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    I always assumed progressive NTSC was played at 24fps on PC's - are you saying that PowerDVD/WinDVD plays NTSC DVD's at 23.976fps??
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    Isn't it amazing that YXY is still working and useful?

    However, starting with patch 3104 of PDVD YXY isn't working anymore, another problem besides reclock which isn't good for the newest version (3319).
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    lets keep this topic warm for the Slysoft Developers :clap::clap:
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    I did (well, otherwise we wouldn't be able to take over ReClock), and I don't believe anything is "wrong" with him. He is just incredibly busy, that's all.
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    i'm onboard for a copy when it's ready--great news
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    James, can you already give us some inside info on ReClock developing? Maybe you can say something like a first beta version will be released Q4 2007, Q1 2008 or later in 2008 or something like that?
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    Allot of minor things needs to be done with AnyDVD so it may be just a bit before a beta or release I would think.
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    I'm using PowerDVD (older version) with NTSC DVD's. All said and done my playback of a DVD (made from a film) is 24 frames per second. I set my projector and Nvidia card for 48 frames per second. I get perfect playback showing each frame twice with no Judder -and yes I can see it.

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    Topic Up! :d
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    No, I cannot. Sorry.
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    ...which, very unfortunately, is not only true for him...
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    Bah, what, you think you're busy these days, Peer? I mean, come on, it's not like you need to work on HD cracking code or anything. :D LOL!
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    A bug report:

    It's been driving me nuts for AGES now, at last there is hope that it may get fixed!!

    Reclock does not detect the refresh rate of interlaced res's correctly on later ATi cards (x1950 and HD2600XT for instance).

    If I set my display to 1920 x 1080 interlaced at 95.904 hz (which would be 47.952hz in powerstrip), reclock detects it as 48.000hz.
    The 48.000 does not "move around" as it locks on like normal either. It's just 48.000 from the start.

    From testing, it seems this causes me to get audio "pops" when using Analogue out for HD-DVD. The icon is green as 48 is a multiple of 24, but as the video card is really at 95.904 (or 47.952 depending on how you define it), it doesn't work properly.

    It seems to be ok for SPDIF, but I don't want to use that for HD-DVD. So I'm using reclock for DVD/TS files via SPDIF, but not for HD-DVD....GRRR.

    Also, if you set the video card to 71.928hz interlaced, it reports 36.000 hz, which doesn't work, not a multiple.

    The behaviour is different to the detect with a old ATi 9500 or Nvidia cards, which will report 95.904hz, correctly.

    (I might try setting my display to 96.000hz, rather than 95.904hz, which is technically incorrect, but might eliminate the "pops".)


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    I have also been using ReClock for the past 2 years and would like to buy the software fron slysoft, if it garantees good support and further development.

    I really look forward to the release and would love to help you betatest the software, even if require me to buy the paid version first :)

    I have a setup where I decode the AC3 sound into 6 channels and use ReClock to speed it and then reencode the 6 channels into DTS within the hardware of my soundcard.
    Reclock is one of the reasons why I haven't upgraded to Vista yet.
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    Another consideration: Re-Clock is under XP a cure when you want to use a mediaserver over network as well with HD-DVDs...otherwise it stutter like hell...Slysoft should consider to comeup with a complete MEdia-Server-friendly offering, this is a perfect addition to your current scope of work and something where other software companies are not puting a focus on.
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    Interesting observation: with ffdshow and avissynth enabled in Vista and ZP 5.5B1 I got really bad stuttering, it becomes much less with reclock, but still not perfect...so a new reclock which works under Vista is really what we need...
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    so, Reclock works in Vista currently ? I thought it didnt .... ?
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    I ve send you a PM about reclock