Anybody a member to Netflix?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Branco, Jan 28, 2007.

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    Netflix Rules!!!

    I have only had one bad DVD and I have been a member for 3 years. I don't care anything about taking my rental to the local store. If I wanted to go to the store for a DVD I wouldn't have joined Netflix to begin with.
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    So you watch 6 movies a day?
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    ok I must make a correction from an earlier post. While I know that BB doesn't read this forum, this week they must have actually shipped on Monday as my new releases arrived today. First time in a few weeks that it wasn't Weds.
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    So does anyone know how to either call or email netflix? I can not find it anywhere on their site.

    But then I might be blind.
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    The phone number was posted on the previous page.
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    how long have you been with Netflix? i tryed doing that and after a couple months they slowed my movies down to a crawl. so it doesn't work in my area
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    I found that if send them a b!tchy’ email every few months that your not receiving that satisfaction that they promise [Speedy delivery] you’ll find out that your movies will begin to pick up again and start receiving new releases too, for the those who have been with Netflix for a long time. This solution works temporally.
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    Some like Chocolate and some like vanilla.


    question about blockbuster

    when you bring back a movie to blockbuster instead of mailing it back ....can you mail that one back or must you bring it back to the store?
    i have been with Netflex FROM THE BEGINNING .and it has been all good:bowdown:
    my whole point for going with Netflex was never having to worry about weather,gas or anything else......short walk to the mailbox and that's it!!!
    there is a trick to getting you new releases....just move what you want to the top of your list just before it is released.....and if there is a movie to be sent that will be the one....................:D
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    I have to disagree I have been a member of both and went back to netflix I use there 8 at a time plan. If you know how to work there system you will always get the new releases on time I always get the new releases the day after they come out in the stores. Also we dont have a blockbuster close by and I am disabled so i prefer netflix. :D
  11. RAMROD

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    I have been a member of netflix for 7 yrs another trick is to goto get the list of upcoming releases from theatrical and add the ones to your list when they get released you will recieve them:D
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    With BB you have the choice...either mail it back and they will ship the next off que.....or you can return it to the store and EXCHANGE it for an off the shelf movie. Now of course you are now stuck in going back to the store to return the new movies....which is what they are looking for. Studies show you get someone in your store 2x per week and $X is purchased over the year.

    There is no doubt this new program fills 2 needs. It helps them do better against Netflix, plus is gives them some extra money from people renting additional movies or buying candy/pop/magazines.

    But if you can control your impulse buying, and the drive to the local BB is not crazy, then it makes no sense to mail them back....cuts your available movies in 1/2.

    In my case they have earned an extra $5 sale when I bought a mag one day, otherwise I am IN & OUT with my new movies. Now the real benefactor is the store next door, they are seeing me now 1-2x per week, when I used to stop in 1-2x per month. THEY have gotten more of my money then BB will every see.

    What you can't do is go to the store and get new movies and then take your online movies and mail them yourself. They must be mailed from the store, which as some people have stated might add 1 day over what you go do with your own mailing.
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  13. RAMROD

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    Not bad i have been with netflix 7 yrs now have had only 2 bad movies in that time and i recieved 432 movies last yr alone.
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    im a member of both (the 3 at a time unlimited plan) and i have to say blockbuster is so far out i front it is not funny. i like the idea of getting movies in the mail and taking them to the store for another 3 rentals at the store and when they scan it in it is sent to the website and 3 different movies are shipped right out.(so if you plan it just right you can get 12 movies in a week done) but netfilx has a few movies blockbuster dont.
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    "Netflix can go **** themselves. They have a quota system. For people that rent a lot of movies, they restrict the turn around time, so that even if you get three movies, copy them, and send it back the next day, they will still only send you one at a time, even though you may have a 5 at a time plan. "

    Gee, imagine that, Netflix ripping you off when all you want to do is copy your rentals as fast as possible. that's like complaining that you broke into someone's house to steal stuff, but they didn't have any good stuff to steal.
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    They didn't keep their side of the agreement. It is supposed to be "Unlimited"...if you read into the links I provided, you will see that they have actually been sued over it. When logging in one day, I had the option of clicking on the explanation of the lawsuit on the netflix page, and choosing an upgrade to my plan to compensate for their lies. I did that, but the throttling continued. They don't take anything seriously.

    My intentions do not matter. There are plenty of people with cancer, old people, depressed people, etc, that stay home all day, and watch movies 24/7. These are also the people that are getting ****, not just the pirates. Seriously though, I think your lecture on morality, of all forums you could post on, is going to have the least interest here.
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    I have the three out at a time deal.I usually end up getting at least six movies a week......sometimes five.....sometimes seven.It all evens out in the end.
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    I know all about the lawsuit and the throttling.

    You broke the agreement by blatantly (impossible to be discreet?) renting movies for the sole purpose of copying them. They aren't stupid. If I saw you renting 6 movies and returning them the same day you received them, I'd just end your membership.

    Really, it's not a lecture though...the point is, they don't want somebody who's sole purpose is to copy as many of their movies as quickly as possible. So they throttle you hoping they'll get their money worth or you'll just quit. They win either way. Should they break their own agreement? No, they should just charge a higher rate for people who are doing what you are doing.
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    This isn't even the point of the thread. The OP asked if it was a good service, and then stated "he is starting a nice collection"...what do you think he means by that? lol It means that he is copying every movie he rents through netflix, for archival, internet piracy, what have you.

    I answered his question, with the answer being geared towards "Starting a nice collection".

    Obviously, the old mexican man who sued netflix wasn't ripping movies. He caught them in a lie, sued them over it, and WON.

    What netflix should do, is honor their ****** legal agreement, which they didn't, and they got their **** handed to them.

    It is impossible for netflix to KNOW who is simply viewing their movies, and who is copying them. Mailing all three movies back the next day, with a 3 a day subscription, all the way to a 4 a day, is not even remotely suspect. There are ***** of people who watch entire trilogies in one sitting.

    No one cares man about morality man. If I like a movie, I buy it. If not, I don't. If I wasn't going to buy the fucker in the first place, then no one looses any money when I make a copy.

    The whole point is, that when I became a netflix member, we (netflix and I) were BOTH bound to the legal contract THEY drafted. If they choose not to honor it, then tough titty said the kitty when the milk went dry.

    I feel that I answered the OP, and for what he wants to do, if he continues to use netflix, he will eventually be disappointed.
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    This isn't even the point of the thread. The OP asked if it was a good service, and then stated "he is starting a nice collection"...what do you think he means by that? lol It means that he is copying every movie he rents through netflix, for archival, internet piracy, what have you.

    It seems that the point is indeed about burning copies of Netflix movies.Well at least that's what it has turned into.I can't believe that people are actually admitting to making copies of movies.It's kinda like running through a fire wearing gasoline underwear......sooner or later you're gonna get your ass lit up.