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Mainframe warrantee contracting

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    1. Prospere
      Going there was not a bad idea (for, so to say, general education purposes ;) , but returning from there is a much better one. Wise as well.
    2. Prospere
      Nice note in your signature (just noticed that). I would've changed that to "חובה אלינו לישרוד" ;)
      But that's up to you, of course.
    3. quick7879
      AnyDVD is disabled for Drive E:! how do i fix this

      thank you
    4. leeell
      I downloaded 21 day trials of anydvd and anydvd-hd. neither works on my machine. infact, each locks up the machine so i have to reboot cold. anyone heard of this?
    5. addijohn
      Thanks Slyfox1 for the responds, I did purchase anydvd HD and dvd clone, actually trying it out right now, looks to be backing up blu-ray, no luck with HD-dvd any help you can give me will be much appriciated
    6. nikkistewart
      Hi slyfox 1, I am not getting the new updates in my email for any dvd, i did change cable servers and have a new email address but did what you said in the update profile to change it to the new one, so why am i not receiving the udates? I have the 6.5.31.version. Now its at 6.5.40 Thanks, nikki
    7. addijohn
      Can anyone tell me how to get a trial version of anydvd hd, i have a licence for anydvd, but not sure if anydvd hd will back up blu-ray and hd movies
    8. nikkistewart
      Hi im new here and was wondering if someone could help me, i have anydvd and i am trying to find out how to change my email address since we changed servers so i can continue to get my updates for downloading the anydvd. i cannot find anywhere where it says to update profile. Thanks Nikki Stewart
    9. lynlindstr
      hi i am trying to contact support. to submit a question. they want to know serial number.serial number of what? i didnt know were to post my question. thankyou
    10. toki
      Hey there Slyfox 1. I'm having trouble with my Anydvd and would like to know if any of you guys could help me out. My old computer recently died and I built a new one. I backed up Anydvd and my key to a disk. I reinstalled Anydvd and now every time I insert a blank it goes to a BSOD. I tried it in safe mode and still a BSOD. The computer operates fine without Anydvd, but with it BSOD. If you or any forum members could help me out I'd appreciate it. Oh, and this is the message I'm getting.

      Update: My problem is fixed. There was a driver issue with my EVGA mobo. Was able to block it from installing. And now there is no more conflicting driver issue. AnyDvd and CloneDvd are running like champs again. Thanks.
    11. rainy
      re message F
      Sorry, I am not a visitor. I am registered under the user name of rainy.
    12. rainy
      I have a question but am not sure how and where to post it. it is.. I have used clone dvd for years with no problem, but now, now matter what disk I put in, including none commercial disks, I get a message saying "..cannot create directory F. Can you tell me where to post this? Thank you
    13. Mcdawn

      Ripping the BD to a TS file and play it is no problem.
      But I can not turn on subtitles?

      Have tryed to play the file with WMP, KMplayer and VLC, the file plays, but no subtitles. Not avaliable in the menu.

      So you know the reason for this, what can be done?
    14. paolaportesio
      hello, I have a question... for some reason I think it is because I haven't updated the version at a proper time now I cannot write dvd's. I'm using Any DVD version 6518 and clone dvd, but i think the problem is clone dvd... I have uninstalled the programs reinstalled them again and still clone dvd seems not to be working... how could I solbve this?
    15. Tito
      Hi, it looks like I am going to have to do a manual submit for the Key Recovery. If you could help me out with this one last problem that would be great.

      I am trying to get the serial number for anydvd, but since the trial version is expired, I can not get into anydvd to click on the information tab, since it only displays the two buttons purchase and exit, when I try to open it. So how do I get the serial number from an expired trial version, so I can enter it into the manual Key Recovery request. Thanks.
    16. Tito
      I had to reinstall windowns, and I forgot to backup the registration key. When I entered my email on the Key Recovery page, I received this message:

      "Your e-mail address was placed on our robinson list on 2008-01-08. We will not send any automatically generated e-mail"
    17. Tito
      Thanks for your reply. I don't recall completing an opt-out request. Can you please tell me how I can get off of it? Thanks.
    18. Tito
      Could you tell me what the Robinson list is? Thanks.
      1. RedFox 1
        RedFox 1
        A Robinson list or Mail Preference Service (MPS) list is an opt-out list of people who do not wish to receive marketing transmissions. The marketing can be via e-mail, postal mail, telephone, or fax. In each case, contact details will be placed on a blacklist.
        Jun 13, 2018
    19. cmcgoff
      hi, can someone tell me how to register my clone dvd program on my new laptop. i have the information but it is telling me i have to purchase it again! i have clone dvd on my desktop already. i was able to get any dvd hd but not clone dvd
    20. mdon4011
      When I copy using CloneDVD, the movie copies Ok but on some movies when I copy them, they do not play on my Bosse system but some do play. If i play the original movie, it plays fine but the copy does not play. The copies do play in other DVD players that I have. Can you tell me why? I am baffled. It is not everything that i copy, it is just certain one's. For instance Fools Gold does this but the movie Onion does not.
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    Oct 6, 1935 (Age: 85)
    St Maarten,Little Bay Beach
    Mainframe warrantee contracting
    software & Hardware sales
    Retired-hoping to move to Israel with my son
    I build Custom watercooled PCs for Gamers


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