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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Ivan, Jun 12, 2016.

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    There's a guide posted by @Sabertooth for circle. It's very simple to use. Search forum for it and give it a try. Never mind your in the EU. Don't think You can use circle there.
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    I found it not too bad using Bitcoin. Surprisingly easy, actually.

    I mean, I found it pretty scary at first, in a way that all new things are, so I went looking for the least risky, less complicated route. In Australia it didn't look like a lot of services were available to me (like Circle). I found some recommendations for Coinjar so I tried that and it was pretty easy.

    Create a new account, submit a few forms online (Australia has very strict laws with regards to money), make a BPay payment (deposit) to the account. Wait a day (ugh, banks) for the money to appear in the cash account. Make a payment via Bitcoin. Very smooth. Coinjar is definitely recommended for other Australian Bitcoin newbies like myself.

    The only tricky bit was to ensure that I deposited enough money to cover the license cost plus Coinjar fees, and a bit of wiggle room to account for possible variation in Bitcoin exchange by the time the money hit the Coinjar account. Poli transfer is alsonavailable - I understand that it is quicker than BPay.
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    Just purchased using Circle and other than getting used to purchasing something with a non-standard method, it went extremely smooth with Sabre's guide. I had two small hiccups:

    First, there was no credit card attachment option. I was only presented with debit card or bank account. Second, I attached a debit card and was waiting for two small verification deposits by Circle to show up in my debit card's attached account for verification, but they never showed up, so I went ahead and tried my purchase anyway and it worked out.

    For BitCoin Newbies, Circle definitely seems like the way to go.
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  4. RedFox 1

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    Plus you get an extra 10% discount. No brainer for me.
  5. zent

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    I looked up bitcoin ATMs in Australia and they seem to charge fairly high fees, like 5% or more, I guess of what you are buying. Some don't say what the fees are online.
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    That fee is covered by the additional 10% off of the price when paying with bitcoin.
  7. Positive feedback: payment using was absolutely smooth. I made sure to have enough Bitcoins in my account, followed the instructions on screen by Redfox and, waited for a few minutes (10 or so) and finally received the confirmation and license email.

    Carry on with the good work! I have used AnyDVD for a long time and am glad that you continue to provide this great piece of work. I happily bought the lifetime license again after the Antiguan disaster to support your efforts.
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    I had a look at Bitcoin ATMs near me and the fees can be quite high. For the one near me quoting rates, it is 10.9% making the buy rate currently at $991.16 vs Coinjar at $925.08.

    What you need to remember is that for the price of say, the AnyDVD HD lifetime license, you are talking about the difference of about AUD$9 between the two methods. Not much. I would suggest that if it is easier for you to use a Bitcoin ATM then that would be the way to go.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    well paying with bitcoin gives an additional 10% discount, so that pretty much covers the ATM fee
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    Caved in and bought one year license of AnyDVD HD with bitcoin. In this case "caved in" refers to the bitcoin, which I didn't want to use and with this experience, I'd say I'm staying a far from it unless I absolutely have no other choice. Reason to use bitcoin was probably the same as for many others, I only have Mastercard. Also the other unfortunate thing was that the only prepaid Visa provider around here has had some problems lately and the service wasn't working.

    I used a local service to buy bitcoin and found a wallet service that was recommended by a local reputable source. I had some problems with creating the wallet, but it was more of a Windows 10 issue (had to be signed in as an admin to do it, regular user and running as an admin wasn't enough). After creating the wallet and buying some bitcoin, the actual license purchase process was smooth, I got my license and it works.

    My reason to get only one year license is to see, if Redfox survives the next year, since I don't want to get burned like with my Slysoft LTL from which I got far less than a year out of (I'm still mad as heck because of this).
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    I use coinbase and almost as soon as I clicked send I received an email with my license. I hate using credit cards with foreign transactions because they get flagged (nice protection just another hoop to go through). The only issue I had is the first time it went through to the payment page it only showed the 10% bitcoin discount and not the 20% discount. Went back to the cart and went through the process again and both discounts were there.
  12. zent

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    I'm still waiting for funds to show in Coinjar. I was one of the belated MasterCard users. How much wiggle room did you use if you can say? I estimated around $116 or so for the AnyDVD purchase. I deposited $125 into Coinjar, which must be enough. I sent them a support request asking about a pay as you go approach, like PayPal, but I think I see the light on this. If I miss the discount I will have plenty of time to wait for more funds. I couldn't tell if Poli was faster, I used BPay.
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    @zent please stop triple/cross posting the pretty much exact same post across 3 different topics.
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    I was much more cautious than that given the 'up to three business days timeframe' and deposited AUD$160. It was AUD$121.17 for me.

    Poli is faster, however, I have done more reading about how it works and personally wouldn't use that service unless it was a last resort.
  15. Electricmonk

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    First time Bitcoin user here.

    Following Sabertooths guide I signed up at Circle a few days ago (i'm in the UK) and registered my debitcard, no hassle, no odd security checks just the usual 'verified by visa' extra password check.

    Then this morning I started the process to buy my AnyDVD key.

    At 9.21am I brought the required amount of Bitcoin from my card into my Circle account.

    Followed the rest of the Sabertooth guide - copy and paste amount and address to send to and press 'send money'

    At 9.23am I had the email with my key.

