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  1. HarryBrautt

    Question Anystream .srt files incomplete

    Last night one DL and then several this morning from HBO Max had incomplete English .srt files. That is to say that the subtitles don't match the dialog in the movie. The start time of the first subtitle varies from around 15 mins and up to about 44 mins into the movies. The .mp4 files fine...
  2. dbG33K

    MKV with Permanent Subs AND Selectable in one go...

    Hi all. I've been using CloneBD for years and there's one feature I've been hoping gets added. For some context, when I rip my movies and shows, if it has any forced sub dialogue (generally dialogue in another language) I want that track burned into the image. All of my viewers are primarily...
  3. X

    Not a RedFox Issue No embedded subtitles

    So I am currently using the trial version to get to know the program. I plan to buy AS+, however, I encountered a problem when downloading one of the episodes of the series as a test, after turning it on, there are no subtitles in it. I don't really know what to do with it, I looked in the...
  4. D

    Question MAX-Subtitles don't appear in AnyStream

    Sometimes movies that definitely have subtitles (foreign language movies) don't give me the option of downloading the movie with subtitles in AnyStream. An example is Seventh Seal. Any fix for this?
  5. N

    AnyStream Los subtitulos no se guardan dentro del archivo

    Muy buenas noches al seleccionar la opcion almacenar los subtitulos incrustados deberia guardarse dentro del archivo, pero cuando termina de descargar solo quedan los audios pero los subtitulos no los carga con ninguna plataforma hasta el momento. Agradezco puedan revisarlo en cuanto puedan...
  6. R

    Not a RedFox Issue Missing subtitles for Ribbit Hole Episode 1 & 2

    I have Paramount+ subscription under PV Canada, the show "Rabbit Hole" seems to be missing subtitles for Ep 1 & 2. Can anyone who have Paramount+ subscriptions (either standalone or under PV) in US confirmed the same? Thanks.
  7. P

    Glitch with downloading FORCED ONLY subtitles

    I just came across an issue/annoyance that if you select to download ONLY the FORCED subtitles, then it will also download the FULL subtitles for episodes that don't have FORCED subs. Example... Netflix -> Outlander (tv show) -> Season 2 Episodes 1-7 have FORCED subs + Full subs. Episodes 8-13...
  8. M

    Subtitles embedded when separate file selected

    I am still in the trial phase of AS but like very much what I see so far. Using Plex on Apple TV is my main use but when I download files with the embedded subtitles they show on Plex playback even though I've told it to turn them off. In order for me to fix this on Plex I have to turn the...
  9. ClicketyClack

    Resolved Recoding downloads for a smaller size - subtitles lost

    I just installed the AnyStream trial last night and am super impressed with the interface and especially with the speed of the downloads. The video quality is wonderful and the subtitles in the video work perfectly. We have someone who is hearing-impaired, so the subtitles are necessary to...
  10. M

    Subtitles with mp4 files

    Hi. I am trying to understand subtitles better. When I download using AnyStream, I can select Closed Captioned subtitles, and they are embedded in the downloaded mp4 file. When ripping with CloneBD, it seems like I can only select CC subtitles if I choose an mkv file type, but not with mp4...
  11. lajoes

    Subtitles - which is better - SRT or embedded?

    I'm hoping that I'll get older, and if I succeed in doing so, I know I'll want to revisit titles to refresh my memory or to [re-]discover them, which ever comes first. :rockingchair: So, which is the better way to DL the subtitles - as a separate SRT file or embedded? I've learned that if I DL...
  12. SystemIdleProcess

    ASP 1361 - P+ batch dl subtitle only downloads 1st

    Batch downloading Star Trek Lower Decks and only the first episode had a subtitle file. Went back and manually selected each episode and subtitle was included on those.
  13. G

    Amazon Prime Subtitles wrecked

    With AnyStream (64-bit), and also AnyStream (64-bit), I've noticed glitched out subtitles on a download from Amazon Prime. "Jack Reacher (2012) - S01E03 - Black 22" apparently has two English subtitles, forced and assistive. Both of them end up with zero timestamps for captions...
  14. X

    SRT subtitles download as "WebVTT" subtitles?

    This has been happening for the past few major versions now on basically every streaming service. I thought it might have been brought to RedFox's attention by someone else, but I haven't seen anyone do that so I figured I might as well do it. When I download subtitles, I'll usually use...
  15. DeepSpace

    AS DRM works, but no subtitles

    I was happy to see that you where able to make it work again and immediately went to NF to download the Witcher Season 2. Previously, I got an error message, but this time it worked! But, although I selected both german and english subtitles, no file has been created. I double-checked to make...
  16. pastorbadger

    Hulu giving me VTT Subtitles and calling them SRT [Solved]

    I thought I post an easy problem to help take your minds off the crisis. In order to make all subtitles work everywhere, what I've been doing is: 1: Download a TV show I want to watch, asking for a separate subtitle file as SRT. 2: Laboriously converting each episode’s .MP4 and .SRT file into...
  17. markmarz

    Batch episode download skips some subtitles

    Hi, Running AnyStream Plus Enjoy the batch feature, thanks! Unfortunately when downloading a batch of episodes many of the subtitle files associated with the video are not downloaded. Using option to Store subtitles as SRT file. This is not a problem if I download the episodes one at...
  18. DeepSpace

    Bug: AS subtitle selections display improperly

    I noticed two errors with subtitles on D+. First: The cc tag is missing, and therefore, if there are two subtitles for one language, one will get overwritten/ not saved. (instead of movie.de.srt and movie.de.cc.srt I only got movie.de.srt.) This is the Black Widow logfile. Only if the second...
  19. B

    AS+: option "Save subtitles as: SRT file" - included and also as a single file

    Subtitles are included in the MP4 file and also as a single file. With this option, there should be no subtitles in the MP4 file, right?
  20. B

    AS+: option "Save subtitles as: SRT file" - missing subtitles

    AS+, option "Save subtitles as: SRT file". For batch download, only the subtitles of the first episode are stored. For all following episodes the separate subtitles are missing.