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  1. Charlie

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    I agree :clap::bowdown: Thanks to the original poster :p:D
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    It is great news to learn that reclock may be back! Hopefully you can implement compatibility with the latest video renderers such Haali Video Renderer or EVR. I would be certainly ready to pay for it, but please just keep the reclock concept as it was: a single direct show filter, no need to create some bundle with some other software. Thanks.

    Any chance you can give us some info about your plans regarding it?
  3. SamuriHL

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    Ok, with the obvious insane amount of interest in Reclock, I have a thought for you, James. I will agree that with SO many people interested in it, a stand alone product is definitely a good idea. However, how about a compromise with me? :) How about a checkbox that becomes enabled in AnyDVD when Reclock is detected on the machine that says something like "automatically load Reclock when DVD inserted" or something sweet like that? :) I'm sure we could hash out some kind of sweet integration to make it seemless, but, a stand alone program is fine with me given all the interest.
  4. midi

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    Hi guys !

    I agree, although the idea of using a virtual soundcard instead of a DS renderer doesnt sound very bad either and may be much more compatible with some apps and future OSes.

  5. MimiKri

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    This is great news. I got here via a link from the reclock forum, and I am VERY pleased to see Reclock alive. Reclock is in my opinion one of the most (if not the most) useful piece of Software in the HTPC-world. Sure, I would pay for a STANDALONE version of ReClock, as AnyDVD isn't allowed where I live

  6. sanderh

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    The news that ReClock will be available again made my day!!! I ve allways been a huge fan of this little most usefull app. on my HTPC ever made. Despite of some still on-going problems I think reclock rocks! I really would pay for a new version of the program. Can a moderator here please subscribe/register me so I can be a beta tester of 'Slysoft Reclock'? I was not a moderator on the lod ReClock forum but have lot of experiance with the program and do know the ins and outs.

    ps. Sorry for the bad English.

  7. SamuriHL

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    Soooooo, uhhhhhhh, would you like to retract your previous statement yet? :D As you can see, a LOT of people DO need it and want it very badly. I think it's VERY clear that Slysoft has a market for this.
  8. sanderh

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    10 people is not a market yet. However, I DO think there are enough people that can use a improved version of reclock especially since Vista is here. I m very active on a Dutch HT-forum and there are lots of people there who would be willing to pay for an improved reclock application.
  9. Charlie

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    There isn't just 10 people though. We are on page 7 in favor for this but not all posts are refering to I want either but 80% of them is.
  10. SamuriHL

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    This forum alone isn't indicative of how much of a market there is. But the interest level here shows that there is a LOT of potential. Once more people hear that Slysoft is developing it, I am sure we'll see even more interest.
  11. sanderh

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    so let s put a link on forums like AVS, TheaterTek, PowerDVD etc. :agree:
  12. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    That'd be great. The more people that know about this the better I think. Showing Slysoft that there is a huge market potential from the HTPC crowd will only motivate them further. :)
  13. Charlie

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    The demand is known or they wouldn't of said we are picking up where the original author left off. If I remember right it'll be a bit more than just a reclock too.

    YGPMOLE Member

    Hi to everybody!

    I heared this news from an Italian HTPC Forum, and I registred myself to report you my experience and our situation.

    Reclock it's absolutely THE "killer application" for the Windows XP O.S. based HTPCs and CRT Projectors users: it resolves all the problems in coupling the different internal graphic card and sound card clock, making possible to have a perfect "smooth and fluid" panning playback with any DVDs (PAL and NTSC, both film or video), with no stutter at all.

    In my experience, I have seen that the digital projector user are less sensible about stuttering due to the 3:2 pulldown from 24fps (NTSC) to 60HZ or from 25fps, that becomes part of their way of view a film (I mean: it becomes a normal playback, with few sporadic stutters).
    Less sensible at all are the TV user, due to a reduced size of the display.

    Now, some HTPC users are leaving ReClock just because it is not more developed: using alternative method as the EVR in Vista O.S., or just trying to not use it to not depend on it hereafter!!!

    But I assure that a new and/or up-to-date program will be appreciated from Xp and Vista O.S. users, and they will be glad to pay it - as all does for AnyDVDHD - if it will be not excessive expensive, me first!!!

    Last thing: sorry for all my possible english mistakes...!!!
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  15. onlinespending

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    I most certainly would. As long as it works for all DirectShow movies, and not just DVDs. Another "must have" feature is that it allow automatic refresh rate change to match with the video's frames per second. ReClock supports this by scripting with PowerStrip.

