Paying With A Visa Card When You Don't Have A Visa Card

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by drnogerms, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. drnogerms

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    Based on what others are posting, the problem probably lies with the processing service of your credit union card - not the credit union itself.

    Read some of the other posts to see if your solution might lie within one of them.

    My original post was based on my experience in Oct 2016. My purchase sailed through with no problem. Obviously things have changed since then.
  2. Blair Nakoneshny

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    I have tried a few times and phoned the bank but no attempt to make a purchase shows up on my credit card - VISA. This is so frustrating. I use this credit card for all my online purchases, and this is the first time that I try to make an online purchase where the vendor won't process the payment.

    Why not process it manually? Redfox keeps telling me I am entering the information wrong or the bank is refusing the purchase.

    I tried to purchase bitcoin to complete the transaction, but VISA and Mastercard in Canada do not recognize bitcoin as a true currency and prevents Canadians from purchasing it via credit card.

    Come on RedFox, fix your issues for payment. Accept PayPal - verified accounts will process without issue.
  3. drnogerms

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    RedFox isn't the problem. RedFox isn't the payment processor. Your attempted payment via VISA doesn't show up on your VISA account because it never gets that far, but I'm not an expert on credit card processing. There must be another entity involved in the process that is preventing your attempted purchase from even reaching VISA. My strongest suspicion is because RedFox is an offshore entity.

    When I made my initial post on this subject, I had no problem once I got my "permanent" VISA debit card in the mail. Obviously, something has changed since Oct 2016.

    But, since there have been several posts citing purchase problems similar to yours, maybe RedFox does need to connect with PayPal for purchases. These issues are costing them sales in the meantime.

    Hopefully someone from RedFox can offer you a specific explanation and/or solution.
  4. mmdavis

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    PayPal would not do business with Slysoft, and they WILL NOT do business with Redfox either. This has been explained many times, for many years. It's not a Redfox issue, it's a PayPal issue.
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  5. FurryGuy

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    PayPal refuses to do business with RedFox, period.

    PP wouldn't accept Slysoft payments, they won't accept RedFox payments.

    RedFox would love to accept the payments, but PP refuses to dance. Their shoes must be too tight.
  6. blank

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    just use coins (y)
  7. Dave718

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    Hi Also having issues with payment via VISA. I refuse to use bitcoin as I know nothing about it. Regarding the Visa debit thru Wallmart, I assume there is an expiry just like a CC as well as an CVV. Do you go thru PePay or VISA. Thanks!
  8. somail

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    Same experience here. Tried two different Visa cards (Visa and pepay) and one Mastercard (pepay). Fails every time. I called my my cards' customer service multiple times and they say the transactions are never getting to them thus they can't white-list the vendor (per Redfox's email). I feel like this is on Red Fox's side.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    It's not. Redfox only sends the info you enter on the payment info, securely to the payment service provider. They're NOT actively doing anything themselves with your data. They're not a payment provider that can be whitelisted

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  10. Sallyanne Ackerman

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    Does a reg visa card work ? My old version is not working and need to purchase all over again now with red fox How much is it in US dollars
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    That all depends on how tough your bank is on chinese based payment providers. Some work right away, some need to place a call to the bank in advance/afterwards to let them know they are placing a china based transaction and to let it go through. We can't tell you how much it is in USD since you didn't say which products you intend to purchase. Besides the checkout process informs you on the overview of how much it will approximately be (- currency conversion fees your bank may apply)
  12. Well, it figures. I got the card, went to the Redfox site, and there is a message saying they are having problems processing credit cards. I assume this is related to the whole movie industry thing.
  13. Well, it figures. I got the card, went to the Redfox site, and there is a message saying they are having problems processing credit cards. I assume this is related to the whole movie industry thing.
  14. The green Dot card from Walmart was declined . The rep said it was not good for international purchases.