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    I am user of AnyDVD HD 7.x and I am considering whether to buy v8.x to unencrypt UHD movies. I have seen this thread where it says that not all UHD titles work at the moment since UHD is in "EXPERIMENTAL support". Can someone provide a list of the supported UHD discs? In particular I want to rip BBC Planet Earth II UHD, Blue Planet II UHD, Blade Runner 2049 UHD, among others.

    Also can anyone provide a list of supported PC UHD drives, that will be great. I have an old LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray drive but I presume it won't work with UHD disks. Any recommendations in terms of PC UHD drives?

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    Uhd decryption only works with 'UHD friendly' drives. And a 5 second Google search can tell you that list. And yeah that drive won't work. Standard bluray just barely existed when that drive came out. It's a miracle if that drive is still working. It's a model that's over 10 years old

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    I have LG GGW-H20L as well, which is still working, does that mean I have miracle drive :D :p
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    Here is list of UHD friendly drive

    LG BE16NU50
    LG WH16NS40
    LG BH16NS40
    ASUS BW-12B1ST
    ASUS BC-12D2HT
    ASUS BW-16D1HT
    LG BH16NS55
    LG WH16NS58

    Not all firmware version are friendly though, also it is becoming rare to get one with right firmware.
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    Nothing @TeddyRaspin can't fix. He found a way to make even the LG BH16NS60 with fw 1.03 friendly

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    New AACS 2.1 found on new UHD disk, gonna be fun to see what that will do with the known ways to rip as we know today
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    Which UHD title you're referring to ?
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  9. TeddyRaspin

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    And why it is supposed to be called "AACS 2.1" ? Does it display somewhere ? Or it is just a speculation for a different UHD reading behaviour ?

    As far as a UHD friendly device can read that disk and the host certificate will not be revoked, Fury UHD can be decrypted by a proper VUK or hashed key.

    Let's see what happens in the next days. ;)
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    Some of those drives are pretty old. It's nice to know that they still have some value now, and in the immediate future.
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    I'm sorry if this has been answered. Please just smack me if it has. I have been using a UHD friendly drive quiet successfully at this time and loving AnyDVD since I purchased it. For my HTPC I am looking at getting an 'official' drive for the cases when UHD disks aren't supported (just so I can enjoy those disks when I get them).
    Now to my question. I have seen on one of the competitor sites that list UHD friendly drives, that there are some 'official' drives that can be used to decrypt. Example would be:

    Buffalo BRUHD-PU3
    LG BP60NB10

    Now - I don't know if this drives works just with the competitor or if it will work with AnyDVD. I have no means of jumping ship - I love AnyDVD - but if i'm investing in something - I would just rather spend the money where I can get the most versatility.

    Thanks for the help (and if I have accidently hijacked this thread - I am sorry, please let me know and I will create a new one).
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    iirc official UHD drives does not work with AnyDVD
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  13. Ch3vr0n

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    They do if you let @TeddyRaspin modify the firmware. Otherwise no.

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  14. James

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    Correct me, if I'm wrong, but if they are Teddyfied, they won't work as "official" UHD drives anymore.
  15. James

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    The 'competition' (whoever that is) uses vendor unique commands to fake authetification with these drives. Let's call these drives 'half-friendly'. Rest assured, that this loophole will be (or already has been) closed in new firmware versions.
    Similar to removing the 'friendlyness' from recent firmware of 'friendly' drives.

    To answer your question, AnyDVD currently does not support 'half-friendly' drives. I don't know, if or when this might change.

    The whole UHD situation is quite unfortunate. You can't buy working drives anymore (unless you are lucky), which will work out of the box.
    TeddyRaspin does a great job giving drives back their friendlyness (or half-friendlyness), but I doubt, he is willing to continue to offer his skill and time forever.
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    Don't know, I'll leave that to @TeddyRaspin to answer

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  17. TeddyRaspin

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    The WH16NS60, as well as other Real UHD LG drives, can be converted to UHD friendly and viceversa. At the current state, UHD friendly is the best choice for ripping UHD discs (up to AACS 2.0 MKB v61).
    AACS 2.1 (Category C) can't be decrypted yet with any UHD device (Friendly or Real is the same).
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  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Do you know any details about this "AACS 2.1 (Category C)", and what was changed? Can official drives be used for playback of these discs?
  19. TeddyRaspin

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    Official UHD drives, of course, play fine AACS 2.1 UHD discs (Fury and The Patriot for example) as nothing changed regarding keys. I have no other details about that, I'm sorry. :(
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  20. st4evr

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    As expected. As 2.1 is only an extension of 2.0 and uses the same key set. So official UHD drives/players should play these without issue.
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