-8x media. And if the price is more expensive why would you want to pay it and not get any benefits.

    Hope that answers what I think to be your question.
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    Ok, I have to add my opinions here as I have used both BB and Netflix for 2-4 years.

    Netflix is better, period. At one point I had 4 accounts with them years ago, 8 at-a-time and 99.99% of them played/read fine. Once out of every 200 or so I may get one that won't.

    Netflix also has MORE in their catalog. If anyone doesn't believe me, research it. I know from reading and I know from renting.

    One reason I know they have more is one time I tried to get a couple tv series from BB online but they were all on "short wait", "long wait", "very long wait" and a category I made up: "forget-about-it". I did this with literally 20+ discs. When I checked the same titles on Netflix, they had all available but one or 2 short waits.

    First 2 times I tried BB online, I got 3-at-a-time. The last time one was cracked, the other was the wrong title (wrong disc in sleeve) and the 3rd was correct. Not very good for a trial offer.

    I currently have 2 accounts with Netflix and I may get a bad or broken one every other month with 8-at-a-time, it's that good. Rarely do I get the wrong one.

    BB Online is good for speed because of the store thing. However there are times when they don't give credit/ship another for 2-3 days...which is the same as mail time. The way I do this is:

    New Releases: BB Store 10 am Tuesdays
    Netflix: TV Series (especially old ones) and other titles, including hard to find ones.
    BB Online: For speed only on old and hard to find ones.

    I also use either online one to find one if the store doesn't have it in stock. If anyone says BB is better and has more in stock, sorry but it's inaccurate.

    The following are quoted from each company's website. Even in the "About Us" it states Netflix has more titles:

    Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) is the world's largest online movie rental service, offering more than 6.7 million subscribers access to 80,000 titles.

    Our online DVD library has more than 75,000 titles, and it's growing every week.

    But as I said, I've been with Netflix for 3-4 years now consistently and the only reason I have BB online now is because of the store thing.

    If/when the BB stores are trying to get customers again, last time if I gave them my address part of my Netflix envelope, I got a free rental for each one. Now THAT came in handy!
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    I just noticed the age of this thread....ooops!
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    BB new renting price

    I got a notice from BB that the new price for 4 out is $1 more.
    Anyone else?
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