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    Once Again For Profcolli

    So . . . let me see if I understand you correctly . . .

    Instead of using the Clone DVD Mobile Zune Mp4 profile that SlySoft specifically created for Zune Mp3 players, you want me to use the generic WMV/WMA (experimental) setting and then attempt to sync this WMV/WMA (experimental) file to my Zune Mp3 player using the Zune software?

    Do you believe this setting will work and will it solve the audio/video sync problem?

    Thanks once again for your help.

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  2. profcolli

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    Yes - if it solves your audio delay problems, I would think it would be worth it for you. Only trying will show if it works. Others may have no problems using the official profile, but you do, so it is worth a shot ;) - try it on a small file first, then go bigger if it works.
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    Reply To Profcolli

    OK . . . I'll give your suggestion a try.

    Thank you very much :clap:

  4. profcolli

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    You're welcome. Let us know if it works....
  5. vtorch

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    Hello, I too am having problems getting the audio and video to sync using CloneDVD mobile 1.2 which started immediately after I began testing (for purchase) it last week. I was trying to backup and get my copy of The Dark Knight into my Zune80 and it's so crystal clear to me that the video and audio are not in sync.

    I have not purchased CloneDVD 1.2 mobile yet, but have been testing it for the past few days to see if this product is exactly what I need. So far it is except for that slight audio problem. Like what PilotDan said, the syncing is just slightly off.

    However I do own a license copy of AnyDVD to which I rip the DVD movie to my hard drive. From the hard drive is where I go through the process with CloneDVD mobile. Fortunately, when I began testing CloneDVD mobile 1.5, the problem of syncing The Dark Knight goes away, but going through the process of getting movies such as The Incredible Hulk and a Documentary, the program seems to not want to complete it's task. I just chalk 1.5 to just being a beta.

    FYI, I use:

    Vista 32, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive space, Nvidia GeoForce Go 7600. The latest version of the Zune firmware and client software are installed in both the player itself and on my computer.
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    Re: The Dark Knight & V1.2.0.1

    Use the beta version instead, link found at beginning of this thread.

    Reason: It works for me, just this moment rechecked my dark knight copy.

    The Settings I use for my 120G Zune:
    MP4 (Zune)
    Resolution: 640x360
    Video Quality: Max
    Deinterlace: NO
    Pass: 2

    Additional Info:
    Estimated Output Size: 3.2G
    Actual Output Size: 2.28G
    Audio/Video synchs: yes
    OS: Vista Ultimate x64, 2G Ram, 2T HDs (2 500G, 1 1T), Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS, latest Zune Firmware/Client

    Max Res. & quality used for TV watching.
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    Sorry if I missed it somewhere but I am also having the audio delay Using CloneDVD mobile using profiles "Generic MPEG-2 Pass-through". "Generic MPEG-2 Re-Code" and "VOB file Pass-through" (renaming the latter from VOB to MPG. I have also tried single and double pass. So I want to wind up with a "best" quality MPG file on my hard drive. I tried the clonedvdmobile beta but could not get it to run at all.
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    Response To Carter

    I believe a great many people are having the same audio/video sync problem you & I have experienced using Clone DVD Mobile. I don't think it matters what format you are encoding your videos to . . . it seems to affect the resulting output pretty much the same for everyone.

    I am still hopeful that SlySoft will see fit to tackle this sync problem and come up with a "fix" because Clone DVD Mobile does such a marvelous job on formatting the video its a shame that the audio is always a little out of sync :bang:

  9. Earl H

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    I am a new user/forum member in the 2nd day of my 21 day trial. I have been using 123 Copy DVD and began searching for alternative conversion software when I came accross a movie that I couldn't convert - Sin City. Well Clone DVD Mobile did the trick and I became a fan!!! and was intent on purchasing to take advantage of the sale/update offer. Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same slight audio delay. Its just enough to really bug me. I have tried it on 2 different movies - Sin City and Happy Gilmore...same thing. I hope this gets fixed before the year end otherwise I may have to try another package. I cant see spending the $80 for the AnyDVD and Clone DVD Mobile if I cant get the same video/audio quality as the original disc. Its a great product, just need to be able to fix this one little/significant issue.
  10. PilotDan

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    Reply To Earl

    I have been a loyal SlySoft customer and avid fan of Clone DVD and Any DVD for almost 4 years now and have never had a problem with the audio & video not syncing properly until I began using Clone DVD Mobile on my new Zune 120. I have the very same audio/video sync problem you experienced after I recently converted Sin City and put it on my Zune 120.

