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  1. sanderh

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    and about the new reclock:
    has it been confirmed by Slysoft that there working on a new version? And can we mail somebody of Slysoft and ask for a beta release of a new ReClock?
  2. Dekyon

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    The first thing is that you should set the refresh rate of the monitor near to the original fps of the source.

    Pal is 25 fps then set the rate to 50 or 75.
    NTSC movie is 23.976 then set the rate to 48 or 72.
    NTSC tv is 29.976 then set the rate to 60.

    Do you set this frequency? Or you use always 48 Hz forcing with powerstrip?

    SlySoft has confirmed. You can read the James's post on page 3. And I think that they read all this thread. But I think also that is no mature time to ask question about beta release or techincal questions. No one really imagine what kind of software the new reclock will be... Wait and patience... ;)

    P.S. if you want some speed in our discuss, we can continue in MSN
  3. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    what s your msn address?
  4. Charlie

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    I am sure the first beta will indeed be a closed on just like it was with anydvd with the new AI Scanner.
  5. Mark_A_W

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    8. I use High CPU priority (why not?).

    7. As for using V-sync, there's talk you don't need it with VMR9, but I always get good results with it.

    6. Dunno.

    5. I asked Ogo the same question as your number 5 - why does 23.976fps media get converted to CINEMA at 24fps.

    The only answer I got was that 23.976 was within the allowable error for CINEMA, and there really was no difference, despite what the UI said.

    The whole resampled 48000hz to 48048hz has always bugged me.

    4. As for Direct3d/Direct Draw - if you are using Renderless Exclusive/Fullscreen mode, you have to use Direct Draw. Dunno why, other than Direct3d no workee.

    3. I use hardware resampling with my Revo5.1, on Excellent from memory. But I typically use Reclock with SPDIF (as I don't use it with HD-DVD/Bluray), so it doesn't matter really for me.

    2. Dunno.

    1. Dunno.

    Tried to post on the Reclock forum, didn't work, I get this strange Debug error. The forum software is corrupt :(
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    YGPMOLE Member


    1. Yes!

    2. My synch is perfect, so I never tried to change it, sorry...

    3. I always used excelent, so I never tried to change it, sorry again...

    4. With VMR9 you have to use Directdraw! if not, you get the error alert from the video card driver: and, if you answers "yes" to the window, almost surely you will have lipsynch delay and/or speed acceleration during DVDs playback.

    5. To get the best possible synchronization, the rules is: video hardware refresh rate must be egual (or doubled) video software refresh rate.
    The ReClock correction changes NTSC film (23.976fps) to 24fps and the NTSC video (29.970fps) to 60fps - nothing happens with PAL.
    So, the correct display refresh rate must be:
    PAL 50 Hz, NTSC film 48Hz, NTSC video 60Hz (or entire multiples, obviosly...).

    6. Did you install the last Reclock version (1.7 Beta 4) on a new and clear O.S. installation? I got no problems, even if I not tried to use it...

    7. The reason is that VMR9 exclusive mode (in TheaterTek) uses a proper internal V-synch, so may be not more necessary use it. But, I still use it (just checking the box and leaving the vsynch bar in default position)...

    8. On (why not??!?).

    The most usual stutter problems are:

    1) CPU saturation: look to the single CPU utilization, even for Hypertrading or dual core CPUs.

    2) Uncorretc V-Synch positioning (look the ReClock V-Synch procedure).

    3) Background programs (often Internet and/or local LAN - wireless too - may create a CPU utilization peaks due to the connection controls).

    4) Wrong graphic card size setting in the Mobo features.

    A suggest: try to start from a new and clear installation, with a minimal configuration (just TheaterTek and ReClock) and find out what new software creates the stuttering... It's a long and patiente-proof job, but usually it works.

    Last thing: I don't like your custom resolution with a not entire refresh rate, and I think this are the most indiziated to solve your problem.
  8. Dekyon

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    Hey! I'm not a trojans dispenser! I'm honest! :policeman:
    In all my life never spam, pirate dvd an so on.
  9. Charlie

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    Just a standard warning to those that engage in this and no one says you are but it's a general warning for anyone that says this.
  10. Webslinger

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    Charlie is correct. I'm not accusing you. I'm an issuing a general warning.
  11. Momber

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    Same here :)
    I registered specifically to let the kind folks at SlySoft know that I, too, would like to see development of ReClock continued and I would also be prepared to pay money for it if necessary.
    Have been a ReClock user since day one and I would go so far as saying each and every HTPC imperatively needs ReClock, without it, a PC is not a HTPC at all.
    My name may also be added to the list of volunteers for beta-testing, if desired.

    And a big Thank You to SlySoft for AnyDVD and AnyDVD-HD!!!

  12. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    so, I ve took some time to 'take stock' at some people I know in the Netherlands who are all HTPC entheusiasts. There where thrilled by the news of a new version of ReClock!! Really, I have got a personal list that s now almost 30 people! who are willing to pay for a new ReClock version!!! And I think that the news will be spread very fast cause all those people are going to tell this news to THEIR friends and so on! :agree::clap:
  13. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    just curious:
    did someone already managed to get in contact with Ogo the last half year or so? I have a strange feeling that something might be wrong with him. :(
  14. Momber

    Momber Well-Known Member

    That is my impression also.

  15. Mark_A_W

    Mark_A_W Well-Known Member

    I've tried on both the e-mail address in the reclock instructions, and his Paypal e-mail address, a few months ago now. No answer.
  16. Comer

    Comer Well-Known Member

    For me Reclock has always been an absolute necessity through all my PC evolutions. I have, until recently, found it very useful for HD-DVD and Blu-ray with PowerDVD. But the latest patch of PowerDVD disables the use of reclock:mad:. So, I would also definately pay for a new version of reclock that works with the latest PowerDVd patches.
  17. VernHD

    VernHD New Member

    I would also be interested in Reclock at a reasonable price. Before HD DVD and BD, I used Reclock regularly. Unfortunately, with PowerDVD Ultra, reclock destabilizes the environment enough to not be worth the hassle. Also, lack of support has always been a big issue for me.

  18. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    Hi Vern Dias!

    I see you pop-up on the net EVERYWHERE! ;)
    I m a member of the TheaterTek forum where you where also very active in the past.

    Are you still using TT (2.6)?
  19. wineds

    wineds New Member

    I am in too! This would be great for judder free Blu-ray playback as I have an Epson TW1000 projector that cannot render at 24fps! Bring it on Slysoft!
  20. VernHD

    VernHD New Member

    Yep, it's me. Still use Theatertek for all my DVD playback. Having to use PowerDVD and the old standby AR control software YXY for HD, though.