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    Hi James. I know this has already been answered but wanted to chime in and say I have had no problems playing Fury on my normal UHD player.

    But, ofc, am not able to back it up on the computer.

    So it looks like the studios have sent a new volley with AACS 2.1 and now it's RedFox (and others) serve.

    Just wondering, if new UHD discs use 2.1 going forward, are we back to square one with these UHD's?

    Or is 2.1 just a minor hurdle that will only require a quick fix to allow backups?

    Or is it too early to tell?

  2. gereral1

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    2.1 will not be broken. Just telling you truth. That's why it's silent out there. I do know rips will happen but no full disk extractions. This is due to 2 reasons. Fmts and player messing with data. This will make UHD friendly drives useless for new fmts releases in 2.1 aacs. Curious who will release the first rips of fury and patriot. I strongly suggest never playing aacs 2.1 future movies on UHD players as fmts will pinpoint your home address. Not sure if a VPN would protect u.
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    How about UHD players that are not normally connected to the internet? Like the LG UP870.
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    No internet connection your fine.
  5. gereral1

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    If anyone has powerdvd latest and plays real uhd patriot or fury if you know how to monitor outgoing tcp stack id be curious of the ips. Then you could block fmts ip server on pc with firewall preventing their servers from monitoring call outs with the fmts file. I own all sgx equipment now but refuse to buy a real uhd pc rom and upgrade powerdvd.
  6. ocean

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    Hi gereral1, my computer is compliant Blu-Ray 4K UHD, drive Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK, mainboard ASRock Z270 Fatal1ty itx/ac, cpu I7 7700 KabyLake iGPU Intel HD 630, PowerDVD 14 UHD bundle drive pioneer, playing Fury 4K and The Patriot working perfectly, without internet connection.
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    Dos can use command to monitor open connections. Curious if you enable internet while playing fury or patroit if fmts will reach out. If not then its only a streaming issue with sites that stream illegal movies. Not much info on the enviorment variables stores inside the video stream. I own patroit and fury on uhd as well. I perfer transfer them pc as playback in madvr looks better than my k800 uhd player.
  8. testiles

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    If that's true, it's a sad day when 2.1 is implemented across the board.

    I kind of expected the studios to react and plug-up the "loophole",as it were, --- but not this quickly...

    Could you explain further why you say that?

    I don't like the Big Brother aspect of it but if you're playing them in normal UHD disc player, nothing illegal or even gray-area there so....

  9. gereral1

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    If you play a fmts file on a legit uhd player via usb it will call out to the fmts servers and they can pinpoint where and what is playing the file. Thus your location, device and other environment variables. Netflix told fmts they do not want user information embedded in their streams. So be careful. This system is more than just a guy streaming a movie online. They can find out who made the copy and who plays the copy.
  10. testiles

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    Well, that sucks!

    But I thought you were referring to playing an original UHD disc with AACS 2.1 in a UHD player, which is all I have done.

    So I guess I'm good.

    Big Brother is becoming all seeing and all knowing (lol).

  11. gereral1

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    Were talking captures files here. If you extract off the disk with the correct key the disk ID is imprinted on the inner ring on the platter and cannot be copied. Screen pass detects this missing and causes the scramble for blurays. I am sure fmts will check that code on the inner ring and if it is missing while the file is being played in a legit uhd player it will call home. So if the movie is on the uhd your fine. If its on a copy cd your screwed. If its in usb in a uhd drive your screwed. If its on a pc in madvr with mpcbe or mpchc your fine as the files ignore the protection just like the audio protections.
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    What makes you so sure about that ? Could you please give some more technical background information ?

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    Either way, feel free to discuss that there. These aren't the makemkv forums

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    see @Ch3vr0n i did mention there was a uhd forum :whistle::whistle::whistle:
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    Fury, Source Code and now Jumanji (1995) all new releases are not recognized by my BH16NS60. Had no problems until these?? Last newest one was Hostiles and no problem with it. AND, after updating firmware... does not even see 4K at all??
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  17. Hawk

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    First three title are by sony, they use AACS2.1, thus not supported. Updating firmware disabled drive ability to read 4K, it won't recognize any 4k since that feature is disabled in new version.
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    Thanks for the information, I have to try to connect internet when the 2 films mentioned are running, inserting as administrator CLI Dos using the command netstat, to log the network traffic.
  19. testiles

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    Not Source Code.

    It decrypted just fine when I got it a month ago. Checked again today and no problem with this one.

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    Thank you all for replies! I just did a warranty replace on the drive... hopefully it will be without the newer firmware?? Everybody is the police!