DeUHD Tool can rip UHD Blu-Ray discs

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by TheEmpathicEar, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Ch3vr0n

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    Standard ones no, they're limited to 45,5gb effective size, that's like half the size of an uhd.

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  2. rdgrimes

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    Most UHD discs are stamped on 66GB DL BDXL discs. There are no blanks of that size sold for burning.
    Some UHD releases are on 100GB TL discs, and you can buy TL 100GB blanks for burning.
    The price of TL BDXL blanks is prohibitive, by design, to make it pointless to buy them for ripping and burning.
    No STB players that I'm aware of can support playback of BDXL discs, only computer drives AFAIK.
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  3. antipodes

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    Ok I get it now. Thanks Ch3vr0n and all the other responders.
  4. freefru

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    It sounds like this guy was able to burn a UHD Blu-ray image to a blank 100GB BDXL disc and get it to play in his 4k blu-ray player.
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  5. Adbear

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    Depends on what you consider 'prohibitive'. If you buy them in packs of 10 then they cost around £4.50 a disc on Ebay so about twice the price of BD-R DL Verbatim discs
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  6. happyguy82

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    Yes and if you're willing to wait for Japanese sellers to ship them as they seem to be much cheaper than other stockists

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  7. NPoser

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    Not only comuter drives. Panasonic DMR-UBZ and DMR-UBX UHD BD-recorders from the Japanes market can also read BDXL discs
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    I've seen many beautiful UHD captures that look wonderful around 21-25gig with full 7.1 audio. So a good old bluray 25gig platter and burnable that most people have today you can transfer a compressed uhd to any format for playback. XDR can tap into this media to show hdr on your tvs or monitors if your running a fast graphics card that missed the hdr update. just got back test results from X800 Series 4K Ultra HD TV and the user said is showed hdr exact with XDR. My point is if you want to do this uhd to pc like this program you can compress it , put it on a disk and play it. Then use madvr or xdr to watch it for free without using sgx hardware or powerdvd17. Be cheaper to buy a 4k mini and splitter then to fork out the cost of this program. Then you can backup your whole uhd collection. Got 40 plus movies now on uhd. Shit going to have to build a shelf for these things.......
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    That is incorrect. You can play BD folder and iso over network or USB with a custom FW. It also disables cinavia among other things like multi region (DVD and BD obviously). Only current limitation is that it is a few FWs behind so that it will not support DV as of now. But I'm sure that they will get there.
    In addition, Egreat A5/10/11 can playback UHD BDs with full menu.
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    Different discs.
  13. tectpro

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    Correct. And I would only trust the real thing, I wouldn't like any coasters at that price.
  15. Adbear

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    The cheaper ones are standard Verbatim Japanese discs so have the labels in Japanese, they are not rebranded discs, the same happens with original SL and DL BD-R's. In Japan they have a different labelling

    Also the more expensive ones that you linked to are 'MDisc' discs, so of course they will be more expensive. The other ones linked to are standard Verbatim BD-R XL discs
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  16. NPoser

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  17. hajj_3

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    To those of you trying to play the UHD rips, MPC-HC BE 1.5.1 has been released with support for UHD bluray disc playback, you should try playing with this:
  18. tectpro

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    Unfortunately they from taiwanese nonsens manufacturer. I tried them. Everything after layer 1 went unreadable after 3 month.
  19. Adbear

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    My test ones at work are still working fine
  20. happyguy82

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    Wow triple layer M-DISC!! I didn't know these exists.

    Always thought M-DISCs were limited to single layer only.

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