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    Could you let me know when that happens (I'll update my guide). TIA
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    will do
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    Well, since I just completed the whole Bitcoin deal I guess I can add my 2cents in here as well. I used a German provider ( to get this all rolling. It took me a while to get registered because I did not want to use their normal authorization method. (Something called 'Sofortüberweisung' where you hand them your login data to your bank account...) So I went the way of Postident (Which you have to request via their support) which costs 10€. But once that was all sorted it out everything went pretty smoothly.
    You have to first figure out how much Bitcoin you need and then use the page as a proxy to buy it. This can take a little while because you need to transfer the money to whomever you buy the Bitcoin from. They have user-ratings however and all validated members are known to them, so little risk there. Do take into account that this will take a couple of days. (Three for me, but it was over a weekend)
    They do take a fee for transactions, but it's really not much. Once you get through the payment process on the RedFox site you get a code that you then use on the Bitcoin site. (Apparently you can also use a private wallet on your PC, but since I only bought as much Bitcoin as I needed there's not a big potential for loss) Again, they take their sweet time until they transfer the money (it was about 20 minutes in my case) but it did work all out.

    All in all I would have preferred a credit card or pay pal payment process, but as long as you get a good and trustworthy site that handles the transfers it's not really hard to do. (Just takes more time)

    So now I finally have a new lifetime license...
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    ErichV Well-Known Member is really great regarding transaction fees. You have to pay a marketplace fee of 0.8 % if the trade is processed via the express trading system or 1 % if you choose SEPA-transfer as a payment method. The marketplace fee is shared by the seller and buyer. The network fee, which you have to pay for transferring your bitcoins to other wallets, accounts for 0.0001 BTC. The minimum amount for a disbursement is 0.05 BTC.
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    I agree, the fees are very small, but they are there so it's something you have to keep in mind. When you do get Bitcoin for buying something it's best to get a little extra to cover the fees (and of course the ever changing exchange rate)
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    I highly recommend Bitcoin if you live in or near a city that has Bitcoin ATM. Do an online search, there are a lot more ATMs out there than I first believed. Just install a wallet app on your phone like Breadwallet, go to the ATM, scan you wallet QR, insert your money, it gets transferred instantly to the wallet. Go to Redfox purchase page, enter any name/address you want but give a valid email. Scan the QR code that appears and within 5 seconds you should receive an email with your AnyDVD key. Voila! You don't have to give your name or address anywhere in that process. Totally anonymous, secure and fast! The ATM I used had a 7% fee but that is well covered by the 10% rebate you get from using Bitcoins in the first place.
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    Using the ATM is anonymous, but is using Breadwallet really anonymous? I mean, it is an Apple app installed on your phone, right? Isn't the Breadwallet App tied to your iPhone/Phone cell number? I imagine the same would be true of Android Phones as well.........
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    I used the same process as senam. I highly recommend it if you have access to a Bitcoin ATM. In my case I used bread wallet on an iPad. No phone number was associated with or required by the app.
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    I like the process as well, and will likely use it myself, but if you use Bread Wallet, you've downloaded it to your iphone/ipad via your itunes account, which I assume has all of your e-mail and account info. So Apple knows Bread Wallet is on your iphone/ipad, and so it is associated by default, even if the app itself doesn't require a phone number or e-mail address.

    I'm just wondering if it is more private to use a desktop wallet, behind a VPN, for this type of bitcoin transaction.
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    The most anonymous form of bitcoin is to set a full desktop blockchain wallet. Then find a bitcoin atm to fund it. Any other way, means you will be using a third party to at least get funds into your account or hold your account for you. The reality is unless you are running the full bitcoin blockchain wallet or the new abbreviated blockchain wallet, from your computer, some one will have at least some knowledge of your bitcoin usage. Technically most third parties holding your wallet, say they do not know what keys you are using to receive or send funds so that should be anonymous, but when you log in or out, is probably known to them. It should be noted that the bitcoin atm's have cameras in them and technically they are suppose to get a picture id from you. The one closes to me is 60 miles away, I've been there a few times, before switching to circle because it is cheaper to deposit with circle, never had to show id.

    Bitcoin can be very easy to use relative speaking once you get money into your wallet. The trouble for most people is getting money into your wallet. For some as anonymous as possible. At one point I was hoping bitcoin would really catch on, now I want it to stay among the more tech savvy. Because once keeping peoples wallets become a big enough business, the big financials will find their way into the market and find a way to drive up processing costs. And of course force regulations to benefit them more than the user.
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    Thanks for that.

    The BitCoin ATMs near me require me to enter a cell phone number to get a verification code and then a fingerprint! How's that anonymous?

    What wallet do you use, btw?

    I'm considering Electrum or Multibit.......
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    I'm using the electrum desktop software and during install chose a standard wallet and to store the data on the machine. Within minutes I had my wallet. During installation it gives you a unique 'seed'. With that seed you can 'restore' or add wallet access on any device. I then installed the Android electrum app and used that seed to grant my phone full send and retrieve access to the wallet.

    The Android app has a clean ui, send and request payments, can scan and create qr codes and full log.
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    I went the route of downloading the full blockchain. So I have a private desktop wallet and all the responsibility that comes with that. I also sent money to my android bitcoin app, but to be honest I am not 100% sure how that works. Cause transaction fees or high for its use.
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    The full blockchain? You nuts? Let dedicated parties handle that, the full blockchain contains every transaction ever made and will need constant updating through the app. With a desktop wallet, all you need to keep safe is the wallet file. As far as the app use, it should operate exactly the same as the desktop version just with a different GUI.
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    So, with Electrum, I could also add wallet access to different PCs? For example, my desktop PC and my laptop too?
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    Yup, just during install (at least I think you can during install) choose 'restore' and enter the seed words and the Android app then did the rest. Took a while then to load (as it was fetching the data and sub-addresses), and I was in business with full send/receive rights on my phone too. I assume the process will be similar for a 2nd pc, I'll find out soon enough when I build my new system or I can install the desktop software on my laptop and find out.
  18. I had a completely smooth experience paying with Bitcoin (using a credit card) through Circle. I followed this post written by @Sabertooth and it was incredibly easy.
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    I tried Bitcoin in the past and failed miserably. Can someone please explain: if I follow one of the methods suggested by RedFox here, is it a matter of creating accounts/wallets etc. exclusively on the PC and entering somewhere along the way credit card data, or more is required? (meeting actual people, visiting banks/ATM's or whatever etc.) - Thanks (I'm in Europe btw).
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    Just go here and buy enough Bitcoin to buy the program, its almost self explanatory. There are guides on this site if you look.
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