    Like you, I continue to hold out hope that this issue can be resolved by SlySoft :eek:

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  11. PilotDan

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    The Continuing Audio/Video Snyc Problem

    Just to keep this thread alive . . . I have noted another recent thread titled "MP4 Audio Out Of Sync"

    I see a very encouraging reply from Mike: "a fix for Clone DVD Mobile is due soon. it will, I believe, be using a SlySoft built encoder (Clone DVD Mobile currently uses ffmpeg or mencoder depending on what version you're using)".

    This is wonderful news indeed. I look forward to the forthcoming audio/video out of sync "fix" with great anticipation :clap:

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  12. Fernando

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    Yes, I'm currently on it. Mobile will get a fix in a couple of days until our completely rewritten (HD) transcoder is available.
  13. Pageygeeza

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    I really can't wait for the new transcoder, I'm currently trialing the nVidia transcoder "Badaboom". If this works well, would the slysoft version use cpu or gpu time? Or would you need to buy a licence from nVidia to use the Cuda instructions for the transcoder?
  14. mike_r

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  15. Pageygeeza

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    Brilliant, thanks. Wonder if they could add a cpu/gpu switch. At least people with better gpu's/cpu's could utilise the best processor. :D
  16. PilotDan

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    Re: Audio/Video Sync Problem

    Hello everyone . . .

    I have been investigating other mobile transcoding programs these past few weeks and have tested at least 20 different applications for my Zune 120. What I have found is that all of the freeware programs that I have tested exhibit the same audio/video sync problem that Clone DVD mobile does (some have the same delay and some have worse).

    I did find 2 programs that had perfect audio/video synchronization, however these 2 programs are not free and were only trails.

    So . . . what did all this testing prove?

    1). Clone DVD Mobile's audio/video sync problem is not caused by my computer hardware and/or my computer configuration.

    2). The other programs that produce the same audio/video sync delay problem must use the same transcoder engine that Clone DVD Mobile uses (mencoder or ffmpeg).

    3). There is a solution that will fix the Clone DVD Mobile audio/video sync issue.

    As stated before on this thread . . . SlySoft is working on a brand new transcoder engine that will provide a better audio/video "time stamp" based on the libacodec and libaformat from ffmpeg.

    So I'll continue to wait for SlySoft to introduce their next Clone DVD Mobile revision in the hope this new update will finally fix the audio/video sync problem once and for all :clap:

  17. PilotDan

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    Clone DVD Mobile Update?

    Just to resurrect this thread once again . . . I was wondering what progress has been made towards an updated version of Clone DVD mobile which will "hopefully" resolve the current audio/video sync problem?

    Fernando made a statement in December (see above) that Mobile was going to get a fix in a couple of days and I do realize that a complete transcoding program re-write from scratch takes some time to complete however, it has been some months now with no word on the progress and/or what the expected date of release might be.

    Inquiring minds want to know :)

  18. Butters

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    Good evening, I too am having sync difficulties.. What is the eta of the new version?

    My wife, is soooo picky I can't get it close enough for her.

    Please help.

  19. jdm3

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    :bang: Seems that I too am having the same sync issues. I am putting the resulting videos on my Windows Home Server to view on my Xbox 360. I also have to rename the files from --movie--.mp4 to --movie--.avi for the xbox to play it.

  20. Johnmullins

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    I know that this is an old thread. Have any of you that are having sync problems been using bluetooth headphones? It will add a perceptible delay. Try a wired set.