Paying With A Visa Card When You Don't Have A Visa Card

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by drnogerms, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. drnogerms

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    For USA customers who don't want to use bitcoin and who don't possess a Visa card:

    Go to Wal-Mart and purchase a Wal-Mart Money Card (not a gift card) with a VISA logo on it. It can be used for international purchases.

    My experience was relatively painless. The WMMC (issued by Green Dot) will cost you $1 at the store and you load it with something over $100 at that time. I recommend $35.00 over your estimated purchase amount to cover administrative fees and the monetary conversion.

    WMMC/Green Dot will deduct $5 for the first month's fee (for the privilege of carrying it in your wallet). Note that you can not use the temporary card for an international purchase but you can use it online for USA purchases and in WM stores. You must wait for the embossed card to arrive in the mail to use it to make an international purchase. Mine took about 10 days to arrive.

    Then go online to and "activate" the card and your WMMC account.

    I used mine to purchase a life-time license of AnyDVD HD. Note also that WMMC will charge your card a small fee (mine was less than $5) for the monetary conversion a few days after the purchase. After that you can either continue to keep the card (pay attention to their fees: $5/month to have it, $5 to put money on it, etc.) or you can go to your online WMMC account and close it. If you choose to close the account, WMMC will then issue and mail you a check for whatever is left in the account.
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    Glad you got your lifetime RedFox license.

    Welcome to the project.

    One note: you should let one of the mods know how you got your license, so that they'll maybe put it as a sticky or something.

  3. Ivan

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    Thank you for sharing this @drnogerms , and thank you for supporting us...
  4. ZoSoIV

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    Or I assume you could use the balance of what's left on the card after paying for the software at Walmart ?
  5. RedFox 1

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    Yes. Absolutely.
  6. ZoSoIV

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    This is going to be my best option , thanks for the info
  7. Texas-Mark

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    So after you purchase the card, you activate it on-line, then they send you the embossed one, correct?

    And if you just use all of the funds on the card for other stuff, do you still need to cancel the account, or does it just automatically close when the funds are depleted, and that is that?

    Also, I was looking at the site and it showed that you could order a card on-line too. But it also asked for your SSN. So does this generate a "hard" credit inquiry on your credit file? I ask because I currently have a freeze on my credit files due to some identity theft, and any new hard inquiry will be blocked.
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  8. drnogerms

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    Yes, you can choose to spend the rest of the funds remaining on the card. It is, after all, a debit card.

    But be mindful of how long it takes you to spend the balance. 30 days after activation you will be charged another $5 monthly fee.
  9. drnogerms

    drnogerms Active Member

    Yes, you can order the card on-line. Doing so may save you the $1 purchase price, I'm not sure. As I read the info on the WM site, if you spend all the money and don't deposit more it will cancel itself. But I recommend you check out that detail for yourself, just in case it changes.

    As far as the SSN requirement, it does not create a credit inquiry. I have a "block" on my credit files also, and the procedure went flawlessly. Since this is a debit card, there is no credit involved.

    The SSN is required during the activation process by DHS, so they can track you in case you are funding terrorist organizations with this card. These days, they consider all international money transactions to be suspicious - just in case. But I suspect that RedFox has been white listed by them.
  10. nebostrangla

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    Deemed non-terrorist related maybe but "whitelisted" I doubt it . Being the Department of Homeland Security is run by the US gov't.
  11. ZoSoIV

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    So actually they could be tagging people buying this software and could use it against us at any givin time , unlikely but possible
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    And how exactly would they 'tag' people if they don't have access to the user database and the purchasers? Right, they can't. Don't be paranoid and stay on topic please.
  13. drnogerms

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    I don't know who epay is, but I have serious concerns about their legitimacy. Why would they make such a big deal about winning 10 cents ($0.1)?

    This just looks like a bot invasion or someone who is paid to invade forums with bogus advertising. I always err on the side of caution.

    Does anyone have experience with this website? Are they legitimate?
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    @drnogerms: I nuked these epay posts, spam...
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  15. David_B

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    @drnogerms I am looking at this is a possible solution to my fear of using my real credit card. One thing that you said confused me:

    Could you please clarify this for me? I do not understand if the card will work immediately or if it will take some time.

    Also, does this work with Visa prepaid cards that are not Walmart Money Cards?

    Also, how would you answer that, "Issuing Bank of Credit Card" and "Country of Issuing Bank" questions on the payment page since these are not credit cards?
  16. ZoSoIV

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    yeah you have to wait for the card in the mail ...99.9% of the Visa Prepay won't work they will state on back can't be used internationally...AAA Cards work to there is a thread on that
  17. drnogerms

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    The Wal-Mart Money Card (VISA) is actually issued by Green Dot. You can buy Green Dot VISA cards from many convenience stores, also.

    The card you buy at the store is a temporary card. Your money is there and you can use it in store and on-line for domestic purchases, but you can't make an international purchase until your account is activated. You have to wait for the "permanent" card to arrive in the mail before you can do that. Simply follow the activation instructions and you will be good to go. Mine took about 10 days to arrive in the mail.

    I would suggest entering "Green Dot" for the issuing bank of credit card and USA as country of issuing bank.
  18. Roger Naegeli

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    Good information. Would be nice if Redfox would just take a Mastercard!!
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  19. d00zah

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    Pretty sure the issue is with MC, not RF.
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  20. tmFox

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    @drnogerms Thanks for the info! Solid.


    worked perfectly! Just received card and made the lifetime purchase within minutes of activating it.

    Thanks again, @drnogerms. Legit!
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