Paying With A Visa Card When You Don't Have A Visa Card

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    For US customers... I bought my Visa GreenDot card at CVS. Yes, it worked perfectly, but not without some obstacles that may be helpful to illustrate for others.
    • When you buy the over-the-counter card, it is NOT usable right away. You have to register the card and apply for the real card with identity verification. For myself, it took about 6 days to receive the actual, usable card.
    • I initially loaded only $110 on the card after reading that they will charge a monthly $7.95 fee. Well, they charge you $7.95 up front, then another $7.95 - maybe for the next month? Either way, my balance dropped to $94.10 before one month had elapsed. This screwed me over, as my balance was now under the purchase price (which was after a 20% discount code, and would also have an unknown currency transfer fee).
    • I went back to CVS and loaded another $20. FYI, every time you add funds, there is a $4.95 transaction fee. What a scam.
    • Total cost of AnyDVD with 20% off and currency transfer fees was $107.44. Currency rates will change every day, but this will give everyone in the US how much they will need to put on their GreenDot Visa card. I loaded a total of $110+20 = $130 and now have a balance of $6.66. I am going to use the balance right away and cancel the card, as I am unsure if they will continue to charge $7.95/mo for maintenance fees.
    • Note that this was with the 20% off, so the regular price cost will be more.
    • I am in California, and it's a GreenDot Visa bought at CVS... so yes, it looks like the fees are higher.
    Hope this helps.
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    Actually it's 3.00USD to load the Walmart card and there is a 5.00 a month maintenance fee. It's always been this way unless it depends what state in the good USA you live in.

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