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    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.


  1. edrob

    Still no VISA payment

    I want to buy but I only have VISA credit card. Any hope?
  2. R

    Visa logo is now restored to initial purchase page, but not the payment selection list

    I am awaiting the restoration of VISA in order to make a purchase from USA. Today, Visa is now appearing again as an option on the acceptable payment methods list, but the next page still does not list it as an option for payment. Is that being fixed so we can use Visa?
  3. R

    VISA not accepted

    All I have is VISA. Now what???
  4. R

    Visa linked to Bit Coin payment failed. Payment in Progress. No license

    My AnyDVD HD trail expired today 11-16-2019. I attempted to purchase a license key for AnyDVD HD and pay with Bit-Coin. I believe I did a duplicate purchase. Both order #OLX-WZZ order #OWY-7G5 Received an error on one debit and one credit card I tried. Both orders I still get...
  5. S

    Credit card charged but no license key given

    There was some weird error when paying with my Visa. I was unsure if my purchase went through so I sent an email to tech support but never got a response. Now my credit card was just charged but I have not received any license key and no confirmation email. How do I get my lifetime license key...
  6. T

    Mastercard: Missing Button

    On your homepage "Mastercard", "Visa" and "Bitcoin" are indicated to be methhods of payment. After selecting a purchase, there is nothing but a "Visa" button on your form. How can I pay with Mastercard?
  7. E

    Possible payment fraud/leak

    I bought AnyDVD HD from RedFox in July 2016. I'm not sure whether it is still the case, but back then a Visa card was required so I used one belonging to an old, dormant account. The card itself was valid from only a few months before that purchase, and I hadn't (and still haven't) used the...
  8. S

    Is anyone able to pay with Visa?

    Is anyone able to pay with Visa at all? I've tried 2 different regular visa cards and 2 visa based gift cards, every attempt ends in "error 66". And before you ask.. Yes, I've called my bank about restrictions for international/internet/chinese purchases and they told me there was no such...
  9. M

    I can't buy with Visa. What is going on?

    In the last 24 hours I have tried to buy your software 5-6 times using two different Visa cards. I called my bank and made sure that your retail names is authorized. Regardless, the transactions are still being declined. When I called my bank back they said the card was declined due to an...
  10. drnogerms

    Paying With A Visa Card When You Don't Have A Visa Card

    For USA customers who don't want to use bitcoin and who don't possess a Visa card: Go to Wal-Mart and purchase a Wal-Mart Money Card (not a gift card) with a VISA logo on it. It can be used for international purchases. My experience was relatively painless. The WMMC (issued by Green Dot)...
  11. T

    Payment with Visa / mycard2go

    Halle Forum-Comunity. I have the problem that I can not complete a payment to RedFox for AnyDVD HD. I have tried: - Normal Visa card (4x) - Visa mycard2go - simplest version for 100 € (6x) Both cards are valid. I read in the forum that some of you have this problem (error 66) and at some...
  12. Prieghost


    Hallo, Wollte mir gerade eine Lizenz kaufen. Leider läuft die Zahlung mit meiner VISA immer wieder schief - Failed: 66. Habe heute beim Bankinstiut angerufen, die sagten mir, dass ihr gesperrt worden seid´s. Wegen nicht Zustellung des Produktes. Bitte um Hilfe und Stellungnahme
  13. Arkoon

    Visa Failures

    I have tried 3 different Visa cards. Debit and credit. Failures every time. Contacted the bank and they say there have not been any attempts. I understand AnyDVD is almost the only game in town, but after having my "Lifetime" product authorization revoked, and now an inability to use Visa as a...
  14. T

    Successful purchase with AAA TravelMoney prepaid debit card

    If you live in the U.S. and you’ve had difficulty purchasing a RedFox license with a credit card or Bitcoin, a great alternative is AAA Visa “TravelMoney,” which is the modern equivalent of a traveler’s cheque. I used one to successfully buy a lifetime RedFox license, and it also enabled me to...