• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.


  1. ClicketyClack

    Request Option to download ONLY the subtitles

    I have no idea how much work it would require to implement, but if it's not too much hassle I'd love to see an option to download ONLY the subtitles. I have the work-around of downloading the lowest resolution video just to get the subtitles, so I have an acceptable solution, this is just...
  2. deeper

    Question Download Fenster wird nicht angezeigt ?

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe die aktuelle Version von Anystream. BS: Windows Wenn ich die Suche in Anystream verwende und das Ergebnis anklicke. -Beispiel Star Trek TNG- , dann wir ein leeres Fenster angezeigt. Wurde das Thema schon behandelt, bitte ich den Thread in die passende Untergruppe...
  3. M

    Resolved HBO waiting

    Hi anybody got the same issue, i just get "waiting" when i try to download from HBO......i tried to logout but same issue.....(normal login and download form phone app works fine)
  4. network

    Request Feature request: save track titles for audio tracks

    AnyStream has the ability to save several tracks in the same language, like here: Not sure about other VOD, but for AMZN the information about these tracks is included in the MPD in the following way: As a result, all audio tracks are saved by AnyStream without any detailed info (MediaInfo)...
  5. W

    Slow Download Speed for Applications

    Hi. Would you please consider adding your applications to a CDN? I am in Taiwan, and the download speed is pretty slow. You have many updates to AnyStream and it is pretty slow to download each time. Thank you! I use Bunny CDN and that works great for my uses normally. Thank you!
  6. M

    Resolved unvollständige Episodenauswahl bei RTL+

    Ich habe festgestellt, dass bei den Serien jeweils nur die Hälfte der verfügbaren Episoden einer Staffel angezeigt bzw. zum Download angeboten wird. In der RTL+-App werden sie komplett angeboten, sodass es nicht daran liegt, dass sie nicht verfügbar sind.
  7. G

    Resolved WOWTV funktioniert nicht mehr

    Ich habe seit heute ein Problem mit dem WOWTV-Provider. Ich kann mich immer noch einloggen, jedoch erkennt Anystream diesen Login nicht mehr an und wechselt aufgrund dessen nicht mehr in die "Download"-Oberfläche. Bei einem Neustart von Anystream werden auch die Login Informationen davon...
  8. D

    Request Feature Request: Select the Template at download time

    I’d like to request a change to the Download Configuration Dialog to allow us to select in real-time which template to use for this specific download request. This wouldn’t change how templates are defined and set as default in Settings, but would allow for greater flexibility in specifying how...
  9. A

    Request Request / suggestion: Text file list of the download queue list

    Since using AnyStream with the download queue, I rarely, but I got some errors in the past which led to a crash of AS. I think it wasn't a AS fault, but a internet connection or Windows problem. Also one or two times I closed AS by mistake instead of minimize it or close another program. To...
  10. L

    AnyStream (64 bit) Won't Download Hulu

    In trying to download from Hulu, the following error occurs. "Couldn't retrieve playlist. The title may not be available or requires payment. Check the log for details". Membership is current, and the title trying to download can be streamed from a smart TV, computer, and phone; in other...
  11. S

    Another Potential Downloader Bug??

    Okay.. I use only AP but also subscribe to several AP channels (Discovery+, BritBox, Hallmark). I've created an AnyStream folder for all AS+ downloads but created individual subfolders for AP and the channel providers to help keep everything organized. They are as follows (Prime TV Series...
  12. M

    Is there a section to request downloads?

    I've see multiple users ask for downloads to see if the issues they were having were also happening to others. Some seem to get it to work, some don't. I think this would be a pretty useful section to add somewhere on here. If not, I'd like to request the Kanye & Drake Concert on AP. I'm...
  13. Y

    Question Fastest Download Speed Seen when using Unlimited?

    The highest I've seen so far when downloading 1080p content from AZ is 20MBps. I've been curious about the speed records others have set.
  14. J

    Why can't I download Portuguese and Spanish subtitles on HBO Max?

    In the audio options it is possible to download both languages, in addition to English, but for the subtitles it only appears in English and not in Portuguese and Spanish!
  15. Don922

    Enhancement Request: Email upon completion

    It would be nice to receive an email when a download completes or when a download fails for whatever reason.
  16. S

    Error when choosing Download Configuration

    The following is an occasional problem when downloading on Netflix. It is fixed by restarting AnyStream, but it's an annoying bug. All options are unavailable in the Download Configuration. Please fix. Thanks
  17. U

    download complete season

    Hi, is it possible to select and download complete TV seasons? Or is that a feature request? Thanks in advance! Uli
  18. S

    AS Crash During Start of Download

    AS crashed and closed during the start of Forged in Fire S01E08 The Moro Kris AMZ download and produced the following dump.
  19. SystemIdleProcess

    [Request] Auto Selection Settings

    I'm sorry if I missed someone else requesting this, I searched but couldn't find it. It would be nice if we could set preferences related to the auto selected video and audio options on the download screen. Video: I know video could be a little difficult because I have found that it's not...
  20. T

    Artifacts in video and

    I downloaded Dark - s01e08 and noticed artifacts during a short scene (00:00:17 - 00:00:23). I watched the whole episode, the problem occurred only this one time. When I downloaded the episode again, but canceled the download this time, the artifacts were gone (see screenshot). However, the...