Supported UHD titles and drives

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    Then by all means use them instead. These aren't the deuhd promo forums!

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    I am sorry if I was out of Line I only posted that 2.1 had been cracked and can be done which is good for everyone.
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    It hasn't been cracked. They're probably just doing it the same way they are for AACS 2.0 using vendor unique commands. That's a workaround just like UHD friendly drives are, if there was any real crack on AACS 2.0 or 2.1 there would be a lot more titles supported.
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    if you say so I guess your right but the fact that someone has a fix right now is good for all of us and keep in mind I mean no disrespect to the project I have bought 3 lifetime licenses and plan to purchase another one soon to help fund the project.
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    Most all 4K movies are supported now with one company or another and I can say that Redfox is the best title wise.
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    That's all fine and dandy, but enough of that now. This topic is about ANYDVD's support of and for UHD titles. Third party software had been discussed in this topic long enough.

    Everyone, get back on topic or it will be locked. If your want to discuss third party products, do it in the proper section, or at their own forum.

    I'll only say this once.

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    There is no official support for UHD Titles that Redfox lists I don't see what your problem is are you always on the rag trying to chase new customers away or existing customers?
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    Probably already mention but the competition (whoever they are) now supports 2.1.
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    If you wish to discuss a product other than AnyDVD HD, go to the appropriate location to discuss it. Why are you unable to understand this? It really makes a lot of sense if you think about it for a moment.

    Here is an example:
    I am having trouble in the latest Doom game. I am stuck in the reactor room, trying to figure out how to get to the top.

    That should not be posted here since it is not about AnyDVD HD. This should be obvious to everyone, just as obvious as knowing deuhd talk should not be posted here as well.
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    There's no list for supported Blu-ray or DVD either. That's not the point. The point is that this is the ANYDVD section and discussions got third party software doesn't belong in it. End of story.

    I'm not ragging (whatever that is) on anyone or anything. Old or new. My job is to enforce the forum rules, which means things belong in the right sections.

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    Okay whatever.
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    Props to RedFox for their fine work! :thankyou:
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  13. waffles

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    Can anyone confirm that the current AnyDVD HD version ( 2018 05 14) can handle the just released UHD US version of Tomb Raider (2018)?
  14. Ch3vr0n

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    No, only the OPD can. 'US version' means nothing, a movie comes out in multiple versions per region (US). You've got standard, deluxe, steelbook, double disc + ultraviolet,... Everyone single one can be a 'US version'. That doesn't mean they're all supported

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  15. waffles

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    I tried a Google search: Oakland Police Department or On-line Personality Disorder or ???
    Sorry, I don't understand. Could you please elaborate? TIA!
  16. mbarnstijn

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    Online Protection Database aka OPD. It's AnyDVD jargon for their online database of protection removal mechanisms. Your licensed copy of AnyDVD creates a disc signature for your particular disc, sends the signature to the OPD, and receives a reply that indicates the method used to decrypt. If your disc's signature isn't in the OPD, it can't be decrypted.

    Unfortunately the UHD support is still in beta-test and RedFox is NOT taking log files for UHD discs.

    If that unsupported disc is a Blu-ray, send in an AnyDVD log for the disc and RedFox will be happy to figure it out and add to the OPD.

    If I've got anything wrong in the above description, I'm sure someone will be happy to correct me.


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  17. waffles

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    Thanks much, michael, that helped!
  18. rdgrimes

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    It works for me, retail release bought from Amazon.
  19. testiles

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    I have a US version retail release of Tomb Raiders 2018 and it works for me as well.

  20. Steff123

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    Do You really have this japanese drive BH16NS60 or WH16NS60?
    It's an official UHD Drive, right?
    You are telling us after a firmware update this UHD Drive no longer can read UHD s at all?
    Even with a 4K certified Setup. Everything green with BDAdviser?

    for a respond