AnyDVD and UNSUPPORTED UHD discs. Read this FIRST, before you post!

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    Dear user,

    With UHD becoming more common, AnyDVD has received EXPERIMENTAL support for such titles a little while ago. This means that NOT all titles will work until AACS 2.0 / AACS 2.1 has been cracked, while the staff is working on a permanent fix. To this date (Dec. 2018) AACS 2.x has yet to be fully cracked.

    The typical message for an UNSUPPORTED title will yield something like the following message in the AnyDVD status window.

    Cannot process the request at this moment. Please try again later...

    In this case, simply wait and try your title again at a later time. Updating to new (beta) versions will NOT fix this. Support for new titles must come from the OPD.

    Why this topic then you may ask. Simple, almost daily new topics for unsupported titles are created. This is fine for dvd's and normal Blu-ray discs, but it is currently NOT NEEDED or desired to create topics for UHD discs.

    The staff currently has ALL the logfiles they need from when UHD discs first appeared.

    As such the following policy has been implemented:

    New UHD unsupported disc topics may be locked when seen and a reply with a link to this topic posted. When this situation changes, this sticky will be removed and topics will no longer get locked.
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Thread Status:
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