No fox, no job, no future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ivan, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    As you might remember, there are some unanswered questions.
    We ex SlySoft people have control over the assets (sources, servers), but can we actually use them?
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  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    AFAIK SlySoft, Inc. no longer exists. So, I'm "ex".
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  3. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    A revitalized, employee run Slysoft clone/rebranding would be an EXCELLENT idea. And given how cheap I am I wouldn't ever hesitate repurchasing a license or three for the software I already have and use. I own a license for every thing Slysoft created except for Game Jackal Enterprise, along with one license for an Elby product.
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  4. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    If the company is indeed legally defunct internationally the use of the intellectual property does have some "gray areas."

    Not that the entire idea of AnyDVD wasn't a "gray area" to begin with, it did violate some rather restrictive diktats from a few countries. Especially the US.
  5. greynolds

    greynolds Member

    What he said. I'm using DVDFab Passkey for now, but would gladly switch back to the Red Fox logo (or whatever it morphs into) if it becomes an option.
  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Let me rephrase: Of course we 'can'. I am probably the only person on this planet, who can actually create an AnyDVD HD release build.
    If AnyDVD was property of SlySoft, Inc and SlySoft no longer exists, who owns AnyDVD?
  7. Oliver1970

    Oliver1970 Member

    Eigentlich wollte ich morgen DVDFab kaufen da es noch Prozente gibt. Aber jetzt habe ich die Idee verworfen und warte ab in den Nachfolger von meinem "geliebten" AnyDvd zu investieren. Auch wenn ich eine lebenslange Lizenz habe / hatte w├╝rde / werde ich sofort wieder eine kaufen !!!
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  8. WeeHappyPixie

    WeeHappyPixie New Member

    Count me in guys. Been with you since the beginning and happy to support you in the future.
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  9. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    The people! :D

    In all seriousness, however, interesting legal question.
  10. ukendt

    ukendt New Member

    The new company should be placed somewhere else. Some1 wrote Brazil, some1 else China, Russia and so on...Payment possibility could also be bitcoins...
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  11. sondeterra

    sondeterra Well-Known Member

    On board even if out of pocket.
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  12. The Higher Bid

    The Higher Bid Active Member

    We all do.

    I can donate expertise, repurchase licenses, a powerful server for the builds, etc
  13. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Speaking as a non-lawyer, I'd have to say legally no one.

    If you and your fellow ex-red foxers decided to restart the company who is there to sue you for stealing intellectual property? The only ones that would be trying to stop you are the usual culprits that killed the company to begin with.
  14. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    SlySoft, Inc. owes us quite a lot of money, so morally I don't have too much of a problem.
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  15. krypdo

    krypdo New Member

    Will definitely support. Been doing this since the ifoedit, dvd95copy, dvd x copy days.
  16. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    As you pointed out you are really about the only person who could take the source code for AnyDVD and start improving it without a large amount of time lost learning the code.
  17. Doogie

    Doogie New Member

    Been with you since the beginning, read this forum everyday, great product, excellent team.
    Will definitely support!
  18. CrescentMoon

    CrescentMoon Member

    Count me in, too, you have my full support!
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  19. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Ivan, I think you have more support from the community than you realize. Both moral and financial.
  20. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Back when I first started this crazy hobby of backing up DVDs I "pirated" the software via torrents. It took me only a couple of months trying the Blue Monkey and the Red Fox to realize how much better the Fox was, and when I was able to afford it on my limited budget I bought lifetime licenses, multiple times.

    It has been 8 years of being licensed legal and I don't regret the money spent one bit. If James and the rest of the Red Foxers are able to resurrect the software I wouldn't hesitate buying new licenses, it would just be a matter of time to save the cash needed.
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