    Honestly, it was no harder than using Paypal.
  16. Sabertooth

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    You actually used the hard way. At the end of the first post (of the guide) were some tips for automating the entry of the address and amount to one click of the mouse. No matter, works either way. Congrats on successfully acquiring your new license.
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    Canada Bitcoin Purchase. I used "Morrex Exchange". This company can assist with your purchase from beginning to end and was listed on the site as one of two companies from Canada that had all positive attributes and that's why I signed up with them.

    Follow all sign-up instructions to the letter, do everything that they ask and write it all down.
    Remember: Lost username and password = lost bitcoin wealth.

    Note: On the Login page, after you enter your 4-digit pin, click on "close" then click on submit just below.

    The way it worked for me is I had to do an online banking interact money transfer to Morrex from my bank.
    My Interact transaction was sent right to the g-mail of the gentleman who called me back after I called their 1-800 number out of Quebec.
    Expect up to 48hrs after you send the debit transfer for the funds to appear in your Morrex account.
    In my case they appeared in my account window at the bottom right in the list of Currencies in Canadian Funds. Cool.

    OK. So now the funds were deposited and I could see them in my account.
    Now to buy bitcoins.
    First I had to know how much Bitcoin currency I would need for the purchase at RedFox.
    I did that by going through the entire check-out procedure on RedFox so I could get the Bitcoin total and the bitcoin address I would use to send the bitcoin amount from Morrex. After clicking on Order, keep the final RedFox check-out window open.

    Click on Trade, choose BTC, then scroll down a bit and now your choices will be Buy BTC or Sell BTC. Choose: Buy BTC.
    In the Amount field, enter the Bitcoin value.
    The price field is the current value of a Bitcoin.
    Next click on Calculate Fee.
    Now you will see the total that will be withdrawn out of your Morrex account.
    Next Click on "Buy BTC", then click "confirm." .

    Once again it may take a while for a value to appear in your Bitcoin field in your Morrex account.

    You will notice that the equivalent amount in your Canadian funds have been withdrawn.

    When you do see that your Bitcoin purchase has been deposited in your Morrex account it will be........

    Time to buy the license from RedFox!
    In your Morrex account Window in the Bitcoin field click on Withdraw.
    A new window opens and you see your balance, the fee to send and a "Destination wallet address" field.
    In the wallet field is where you enter the Bitcoin address for RedFox, (you can see it on the final check-out purchase window.)
    In the Amount Sent (BTC) is where you enter the Bitcoin purchase amount ( eg; 0.1938 ).
    The next field is the Amount Received field and is greyed out.
    This field will be filled in after you complete the "captcha" and click on- Withdraw BTC.
    That field will then show the total bitcoin that came out of your account representing both your purchase and the fee per transaction.

    This is the suck part for new sign-up customers with Morrex.
    If you had been already signed up with Morrex and had made previous transactions, then this transaction with RedFox would be over up to 15 min from the time you sent your "withdraw" and you would see a download link and a confirmation number on that still-open check-out window for your key, plus your key is coming in an email from RedFox.

    Bitcoin Transactions are totally different than normal credit-card transactions. There is a world of math behind the scenes.

    So, for us new sign-ups to Morrex you will see in your account page that your bitcoin withdraw amount to RedFox will have been removed, however as a new sign-up, only your first transaction with Morrex is held until the transaction is automatically verified. This can take up to two days. Be Patient. Maybe go upstairs, check on Mom. Then the Bitcoin transfer to RedFox will be complete and you will get your Key. So don't panic like I did and threaten to blow up the sun. It finally worked.
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    Well, I ended up having to use BC, because my bank automatically rejects any foreign transactions. Mind you, I don't really trust BC, so I've pretty much avoided it like the plague, but it was a necessary evil in this case. Setting up Circle was simple enough (I used the app on my Android phone, rather than setting it up on my desktop). Connecting my debit card and changing the currency to BC was also simple. I used the browser on my phone, to go through the store page, and at the end just tapped on the QR code, which opened up the Circle app and configured everything for me. Processed the payment, saw it appear on my bank statement, and..........................

    40 minutes later, finally got an e-mail receipt from RedFox, and a notice that the transaction completed, despite the funds being withdrawn from my bank account almost immediately. Probably an issue with Circle. Please don't misinterpret that I'm blaming RF.

    While the process went smoothly enough, I doubt I'll ever use BC again. A digital currency, that has literally zero true monetary value (no physical backing whatsoever), and could disappear in the blink of an eye? Yeah, I don't think I'll be taking any chances with that. Feel free to do so yourselves, but I'll stick to what's tried and true.
  19. Ch3vr0n

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    The time difference is actually a security measure. Unlike normal bank transactions that simply go from point A to point B without any type of verifying that the money is actually going where is supposed to, bitcoin transactions need to be validated by 3 different verification authorities before the transaction is validated. That verification takes time. Which is also why when using bitcoin you're not immediately getting the license. Once the transaction is validated by the system your license gets sent. Transactions also require a processing fee (the method can vary), the lower the fee the longer it takes. The time delay is a security measure, not a downside.
  20. Jito463

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    I get that, but waiting with no feedback (emphasis on the no feedback) - with a system I've never used before, and I've little trust in to begin with (referring to BC, not RF) - was just frustrating.