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    Okay, I'll freely admit my ignorance but... pretty much everything you wrote flew straight over my head.
    Care to explain for mere (and dumb) mortals? :D
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    For what it's worth, here's my take.

    Frank has been wanting to hear what Slysoft is finally going to do with ReClock.

    Hearing "the fat lady singing" would mean that, like the end of a Wagnerian opera, an announcement of what is going to be done with ReClock would be at hand. That's why he'd like to hear the fat lady singing.

    But for the moment, since he has not heard the fat lady singing, he takes some comfort in the fact that he has heard "the voice from the mountaintop", James :bowdown:, and the voice said that there a plan for ReClock.

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    I already did elaborate! But I'm glad you noticed this time!!!

    Here is the bug description:

    I will try and compile all the bugs/change requests into one post if you like, and update it as things change?

    Because I'd like to be able to get multi channel Kernal Streaming working out the analogue outputs, I get silence if I try that.
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    There are a lot of ReClock users now on this topic so maybe there s someone with an answer concerning the following:

    When I play Media Player Classic in combination with reclock I have no troubles at all playing standard def. dvd discs and .WMV hd-files. However, this changed when I try to play .MKV files. Reclock says that the video cannot be found and stays RED. Is there a solution or is reclock just not compatible with .MKV hd-files?

    I ve read on avs somewhere that the solution would be to switch to Haali video renderer in the settings of MPC HC but this doenst help with me.

    I m using the MPC HC latest edition with the ac3 filter and Matroska splitter. Also have Core AVC installed.

    Maybe you guys have experience with reclock, MPC and .mkv files?

    Thanks for all help! greetings.
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    Check this out. I have no problems whatosoever playing HDDVD/BD .mkv filles in MPC. I use eac3to to remux.
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    I skimmed that thread. Not an awful lot of success stories there...
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    If you want to play directly from the disc, MPC might not be what you are looking for. However, if you rip everything to your harddrive anyway, it is not a big step to use eac3to to make a proper remux with flac sound. These .mkvs play perfectly in MPC. In particular, if you run XP, reclock 1.7 beta 4 works...
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    Works perfectly for me.

    MPEG2 and VC-1 was never a problem, but I did have some problems detecting the frame rate of AVC some time ago. I nailed down two causes at the time:
    - MKV file created with gdsmux directly from M2TS
    - Video passed through vc1conv.exe

    These problems are however gone now and I never found the exact cause. These settings may be relevant to AVC playback.

    - Install Halii Matroska Splitter
    - Install Core AVC
    - Disable Internal Matroska Splitter
    - Disable Internal AVC/H.264
    - Add Core AVC as preferred external filter
    - Reclock: Use Direct Draw as hardware access method

    One note on demuxing with eac3to: Use "X: video.mkv" instead of -demux
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    Look again at the last few posts...:agree:
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    well, we all have had that exact same problem at some point.

    it works perfectly fine with a clean windows installation, then it gets worse and worse.....to the point that it doesn't work anymore and needs a clean windows reinstallation.

    at this point it happens to me with SOME avi/mkv and Haali's Renderer(but not all, and some work 50% of the time) and before I reinstalled XP SP3 it was happening with .mov(sometimes 29.976 for 23.976, 25fps for 23.976, or the usual "no video stream found").

    I dunno where Reclock gets the frame rate info......as usually an audio renderer is not supposed to care about it.

    so it's prolly no getting it the "official" way through IMediaType/CheckMediaType()

    if you try the beta Remoulade h264 decoder, it says 23.976 in your player but 25fps in Reclock.

    I would guess that it's using a hack through some DirectX DLL.....that gets overwritten at some point, and that's it.

    it seems that Reclock is using some hack to get the frame rate info for Overlay/VMR7/VMR9(the 3 officially supported renderers, it says "frame rate found in cache"), but for the other renderers(EVR/HR/KMP D3D) it seems to rely on something that gets corrupted over time......and that only a fresh OS reinstall will fix :(

    some registry corruption ?! but where ?!?!!?!?!! :(

    I've mailed ogo on his personal french ISP email, but the man considers Reclock to be an old story now that he's sold the code to Slysoft.

    and Slysoft prefers to let it die in a drawer(god bless 60Hz judder :disagree: )......so I'm gonna reinstall a clean windows XP SP3 in the forthcoming days I guess :bang:
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    I am very pleased to see that Slysoft have picked up ReClock. I used to use it with my XP HCPC and it gave superb results. I have missed it ever since moving to Vista but now the chance of smooth moverment in Vista media has arrived. Excellent! I definitely vote for this becoming a real, supported Slysoft product.
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    Hi guys, first post here so go easy on me please :)

    Only just discovered reclock and it looks like the answer to my prayers but I'm totally lost as to how I use it and what other players and codecs I should be using.

    Currently have an MCE 2005 box in the UK which I'm using for recording and viewing live PAL TV and also playback of various media files, including NTSC XVid files and 24fps MKVs.

    I'm outputting to a CRT at 50Hz at present and this works perfectly for TV, smooth as silk as you'd expect. AVIs and MKV files however stutter a bit due to the mismatched frame rates obviously. What I need is to eliminate this stutter and get smooth playback but I'm also about to move to a 1080p LCD panel instead of the TV.

    Currently I've just got a codec pack installed which I believe is using ffdshow to play the media files. This works, albeit with the stutter but I'm not sure if this is the best solution.

    I'm perfectly happy with MCE as a TV solution and don't want to change this but I'm more than happy to move to an alternative solution for viewing the media files, providing I can control it all from the remote and don't need a keyboard/mouse to run apps and stuff. What would people recommend I do in terms of players/codecs/filters etc? I have no idea what's best to use or how to set it up.

    I have a bluray player so I have no need to play blurays through the MCE box. I will also use the bluray player for my PAL DVDs but would like to use the MCE box for NTSC ones as the bluray player obviously won't deal with these due to region coding (my old DVD player was all-region).

    If anyone can offer any advice on what path I should investigate I'd be eternally grateful. Just some pointers on where to read up on all this stuff would be great as I don't mind doing some reading, it's just there's so much info out there I don't know where to start and I'm so confused when it comes to all this player/codec/filter stuff.

    BTW, sound-wise I have nothing special and just need to send basic stereo to the TV, although the source material will have all manner of different sound formats encoded into it.

    Many thanks for any help :)