[Resolved with] Problems with Insanity workout DVDs

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by BDOG98, Jul 21, 2009.

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    IIRC for XP it was a bit more difficult to disable autorun than for Vista and Win 7. You should try tweakui for that, it makes that and other stuff very easy to manage.

    Autorun basically is just a stupid and dangerous feature of Windows that enables just that, programs to run automatically. Since Vista (and perhaps XP SP2 I think), it's gotten a bit more secure, since it asks you what you wanna do, but crap can still get installed (I don't think Mark Russinovich would have missed that, although for the life of me I don't know why in the world he had autorun enabled).
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    Well, for example, with these Insanity dvds, if you allow autorun to occur, then you get a bad stuff running on your system automatically, such as Macrovision's Active Software Protection, in this case, which is a driver designed to prevent unauthorized software from accessing your drive.

    Anydvd blocks autorun from occurring with video dvds (this is the PC friendly feature in Anydvd). So that's why it's not a bad idea to have Anydvd running at all times; you can't get rootkits and other stuff running or installing automatically on your system when you insert a video dvd, provided Anydvd is running in the background.

    So anyone sticking these discs in their systems before or without Anydvd running and then complaining that Anydvd doesn't work with these discs--well, now you know the reason. Remove the disc. Reboot your system. Ensure Anydvd is running first. Then put the disc in your drive.

    You will need to use "rip video dvd to harddisk". That is, right-click on the fox icon on your toolbar, and select "Rip video-dvd to Hard Disk". Choose your source and destination paths. Click "Copy", and wait for Anydvd ripper to finish. You can then import that rip into whatever program you want. This is an important step if the original disc contains structural protection.

    And you need to make sure you're using Anydvd or later.
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    If you wish to disable autoplay in Xp itself it is very easy.

    Go to My Computer.
    Right click on your optical drive & choose properties.
    Click on the tab up top that says autoplay.
    There will be a drop down box that will have various types of files. DVD files, Music files etc.
    You will need to choose the type of file that you want to disable autoplay for.
    After you select the type of file you want to disable then you can click on "Take No Action" this will totally disable autoplay for that file type.

    I hope this helps.

    P.S. You can also select "Prompt me each time to take an action". This will bring up a box asking you what you want to do. If you choose this I'm not sure if you are safe from rootkits though.

    P.S. I would rather rely on AnyDVD though. It will stop anything bad before Windows gets a chance to act on it..
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    I'm not sure that that prevents code from running, it only prevents Windows to launch a specified program for the file types on that disc. IIRC, in Win XP totally turning off autorun required a registry fix, or TweakUI.
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    Wow! My brother gave me these disk to back-up for him and I believe that I also may have the root-kit. But, I inserted the first disk and it wouldn't even play. I then started the research and afterward hoped that this was AnyDVD blocking the auto-run. I stopped at this point, and it may be a problem with that I installed yesterday. I keep getting read errors no matter what approach I take on two different disk on two separate drives. It's possible that they are scratch, but don't look that bad. Also, after this install I get a splash screen about RCR region stuff that I've never seen before. I just "x" out and continue to get the read error. Does anyone know where this kit files are located? I have run several scans with no success. I'm going to give it a day or two to see if AnyDVD is patched, and if not>format>reinstall xp pro sp3 and everything else. It's been long over due. I usually do this about every six months, and everything backed-up to my home server.