    Basically, as a start I would attempt to mimick all features supported by the freeware ReClock. If the commercial version is continually supported, locks the video better to vsync, and offers more features, then I'd certainly be willing to pay for that.
  16. onlinespending

    onlinespending New Member

    If a virtual soundcard is used, make sure 64-bit OSes are supported, including WinXP x64 and Vista x64. Regards.
  17. Mark_A_W

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    Hi Guys - I'm the other moderator from the Reclock forum (although lately I had given up deleting the porn links...it just takes ages to access the reclock forum from Oz - so thanks Bitmonster for doing that recently).

    I'm stocked to hear the Reclock may live on, and I'm willing to pay for it too (beta test as well).

    But the discussions here seemed to have missed the main point of reclock - while reclock can be used to force a change in cadence, it's primary use is not really IVTC or PAL speeddown. The primary use is remove the little jumps and jerks that you get due to unsync'd video and audio clocks (assuming you are running a refresh rate that is a multiple of the source).

    It's just VITAL for a decent HTPC, and I haven't had all that much luck with getting it to work with PowerDVD for HD-DVD. I get little clicks and pops (analogue out) and worse jumps and jerks with reclock. Fixing that would be number one priority!!

    Anyway great to hear this news!!

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  18. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    hi guys,

    while were talking about ReClock and the fact that the are lots of ReClock geeks here, I hope maybe you guys could give me some input on some technical questions I have about ReClock:

    should you ALWAYS use WaveOut for AC3 signal in the first tab of ReClock config?

    When I lower the Sound Pre-Buffer Size (in ms) from 500 to 100 I achieve less delay in sound/picture. (at eg. 700 ms you hear people in the movie talk but is not synced with the picture shown; lip sync if I m correct)

    I put Resampling Quality on exellent. Do you guys hear diff. in Medium or Exellent or does it have other negative or positive effects to change this?)

    The Video Settings:
    First of all I cannot start TheaterTek player when the Hardware Access Method is on Direct3D. So I put this on DirectDraw. However, I would like to know if there are advantages or disadvantages that I put it on DirectDraw.

    Than there's a question what s hard to explain cause of my bad English but Ill try:
    When playing a PAL movie (or NTSC, doens t matter) you see in the ReClock properties at Media Speed (have it on Auto):
    CINEMA adaption: media speed changed to 24 fps. Why is this? I mean, I have made a custom resolution with Powerstrip, in my case 48,065Hz, to achieve actual refresh rate of 47,950 shown in the Video Hardware under the Reclock Properties. This way I have a deviation of 0,002Hz which is in theory allmost perfect. However, if ReClock, like mentioned before, does a so-called CINEMA adaption and changes the media speed to 24fps sharp, isn t it than so that I should make a custom resolution with Powerstrip to achieve a refesh rate of EXACTLY (or very near by) 48,000Hz shown in the Video Hardware of the ReClock properties while playing a movie?
    I hope this point is understandable for you guys.

    at the Sound Adaption under the ReClock properties it is for me not possible to change things there. Everyting is grayed out. Why could this be and could this be a problem?

    the V-Sync correction. I ve read somewhere that these days these settings are not required anymore. I don t remember WHY but could you guys give me some advise in whether to use V-Sync correction or not?

    Give high CPU priority to player: on or off?

    Reason why I asked all these questions is that I have some stutter problems for long time now and don t know where to look anymore. Also I m interested in how these things exactly work.

    see also this the following thread for my problem:

    my setup:
    Intel Dual Core E6750 processor
    Asus P5B-V motherboard
    1,5 gb internal memory
    Nvidia 7600GS 256mb ddr2 card
    Maxtor 6Y160M0 HD
    RME DiGi 96/8 PAD soundcard
    NEC DVD RW ND-4571A
    XP with SP2 with for all hardware the latest drivers
    TheaterTek 2.6 with FFDSHOW andy's version only resize x2
    Powerstrip for customized refresh rates
    Reclock latest beta version
    Girder 4 for controlling my Logitech Harmony Remote Control
  19. Dekyon

    Dekyon Well-Known Member

    Hi Sanderh, I think that all technical question are to be ask after the first beta of new reclock are out, don't you think? ;)
    Howevere I try to discuss with you of the point 5.
    You write about 24 fps. Intend for HD material, like hddvd, bluray or WMV? This because PAL standard video is on 25 fps and NTSC is on 30. Can you explain?
  20. sanderh

    sanderh Well-Known Member

    I own R1 and R2 standard def. dvd's. When playing a R1 dvd (NTSC?) it is ALWAYS a 23,976fps film (only the bonus material etc. is often in 29,976)