[Resolved with] Problems with Insanity workout DVDs

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by BDOG98, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. andy o

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    Jesus, I usually get 2-4 legit ones plus the "bad" ones. You need a way to identify the bad ones reliably. The names of the files are posted above, you might wanna start there, but 200,000 is WAY too many to have in the first place! Maybe the other programs mentiones are easier to use, I haven't had to deal with rootkits in a while. Some security software uses rootkits to hide their files so if you have those installed you'll get some more "legit" results.
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  2. Jamavo

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    Ok, now I'm confused.

    I figured the easiest way to get around this problem with the rootkits is to simply throw the disk in a computer that has never been used with this disc before. So I grabbed my sister's laptop, installed the newest version of AnyDVD. It took about 15 minutes for it to "scan the disk", then I went to rip it and had the same problems. I figure this whole thing is because of the false structure of the DVD. I looked at the files and the Video folder is saying it contains 99 titles and over 24 gigs of info. Pretty sure that's our problem, just don't know how to get around it. Any other ideas? I really want to back these things up, they were expensive and I'm rough on my DVD's cause I travel.

  3. calcu007

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    if you used gmer http://www.gmer.net/#faq
  4. andy o

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    Did you disable autorun/autoplay on your sister's laptop, and was AnyDVD running when you inserted the disc? You gotta be careful with these and where you put them in.
  5. Jamavo

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    I did disable auto run and anyDVD was running before I put the disk in. I also made sure that the "PC Friendly" option was check and everything was on the default settings. Still no go. Tried DVD Shrink first, and on analysing the disk it only makes it up to to the menu, once it tries to go to the actual movie, it comes up with that unable to read from drive. I have tried this with all 10 discs so I don't think they are defective like others have suggested. Is there a way to get around the false file structure. Each of the 99 titles are 42 minutes or longer. Tried to rip the disc with Clone DVD also, comes up with the same error that the disc can not be read.
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    Jamavo please pm me the rootkit files.
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    Insanity Problems

    I have used AnyDVD for a longtime now without any issues using both CloneDVD and Clonemobile. I just purchased the Insanity program DVD series and have not been able to successfully scan to allow the clones to work.

    I have used Clonemobile to put my P90X series on a MP3 player and wanted to do the same so I can workout without a need for a tv and dvd player.

    Also, I too have booted up the disk on my computer without AnyDVD running, otherwise I cannot even view the DVD on my computer. SO I guess, I have the root file as well.

    I am hoping for a quick fix!!

  8. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    So has anybody copied these discs successfully, by being sure the rootkit was not installed? Maybe it's not just the rootkit.
  9. andy o

    andy o Well-Known Member

    Anyone having this trouble using Vista x64 or Win 7 x64?
  10. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Quite frankly, with rootkits like this I've never seen a guaranteed way to remove them unless the company posted one on their website and I still don't fully trust them to remove all of it. At one time at least one of the stupid protections did offer a way to remove it. Otherwise the best way to get rid of it is the dreaded reformat or if you regularly backup your system then drop back to an image from before you wound up with the junk on your system.
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    It does work.....

    ok, first off, I had the root kit but I uninstalled it. Get the latest version of anydvd. Put it in the disk in the drive. Some disks may take a long time and others not. Let it scan until it says it is complete. I use cyberlink power dvd player 9 to play the disk, on the bottom right corner it will tell you what title and chapters are being played. MAKE NOTE! Then open up clonedvd copy titles select the titles that you want (and trim of the crap and the begining and end, so that you only have the movie file). do not preserve menus, that way you can select which one plays off first. example. Max cardio....title 37 chapter 3-47 is the actual workout in the correct order. Anything past chapter 37 is advertising, so cut it off, everything before chapter 3 is ads so trim it too. The disclaimer is Title 39 chapter 1. The menu is Title 40 chapter 2. It takes some time but without something to tell you what is being played, it would be near impossible. My backups usually run about 2-2.5 gigs and that is at 100% quality. You dont need to shrink anything. Get get the right stuff off the disk. Good Luck.
  12. andy o

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    Geez one would think all that effort should be better put to use in the actual workout, instead of just trying to get the damn video to play in your favorite player!

    good to know it's resolved.
  13. splinter34

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    I personally don't like to have to use the actual dvd's everyday. The set was $200. And they WILL get beat up in and out of the player everyday. That is why I make copys and just use my copys until they are shot and make more.:D
  14. I50LAT10N

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    New Beat ( Works!!!

    I just downloaded and installed the new beta and the discs are ripping to image with no issues...perhaps a bit slower than usual, but ripping none the less. I'm going to try to burn one and see what happens, but things are looking good
  15. jlbaca

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    AnyDVD never finshes scanning DVD


    I am attempting to use CloneDVD2 to copy some DVD's from a workout series called "Insanity" from BeachBody (http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/insanity.do?code=BBHOME_PARSEA_INS). When I insert any DVD from this series AnyDVD begins to scan the DVD but never seems to finish. I have waited for over an hour and it still runs and runs. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is occurring? Normally it takes about 15 or so seconds for AnyDVD to Scan a DVD. The particulars in regards to what I have are below. Thanks in advance for any insight into this issue.


    DVD Title: Insanity Series DVD’s
    Windows XP HOME SP2
    AnyDVD Version:
    CD/DVD Burner: TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-H652D GA01 0713
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    It doesn't always work!! Not a reliable work around!

    Sorry bro - It doesn't always work.. I was able to hash out disc 2 of the set - (and come to find out, an incomplete iso without audio - so it's 0 for 2) yet disc 1 will not rip at all... AND - I DID exactly what you did -- either it was a "fluke" or they are running short-run batches and rotating their security.... [Sneeeaky little f**kers!!]...

    Honest hindsight: I did not go as far as editing each of the chapters - I just deselected the 3 obvious intros and went from there - so - well - [aw hell] -- are you telling me that it's nested in every chapter throughout the entire set?? C'mon - I have a life to live!! 100 [or so] chapters per disc x 20 --- are you kidding me?!! ARGH!

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  17. commfiredawg

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    Insanity still no fix?

    Downloaded the latest version and still unable to scan the insanity dvd's. Any suggestions or words of encouragement as far as any solutions to this problem?
  18. mike_r

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    You know you need to post a log file though. Please let the DVD scan for as long as it needs (possibly overnight), and most important keep the fonts normally sized and don't give us a running commentary on honeynuts or whatever breakfast cereal you're eating whilst you wait.
  19. James

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    You have to use AnyDVD or better:
  20. K.M

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    autorun enabled on optical drives

    Okay I am not sure why autorun enabled on our optical drives is so risky? So if anyone wants to explain it to me like I am an idiot, I would be grateful.

    I can see within AnyDVD it is possible to turn off autorun optical drives. I would prefer know how to control this function at OS level.
    Can someone explain the correct way to do this via the OS?
    (using XP 32 pro SP3 )
    Thanks for Helping