Anybody a member to Netflix?

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    I've been a member of NetFlix for about 18 months and I've only come across one DVD that was not playable. Yes, you may have to wait for new releases but it's really not that big of deal since they've opened a distribution center in my town.
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    Very true. On the other hand you have to wait for netflix to mail your new releases out. As for anyone who uses blockbuster can just take thier mailed movies to the store and just exchange them. A plus if you are looking for new releases every week without coughing up money to get them. If it is not a big deal to you, then by all means, to each his own.
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    best out there is BB just cause of what saint says.
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    I've had both and they are alike. Netflix seems faster with delivery though. Blockbuster is a better deal but if I wanted to run to the store for new movies I wouldn't need the online service.
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    Been with Netflix since May '07. Service has generally been as promised. Yes
    a couple of cracked discs but notifing them of the problem brought a new DVD
    in the mail the same day I was returning the broken one. Basically a good service and a good value.
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    Been With Blockbuster For @ 6 Problems And Great In Store Returns For Online Rentals..cuts Price Down
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    As a former Netflix member and a current BB member, I have decided that BB is the better deal for me primarily due to the in store rentals. I essentially double my number of movies. My only complaint with BB is they seem to throttle the "heavy users" just as Netflix does.
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    Blockbuster YEAH!!!

    I have had both and Netflix cuts you off after a while. The frequency of DVD's slows way down. Blockbuster keeps me in DVD's all the time. I had both at the same time and chose Blockbuster. I get 4 mailed and 4 free rentals when I take them back. What I use the online service for is all the titles you can not get at the store. Then when I take them back I get the new releases for free every tuesday. I am getting approx 8 titles on week. I have not paid for a new release in months and I get them as soon as they come out.
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    netflix v. BB

    I have been a Netflix subscriber for 4 years
    I have also been a BB subscriber for 5 months.

    The Difference?

    EVERYONE talks about the in-store redemption which DOUBLES
    your titles.

    However, I can vouch for a 'dealy' on Blockbuster's part....

    Netflix has a more instant gratification in that next day when they receive
    your title, it's iimmediately posted in your queue and you see what is being
    sent next.

    Blockbuster: when a title is returned to store, it is electronically scaned as received.
    "But, it does not show up in your queue until several days LATER !!
    Then, you'll get notice of next in queue being sent.
    This delay can hypothetically off set their advantage of their in store
    redemption program."

    That being said, I HAVE NEVER BEEN SURE IF BB MAILS DISCS TO YOUR LOCAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, THEN TO YOU...I have asked and gotten different replies....

    The return address on BB packaging is not helpful...BUT, it is always mailed back to my LOCAL dist. center. I fiind it unusual that all the titles mailed to me have been at my local dist. center...if this is the case, then why does it take more than one day (netflix) to receive titles.

    At least with Netflix, you can modify the return envelope and make sure it only takes one business day for them to receive it, even if it came from the opposite coast (even Hawaii in some cases).

    So, until I learn that my BB titles are directly drop shipped to me from the disc
    's origin, then I have to say, "Toss up."
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    That is quite a feat.....Netflex time travel.....:D
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    I think a lot depends on proximity to the place the movies are shipped out of and whether you are close to a Blockbuster store. I have tried both also and the Netflix rentals just weren't getting to me quickly enough. I have a Blockbuster pretty close by and I just can't watch the movies fast enough. I love getting 3 DVDs in the mail, taking them back to their store, getting 3 more right away and then having the mailed ones logged back into the online right away and having 3 more sent. I have had very few issues of broken or scratched movies from either.
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    I have been running both Netflix & Blockbuster for the last 2 years. Both are comparable and I suggest you go with whichever has less shipping time.

    In my case, both take 1 day shipping, so when I get perfect timing I can get 2 sets of DVD's every week. (ie They ship Monday, I get Tuesday, return Weds, they recieve Thurs & ship new, and I get them Fri, return in Sat mail for them to recieve on Mon & ship new again) But this perfect world only happens about 75% of the time for either service.

