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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Ivan, Jun 12, 2016.

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    I have been trying to tell the members this for months but no one believes me. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Project.
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    Yes, Bitcoin is the quickest, and easiest way to purchase the software. As soon as I put in the code for my purchase with Redfox into the coinbase site, and hit send Bitcoin, I received an email within seconds with my receipt, and serial number activation code. Depending on what credit card you use even for coinbase, they may block the transaction temperarily until you verify that it is actually you making the charges. I had to verify my charges to buy Bitcoin from coinbase, then tried again. It went through perfectly. :)
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    I use MultiBit as wallet on my pc and sending and receiving payments is fairly easy. But I have to admit that I kind of hate bitcoins because of the fact that you always end up spending much more than the asked price. First you pay fees for purchasing the bitcoins (the fee taken by the marketplace, maybe also a fee for payment by credit card plus the mandatory transaction fee). Then you pay another transaction fee for making the payment. All in all you end up spending at least 10 USD more than the original price. The fees paid for a bitcoin transaction easily obliterate the 10 % discount Redfox grants for crypto currency payments. Of course you could reduce the marketplace fees by buying bigger amounts of bitcoins but this would mean speculating with bitcoins and that's something I simply cannot afford. If you take into account all the extra fees paid for bitcoin transactions it almost makes the ordinary banks and credit card issuers look like benefactors.
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    year but this is not really comperable.
    cause it’s like you say baying in usd would cost so much fees, you have to exchange your euros to usd, than create an bank account and send the money...

    if you buy a bigger amount of btc or if you have bought it a year ago or so you would be in a win situation.
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    Only I don't need to actually buy USD in order to wire transfer them. I can simply wire them from my CHF account and it also does not cost me any fees at all. And like already mentioned, I cannot afford speculating with crypto currency. I need my money to buy real things like food and pay the rent.
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    I used bitcoin to get the discount a couple of years ago. And it was an easy process. But I had left a few dollars in the account. And then I forgot I even had an account with Bitcoin. And when Bitcoin had reached an all time higher earlier in the year, I remembered I had an account and checked it. And was shocked to find that I had over $130 in the account. Way more than I paid for lifetime Any DVD HD. So needless to say i was extremely pleased after I pulled that money out of my bitcoin account..
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    This is proving to be a big problem for Australians. Most banks are blocking cryptocurrency purchases using debit cards based on their own blacklists. I have tried Coinbase to no avail. Any Aussies out there who can recommend another bitcoin provider which accepts our cards ?
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    This was my first Bitcoin purchase. I read up on the various things I needed to do, then selected Coindesk Wallet and bought Bitcoin through the Coindesk Exchange. Once my wallet was funded (a couple of hours for the Coindesk registration to be processed, I tried purchasing a license, but I couldn't get the QR code to scan properly (I kept getting an "Invalid QR Code"). Then I found that I could manually enter the transaction amount and address in Wallet - that worked, and I'll plug in my new key tonight after work.
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    Thank you for your support
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    I still preffer coin payment method. Always works best for me. Fast, anonymous and comfy
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    Please stop posting that spam link
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    I successfully purchased my licenses through a CoinSource ATM yesterday and wanted to share some info
    with the community. I was hesitant to use bitcoin.
    I tried CoinBase first but when they would not accept credit cards and needed my bank account information I backed off.

    So I researched CoinSource. It was easy!

    * Note: You DO NOT have to have your own bitcoin wallet to send RedFox payment with a CoinSource ATM.

    This is what I did:
    1) Opened a CoinSource account with my phone.
    2) Snapped a picture of my license front and back and my account was activated.
    3) Used their website to locate the nearest CoinSource ATM.
    4) Withdrew my cash, and went to the ATM location
    5) Purchased a RedFox License on my phone and the QR code was displayed.
    6) Went inside, put my phone number in the ATM screen. A code was texted to me that I then entered on the next screen.
    7) Put my phone with the QR code from Redfox in front of the ATM scanner so it could be read.
    8) Fed my cash into the scanner. I sent a little extra money to cover the fees from CoinSource.
    9) Sent the money
    10) A Receipt was printed and texted to me.
    11) That was it

    NOTE: Outlook .com sent the RedFox email to Spam. The Spam email DID NOT show up on my phone's client, but when I logged in with a desktop browser it was in the spam folder.

    I am happy to be a lifetime License holder again!
    Thank you RedFox!!!!!!!

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    Experience with crypto-cash for a once-in-a-lifetime purchase is frustrating and with no success so far.
    Either have to go through a process like opening a bank new account, but based in a foreign country with no existing standards in data protection. Or they don't want customers from your country.
    Far to complicated. And I've been working IT-Business for the last 30 years....
    So far I've found no easy way buying from you guys.