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  1. U

    Best Software For ISO Playback

    Hi All First of all I apologise is this is posted in the wrong section of the forum I posted a few days ago in the high definition software section with no responses. My question is the following. What is the best solution/software for playing back Blu-Rays and UHD iso files on Windows and...
  2. M

    AnyDVD HD vs Hyper-V

    AnyDVD HD was working (latest version) until I added Hyper-V server on the same machine. After adding Hyper-V server role on Windows 10, AnyDVD failed to launch with an error stating unrecognized license but correctly identified the license. I tried reinstalling AnyDVD and re-applying the...
  3. O

    DVD Drive only works while AnyDVD is scanning

    I'm running Windows10 with AnyDVD version 8.4.9 all default settings. When I insert a disc AnyDVD scans it without issue and writes the CSS keys to archive. Once the scan completes Windows recognizes the disc for a split second then acts like its an empty drive. If I try to rip the DVD it says...
  4. W

    AnyDVD runs properties window but not the program

    I had been a customer for years, but stopped upgrading a while back. Ny computer crashed and I'm trying to re-establish AnyDVD on a Windows 10 machine. I loaded the trial version, but when I try to run the program, the properties window comes up and if I exit it, the program itself does not run...
  5. T

    using anydvd hd lifetime license on pc with windows 10 insider program?

    i recently bought a lifetime license for anydvd hd, actually today! I am in the windows 10 insider program and getting new builds 1-2 per week on average, will this affect my license? it doesn't seem to so far, as i have gotten new builds and it didn't affect my license in anydvd hd or any other...
  6. el Filou

    ReClock on a pre-Nehalem with Windows 8/10? Disable C1E/C3 power save in BIOS !

    Hi. I know those old CPUs are not seen much anymore but they may still be used in old HTPCs, and I recently found out the cause of many issues I have had with ReClock for 3 years since updating to Windows 10 (e.g. this one which was the worst...
  7. S

    Dolby Atmos with PowerDvd 18

    Hey, here is a very stupid question I think. I am going to buy an Atmos AV and want to playback my Files with an PC not an standalone BD-Player. So the PowerDVD Software Homepage mentions nowhere if you can PlayBack Atmos Discs with it. So is it possible to bitstream the Atmos track with...
  8. C

    CloneBD Hardwarebeschleunigung fehlt

    Hallo! Momentan ist es mir nicht mehr möglich die (experimentelle) Hardwarebeschleunigung einzuschalten. Die entsprechenden Buttons sind alle ausgegraut. Ich habe geschaut, dass alles aktuell ist, Windows 10 1709, AMD Radeon RX460 Treiber 17.11 und natürlich CloneBD (1.1.70). Hat jemand einen...
  9. H

    Tried to go back to 7 using vcd by slysoft

    Now I can't access my original drive. I've tried everything to rid it from the computer to just make things go back to normal. I need to fix this asap as time sensitive documents are needed. I'm panicking please help me resolve this, bless you all.
  10. H

    Halo Legends BluRay movie North America shows as Empty Drive

    Warner Brothers, newish looking disk, albeit 2009 release. Five part movie, Anime style. VLC spins up disk, but fails to play. Toshiba BDX2150 dedicated player plays the disk fine after 15 seconds of stuttering. Running Windows 10 Pro, fresh install.