    Now any review of these services is dependent of the needs & desires of the reviewer. For people who want ONLY the new this week releases one service might be better than another...while people who are building collections of older movies that were released 1+ month, the other service might be better. Regardless here's my overview of both a bonus 3rd service at the end.

    Netflix - Pros: larger selection, and generally will ship out same day. If TV shows are of interest, I find they have more than Blockbuster. Cons: When dealing with new movies they do admit to cateering to those people who have fewer rentals per month...which I don't fall into that group. When I go for the top 3 hot releases every week, I seem to only get 50-75% of them...the rest I am immeadiately put on the wait list. A new con is waiting for new dvd's to be recieved & delivered...Blockbusters new plan has caused this.

    Blockbuster - Pros: Good selection, new releases will ship almost 95%. New program which allows you to return at a store and get new movies. For those who live close to a store, this doubles your movies in a week. In the right circumstance, I think this new feature can push Blockbuster to #1 on many peoples lists. Cons: Something goes screwy with my delivery of DVD's that "say" they are shipping on Monday. Those DVD's which are generally that weeks releases don't appear to actually leave until Tuesday. Those movies show up 80% of the time on Wednesday, while movies that are listed as shipping on Tueday almost always show up on Wednesday also. The selection is smaller from Blockbuster when you're looking for older movies & TV shows.

    So basically I use Blockbuster for the new releases that I must have now! And Netflix handles all my older movie & TV show needs. Together they are allowing me 14-16 DVD's each week.

    Now my 3rd bonus review.....Intelliflix. Gosh I can't tell you how bad this service is, but let me follow suit and list my Pros first. Pros: slightly cheaper (face value) and the Adult title offerings.
    Cons: Slowest shipping, unless you happen to live one of their limited distribution're looking at 3-5 days delivery. That eliminates the lower cost, because you get at best 1/2 the titles from the other services. Website is horrible, no way to even know how long before a title will ship. No ryme or reason on how movies are selected off your que...I've had movies #3, 20 & 35 shipped at the same time.

    I used Intelliflix for 1 year because I signed up for their Super Plan, but as soon as it was up I dumped them like a terrible habit. I can't believe that Comsumer Reports actually listed them as the #1 among the three services. I've looked hard to find a forums for CS, because I would have loved to rip that reviewer a part. This person must not have actually used any of the services and just wrote their article based on a "fact" sheet supplied by each service. It angers me that they are still suckering in people with the huge #1 banner & emails due to this obvious mistake on the part of CS.
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    I use Netflix and have used them since July of last year. I've been getting 6 DVDs a week since then. Of course, you get the occassional DVD that comes from a different center, but when I return them, they go directly to the center closest to me. The reason I use Netflix is because of my wife: she's disabled and we can't go too far to get movies.

    Blockbuster looks like a good deal, but we don't live close to a store. It's about 45 minutes away. The benefits wouldn't even come close to helping us.
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    Ive been a member since 2004 and I love Netflix. I've had about 6 cracked discs in that time but I chalk that up to the postal service or the religious right take your pick.:D

    Just wanted to add in regards to new releases its all in the timing(get your movies back on mon. for new releases on tues.)most of the time they even mail them out Monday even though they arent technically supposed to be released til midnight monday in stores and whatnot. Ive basically gotten every new release Ive requested for like the past year or more(usually 2-5 new releases a week depending on whats released that week). The quicker your viewing turnaround the more likely youll get the new releases. My mail runs by 2:30 or so and Im pretty good about getting as many as I can back to the post office before 5pm so netflix gets them the following day. Think about it why would they send an in-demand new release to a customer with a turnaround rate of a 3-4 days when they could have sent it to 2 customers with a viewing turnaround of 1 day hence satisfying more customers. Get those movies back fast and netflix will reward you with new releases aplenty.
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    you dont seem to understand that bb is faster just cause of the fact that you can get movies with your online movies. not only that you also get free xbox rentals and free movie we dont need to go to the post office.
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    It is illegal to copy rented movies and is also prohibited from being discussed on this forum. Stop!
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    i never have mentioned anything about copying rented movies.
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    Wasn't referring to you or any one person. Sorry.