Anybody a member to Netflix?

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    I don't think so. I've broken into theaters, and stolen $190k reels, and made TC's from them. I've uploaded, what, 19 TB of **** onto the net, and no one (edited) cares.

    No, not really. Don't google "sickboy88", you'll not end up with thousands of movies that someone pretending to be me must have uploaded onto the net.

    Seriously though, people copy tapes, 2x boom box decks were big in the 80's right? No one gave two shits. That's how the whole scene of "mix tapes" came into effect. The same with today's world. No one really cares.

    If I copy a movie, and keep it, rotting on a platter, then a friend asks for it, who really looses out? More often then not, it's the video rental store that looses out, and more often then not again, they didn't have the film in the first place.

    Eventually, the studios will stop putting out ****, and DRM will die. When a quality product is released, then people will buy it.

    I own most of the movies I have ripped. It's a fact. Weird *edit* stuff, that people can't find. I download a lot of *edit* garbage from usenet...most of it is, in fact, edit *garbage*. Occasionally, I will find something mind blowing...most of the time, I never even knew it existed. At that point, I make every effort to support the artist, and purchase the film. That's being a good person.

    Webslinger: Look, I shouldn't have to search posts for swearing. You're just making my life more difficult. Please don't.
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    i agree with icedog you people aren't to smart for telling the cyber world you are copying rented movies,

    why aren't the mods editing or deleting thoses post?
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    hell then, everyone might as well email netflix and tell them they are backing up the movies netflix is sending them lol.

    looks like slysoft needs to retool there rules
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    Yeah, I guess Slysoft didn't figure that people would be dumb enough to brag about all the movies they are stealing when the came up with the rules. How about some discretion? I'm surprised that they aren't deleting the posts.
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    Is it illegal to back-up media???

    Here is a repeat of a post I made a few days ago.

    Hear this warning often. Not completely convinced is a problem. Backing up a rented video has not been tested legally yet. The Digital Media Recording Act as well as the Court that decided the fate of 321 Studios both state it is perfectly legal to make back-ups of music, software AND videos (movies) of any owned item. "Owned Item" is the questionable part. In the US, when you rent practically anything, the laws allows full rights of ownership. That includes property, vehicles, equipment, housing as well as everything else.
    Two different friends of mine that are Attorneys both said they would be glad to argue the validity of backing up rented media. Course for a fee most attorneys would argue anything! :D
    I live about 5 miles where 321 Studios was in Missouri. Had many friends work there. The Court decided, okay to back up by a consumer but not okay to sell or provide the means to decrypt in the US.

    If a moderator or employee has further info, would love to hear it.
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    Please be civil in your discussions

    I consider calling people "idiots" rude. I've also read posts from others that I consider to be insulting. Also, keep in mind that this board represents Slysoft. While I couldn't care less about swearing, others do (including potential Slysoft customers). I'm going to get PMs. I'm going to get people who know me complaining to me over the phone, etc.
    It is possible to debate without swearing.

    I'd rather not receive PMs about this stuff. I'd rather just be answering people's software/hardware questions.

    And by "civil", I mean "adhering to the norms of polite social intercourse; not deficient in common courtesy: After their disagreement, their relations were civil though not cordial." --

    Here are some rules for those of you participating in this thread to review:


    Forum Rules

    "We also do not allow posts that are sexual in nature or violate SlySoft community standards. The SlySoft team shall be the sole arbitrator of what does and what does not violate community standards."


    "While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposefully inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters."

    You have been warned.
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    I am a firefighter, and we use swear words as much as the next person, but in public, at home with the family and on message boards where it is not appropriate we have the consideration to abstain from profanities. It's a professional way to act, and the appropriate way to present yourself when you are in a respected profession. I know veterans from many different generations and none of them talk like they are still on the battleground when in the public eye, that is a choice you made, do not insult your profession by using it as an excuse.
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    Besides the use of language not appropriate for forum use, I think our sickboy88 friend has also missed the point that it is 2007.

    Yes Netflix after realizing their best customer was NOT the person who is trying to get as many movies as possible, they changed their stance on "unlimited". Their mistake was in trying to hide it, and went behind the scenes and began "throttling" high usage accounts. They were caught, sued and forced to give retribution to those members at the time.

    But let's be realistic, you don't think Blockbuster or anyone had they been the original leader in this market, might not have come to the same conclusion?

    Yes there are examples of people who will watch 3 movies a day, but I am sorry if you take the top 100 people who do this over the course of months-years then 90-95% of those people are NOT the few you mentioned.

    So Netflix, BB or anyone chooses to make their current rules in such a way to keep the lesser users as happy as can be...and if this pisses off a few high users, they really don't care. And to be honest, in their shoes neither would I.

    I wouldn't mind reading more of sickboy88's thoughts, but I would prefer to not have to read his language or the "edited" messages. So I ask nicely that this user adjust their message doesn't come across better in this way.
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    We have alittle more latitide than other forums, but that said, people should keep in mind that this is a public forum and anyone can read these posts. If someone wants post something that they know is illegal within the country they reside, then we cannot be held accountable for their actions. Keep that in mind when you post.:policeman:
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    Just a heads up based on conversations with Postal employees, the Post Office finds Netflix easier to ship, they find that they have to remove the barcoding on some Blockbuster envelopes because the shipments end up misrouted otherwise.
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    I have tried both and netflix gets the movies to me faster than BB. Without the instore return, netflix is better. They both have almost the same selection. I have BB now and I've only had a few bad disc. I get wrong disc more than bad disc because the previous renter put it in the wrong sleeve. I have the 3 out at a time and I get about 3 a week from the mail and now 3 from the store. I rent movies by mail that the store don't have.
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    I've been with Netflix for about 3yrs have had a total of 3 bad discs and I got those in before I even sent them back that impressed me. I also send a report of them not recieving my discs and have got them sent ahead. I'm totally pleased. I receive about 20 movies a month. :) :)
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    Thank you for the info
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    Yea, I missed it some how, thanks again.
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    I just watched This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated from Netflix today. Pretty insightful about the MPAA and copyright laws. I like the quote the one gentleman used about pirates being Hollywood's biggest customers.
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    5YEARS INSIDE & $250 Large???????

    IT IS CHEAPER TO SPEND THE $14.88 at Walmarts and be done with it:bowdown:
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    .........NOT In This Lifetime Yet.........

    ONLY 3 in * arrive in a playable condition afetr all the DOGS OF NORTH AMERICA have STEPPED ON THEM and Left everything from peanut butter to vaseline to dish washing liquid....NO REPECT as they control how many movies are sent out to any given member and I don't care how many you pay to have at the house they send you a damn movie from Vineland New jersey instead of from your own town, hence its goign to take three days to get to ya............I've had it with the whole damn bunch I will either buy em to watch and then back up my own copy or ta hell with it its not worth the time or ROLAIDS............
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    I think in over two years I've only gotten 4 DVDs that would not rip to the hard drive to play in my home theater. That's not too shabby.

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    I had Netflix and decided to get Blockbuster also because BB had movies that Netflix didn't have. I was with BB for about 5 months and hated it. With Netflix, from the day I mail back, I get new ones in about 5 - 6 days. With BB, it was about 7 - 8 days. And BB kept screwing up my queue. They would skip the top 30 and send me number 31. And, when I joined, you got like 2 free a month or week or whatever to go get at the store, but the new releases were ALWAYS gone. Horrible in-store selection. So, it's Netflix for me, for about the past 3 - 4 years.