Anybody a member to Netflix?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Branco, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I`ve tried both BB and Netflex at the same time. I was doing nothing but copying movies all day long so I could watch them later. I had fewer Netflex movies that were scratched and therefore chose it over BB. Another thing is the instant watch movies which is great for someone my age but would love to make a copy of them. Is there anyway to do that as your watching it on your LCD or TV?
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    Not really...... and video quality is sucky as compared to a real DVD anyway.

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    I like lovefilm
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    Recording "Instant Watch'

    Very easy to do if you have a computer with a SVHS output jack. As far as I know a large percent of laptops have this jack.

    All you do is run svhs cable from the svhs output to the svhs input of a beta/dvd/vhs recorder to record the picture and audio cable from the audio out jack on the laptop to the audio in to a beta/dvd/vhs recorder for the sound.

    On my laptop (others may do it differently) i need to go to control panel then to graphics/monitor to turn on the svhs output jack (default is OFF on my laptop for some reason)

    Although video quality may improve in the future the video quality currently available from instant watch is NOT of high quality so if you don't mind the lower video quality it is fairly easy to record the instant viewing as long as your computer has a SVHS jack

    If you don't have a laptop and your desktop computer lacks a svhs jack you can find video cards that do have the jack and install one in your desktop
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    Hi.. New poster.. Long time user of multiple slysoft products. I switch back and forth from BB to Netflicks.
    I receive 9 per week from Netflicks, but still buy my new releases on Tuesdays from BB. I gave up on Netflicks sending me new releases but they do have thousands of great hard to find titles.

    My clerk at BB advised me last March that I had purchased 987 titles in the last fiscal year. Whew... no wonder I go thru burners so fast...:D

    Glad to be here with fellow users of the best copy software out there today.. :rock:
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    Does anyone know of a website where you can TRADE your used dvd's with others for free? I cant remember the name...but i am in canada & im not sure they have one for this neck of the woods~~~:eek:

    I have over 300 dvd's & alot of them are collecting dust (impulse buys) :doh:
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    I have a thing to say about NetFlix vs Block buster...

    Hey I am NEW to netflix and AnyDVD. but i do know that block buster is way too family oriented (at least they used to be) all the great gory horror movies
    "were not condusive to family viewing" What a Joke!
    I love netflix and AnyDVD. I have an awesome collection myself some that you cannot find anywhere so they are da bomb as far as I am concerned.

    I would like to know though if there is a way to back up more than one dvd per blank disc. that would come in handy when backing up my boys' cartoons and shows. Can anybody assist. This is still new to me and I need a pointer or 2. Thanx all you folks in slysoft land.

    PS If the disc won't copy, clean and polish it and I have found that if AnyDVD is stubborn, remove the disc from your drive and restart your pc.
    repeat the removing and restarting until it scans your disc. Be patient it works 99% of the time.:agree:
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    Hey there sonic! Try Hollywood video .com thay are a us chain and you can buy sell trade movies or games.
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    No way to back up the whole disk and keep the menu's. But using DVDShrink in re-author mode - you can take the Main Movie (or whatever titles you want) from various DVD's and put them all on one disk. I recently made a DVD with 30 movie trailers that way.

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    That is definitely useful but there won't be a menu for each title which can be annoying at times. You can use Nero Vision to compile the DVD. You could also do a VOB passthrough rip with something like CloneDVDmobile and then use any freeware type DVD compilation software to create a new disc with a menu, as well.

    There are a number of ways to accomplish this task. Some take more time than others.
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    I have dealt with Hollywood Video only once and that was maybe 15 years ago if not more. I have more experience with Movie Gallery who bought them. Anyway, you can trade and sell movies through Hollywood Video? I've never been aware of this. I know you can obviously rent and buy previously-viewed discs but I didn't know you could sell or trade discs through them.
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    very interesting to go back and read these posts from over a year ago and remember what I said then, and then compare with now.

    Early in this thread I was a proponent of both services, but when BB choose to give up their battle with Netflix and concentrate on the brick-n-motar business, they lost me as a customer. They no longer wanted to be competative, and were going to make me pay much more for the same service I had one month earlier.

    So I dropped them and increased my "# out" with Netflix. While I am not totally happy with Netflix, I feel trapped as there isn't a realistic alternative.

    They still throttle at will, and have little to no customer support. They won't give you the time of day if you are unhappy, almost begging you to switch to another service. This 1000lb gorilla really needs some competition, but with the fall of Blockbusters mail service I just don't see anyone giving them a challenge for the next few years.

    The average movie watcher can still get by with either one, but let's be honest, we're posting on the SlySoft forums...and for us I see only one choice.
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    The challenge is coming from 99 cent rental kiosks like Redbox and DVD Express. I already dropped my Netflix down to 1 at a time and use the box for all new releases.

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    Happy with Netflix

    I have been a member for about a year, and very happy with thier service. Once they receive my return I have a movie at my door the next day, and have not yet received a bad dvd yet. Maybe just lucky. I get about 6 movies a week and always try to have 2 returns available to them on Monday so I can get the new releases the next day. New releases always come out on Tuesday. Hope that helped.
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    I've been with NetFlix since they were a pay-per-rental service. I also had joined BlockBuster when they were in an employee and guest trial service after getting an invite from a friend who worked for a local store. I liked BB at first. That all changed when they raised their prices and dropped the 8 out program.
    The in-store exchange is great for the casual viewer but was always a pain in the @$$ for me. I've watched everything in the store; quite literally. That's why I have internet rental services! I had already gone through everything in the three local stores then when I was in NC, and when I moved back to Chicago, I cleared out the remaining unwatched films that these stores had in less than two months. There is nothing for me to exchange the online discs for... so the "feature" and "benefit" are totally useless to me.

    Netflix is one of those love/hate things for me. I'd guess 25% of the discs I got over the last year are cracked, and about 50% required me to clean, buff, or even "truly" resurface. The trick I found for beating non-local deliveries (they hate it but it's legal) was to pile up empty local envelopes. It really works for high volume renters. Such as for me, you have 8 out at a time: return 8 discs in 4 local mailers. Do it for a few months. That way, when they send you something from the other side of the country, you pop it in a local mailer for a return! No more extended waits, atleast on the return end. Even if you do everything 100% by the book, your waits with Netflix are shorter than with BlockBuster. They throttle you to the max. The throttling and lack of higher volume both keep me from their service.
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    That's the wrong way to do it. Just photocopy the front of a local mailer and then cut out the address portion to tape over the non-local mailer. Then it's still 1 movie in 1 mailer without annoying the movie handlers.

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    It's not the two movies that bothers them, it's the faster returns (corp) and the unmatched barcode on the sleeve (local). The two in one mailer is within the postal fee they pay, it's the same under current prices to mail one disc or two. I'm actually saving them money by mailing back two in one. If everyone mailed back two at a time they'd save 50% on shipping fees! ;)
  18. Clams

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    25%..... they still mail them *out* 1 per mailer.
    So it's 50% off the 2nd half of the trip only.

    -W :D