Paying With A Visa Card When You Don't Have A Visa Card

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by drnogerms, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. medfordite

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    Well, I don't know if I made a mistake, not enough money in account or what but mine failed. I put in $140 so I think I have enough, I waited for the real card to come in the mail, activated and entered my info and got a screen saying 'Payment HEY-LG7 for Order ORZ-HRU over 849.68. DOes that mean I don't have enough $$$? I thought $140 was plenty.

    Oh, I was trying to buy the ANYDVD Lifetime

    Yes, I got the Visa Debit Green Dot card so that's not the problem
  2. medfordite

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    Just called the bank and they said they do not do transactions to China and to find another way to pay. Well, what a PITA this is. Guess I'll go get my refund from Walmart and forget about Redfox
  3. drnogerms

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    I'm pretty sure that RedFox is not in China. Any one have any idea what might have happened to medfordite's purchase attempt?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    They're not but the payment provider is

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  5. drnogerms

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    I don't suppose RedFox has a lot of say-so in what their payment processor does, other than to change to another payment processor.

    So many people have had a successful purchase using the Wal-Mart VISA debit card, so now I wonder if the problem is buying a VISA debit card elsewhere.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Or he could have picked up the national only version of the card. Specifically the 'green dot money card' has worked for many, just make sure it's the international one and you wait for the physical one to arrive in the mail.

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  7. medfordite

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    Didn't know or even hear of the international card, just to get a Visa WalmartMoneyCard with GreenDot as the issuing bank. How do you know or tell if it's a international or US only card when buying or even if you have one. There's nothing on the actual card that says what it is.

    Anyway, Redfox's solution is to go ahead and use Bitcoin but I refuse to use that especially after they got hacked. Anyone out there have an extra license they don't need because Redfox just lost a sale and customer ever since AnyDVD came out years ago. Hopefully I can get my money back that's on the card...what a waste of time! :banghead:
  8. drnogerms

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    The VISA Wal-Mart Money Card and VISA Debit Card purchased at Wal-Mart are two different instruments. That may be the real source of your purchase denial.

    Don't give up. Take your current card back to Wal-Mart and trade it in for a VISA Debit Card, then go on-line and register yourself for that card, wait for the permanent version to arrive and try again. You'll be glad you did.

    The only way to know if a card can be used for international purchases before you buy it is to read the fine print on the card packaging (take a magnifying glass with you - you will probably need it to read print that fine).
  9. medfordite

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    OK, I read the fine print on the paperwork that came with my card and even on the package itself and it refers to a 3% fee for all international transactions so that tells me that I did get the right card but I guess they changed their policy on payments to China. The only thing that I read was that the card itself can only be used in US ATM machines to get cash.

    Also, on the card itself it says Visa Debit. On the packaging it says use anywhere Visa Debit is Accepted. On the back of the card it says Green Dot and Interlink. I don't know what else to do.
  10. drnogerms

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    If all that fine print doesn't mention an exception to China, then I suppose it must be a fairly new restriction imposed.

    Looks like your only remaining option might be bitcoin. I don't like that option since I don't like sending my real money to an unknown foreign entity that promises to issue me pretend money. If they don't issue it as promised, I don't even know who stole my money.

    That being said, if you do try bitcoin I would only "buy" enough to cover the license itself along with whatever fees would be involved.

    Does RedFox have any other suggestions? Like maybe changing payment processors that don't limit purchases from China?
  11. medfordite

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    Their advice was using Bitcoin, like you, I'm reluctant to try that for the same reason plus the recent hack Bitcoin had and said to have lost more than $2 million.

    I'll probably stick with my old AnyDVD that works on 95% of the movies for now and wait maybe for another way to backup my movies
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    Just some spanish coin hub was, not bitcoin itself. And that's likely because they didn't have their security in order. That's the very reason why i choose NOT to use an online wallet, but one on my PC securely tucked away. Aint nobody getting access to that but myself.
  13. medfordite

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    Update, I tried logging into my card account and was unable to so I called the bank. While talking to them I asked again why my order was declined and he told me I did not have enough money to cover the payment. Funny because I have $135, I guess the rate exchange went up or something. As soon as I can get into my account I'll add some more $$$ to it and try to buy one more time.
  14. Ch3vr0n

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    At least now you know that the purchase attempt did make it to the card itself :) better than nothing right?

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  15. medfordite

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    What a fiasco this is, tried to put some more money into the card account and now it won't work. Doesn't anything that has to do with Walmartmoneycard work? Guess I have to actually go to Walmart and try adding it there, if the cashier knows how to do it. By the time I get back the money exchange rate will have increased again!
  16. medfordite

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    OK, finally got everything all sorted out, went to Walmart and added more money and this time the transaction went through, I am now the proud owner of a lifetime license!

    What gets me is that when I called the bank last night, they told me that they did not do transactions to China. Today when I called the guy told me it was because I was short of funds.

    So, $149 later I'm all set to go!
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    Congratulations, welcome to the Redfox Project. Now that you are here to stay, feel free to contact me on the forum or via PM if you have any issues. Welcome to the forum and the project. The software is worth every dime. Enjoy it.
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    I'm glad it finally worked, I was ready to give up. At least it wasn't any of our faults and I know it's worth it, I've been a user for almost as long as redfox began. :D
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    Welcome to the fox den!

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    Dont work for me and now the discount is gone and the trial is down. Can you add other payments please?