Dolby Atmos with PowerDvd 18

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by SD_J-I_88, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. SD_J-I_88

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    here is a very stupid question I think.

    I am going to buy an Atmos AV and want to playback my Files with an PC not an standalone BD-Player.

    So the PowerDVD Software Homepage mentions nowhere if you can PlayBack Atmos Discs with it.

    So is it possible to bitstream the Atmos track with PowerDVD over an HDMI cable to my AV receiver to get the atmos soundtrack?

    Bitstreaming HD-Masters and True-HD is no problem with my old AV.
  2. ocean

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    Hi, If you exit bitstream, decoding is performed by the AV/R, whether it's Dolby True HD or Dolby Atmos, obviously the AV must support Dolby Atmos.
  3. SD_J-I_88

    SD_J-I_88 Well-Known Member

    Hey, thx that's no problem it supports Dolby Atmos.
    All right :).