No fox, no job, no future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ivan, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. votality

    votality New Member

    Own anydvd. would pay again to support the devs in a new enterprise. Setup in a new county that doesnt give a shit about copyright. At very worst publish the code.
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  2. Kerry56

    Kerry56 Well-Known Member

    I haven't posted on the Slysoft forums very often, and have had so few problems with AnyDVD HD that I never had to contact the developers. But I have done what I could to promote the Slysoft programs at several different forums on the net. If you guys decide to start again with a new program and a safer location, you would have my support.
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  3. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Incredible developers, support and community.
    100% backing from me, whatever is needed.
    Really hope this works out!
  4. progvsmetal

    progvsmetal Member

    As one that has had a lifetime for Anydvd since '07 and upgraded to HD when the blu's invaded my collection, reads this board often for info..., but posts rarely, I would love to see this continue and have no problem donating to a great cause. Yes, I did grab the monkey just in case, but, still haven't used it and hoping it just sits there ;)
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  5. BringIt

    BringIt New Member

    Just joined to show my support as well. Great product please keep it going. I would be willing to repurchase or donate to the cause.
  6. zapdoing

    zapdoing Member

    You can count on us the same way as we've been able to count on you (y)
  7. goncal

    goncal Well-Known Member

    Count me in
    Like the phoenix Ch3vr0n
  8. DaveO88

    DaveO88 Moderator DE

    (Ex-) Team and Members, I am proud of you.
    The best community
    I am proud to belong to
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  9. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    I'd like to comment on the how to move forward based off of some of the comments. I say, if you have the code, you move forward. Especially with regards to James's comment that Slysoft owes them money. There's a bunch of grey areas here. Do you move forward and make money off of Slysoft? I don't see it as you making money off of them if they owe you money. You are not necessarily stealing. You move forward cause the demand is there and you built it. And who are you stealing from? Slysoft doesn't exist. Now if it becomes profitable again, and you get your back pay, then I do think you have to as an internal group decide on what you are going to pay to slysoft. However if no one in your group feels slysoft is owed, then you don't pay them. You guys have to decide on this based on how it was setup. If you all wrote the code and slysoft just provided some infrastructure, didn't pay you, but profited from you and left you now high and dry (which is all what it sounds like) then you don't owe them jack, and you need to take your work and move on.

    I think slysoft just provided you infrastructure. You can do that on your own. But you guys need to go completely anonymous so the US government and the AACS-LA can't touch you. Forget a "company". Setup hosting which can be done anonymous. Continue building it anonymous. Go bitcoin for the pay which will allow you guys to not have to worry about credit cards and a money trail. Lots of groups on the internet are doing that, and with the intent to actually harm others. That's not you. You guys are building a product that gives people the right to backup what is their's. You're not breaking any laws that shouldn't exist. Hollywood doesn't want this cause they want consumers to have to watch it the way they deem. That's bulls**t. So screw them.

    I think the question is why not. Is this morally / ethically / legally a grey area? That depends and I'll get to that. But who really cares if you move it all anonymous and get paid. And I think that last sentence is the key here.

    There are arguments to be made if this is ok, a good idea, etc. I'll post a few thoughts. Are they stealing and making money off of Slysoft? Well, no, but maybe yes. I covered that above I think. Can slysoft come after them for taking it and running with it? Umm, not really. And even if they could, as long as they go anonymous with it, which is possible in today's internet, then slysoft can't really do anything to stop them. But I will say again if Slysoft does pay your money's owed or you recoup it and then some, then internally have a discussion if you start paying back your employer. If you don't move forward, then you're out what's owed and you never get anything back. If you do go forward, you have a chance to continue making a living off of it, and at some point paying your employer again IF you deem so. Win win for you, slysoft, and your users.

    Let's not forget here that I think slysoft coming after them if they go forward with it is the least of the worries here. If they stay anonymous with it, then you can't sue an anoymous target. Does slysoft have the resources to even sue? From what I gather no. And how are you going to sue an anonymous target on a product that itself is illegal. That probably doesn't pass a legal laugh test. The bigger concern is the US gov and the AACS-LA coming after them. That IS a concern. So stay anonymous and structure this with anonymity so they can't hurt you. Look at torrents, they keep trying to stop that and it just keeps on coming. You guys cracking UHD and ACCS 2.0 is going to be a boon. I bet you've already done it honestly. Folks will flock.

    All you need to do is get a web host that can't be touched, and that isn't that hard. Setup the forums and figure out the pay angle. I strongly recommend bitcoin and one trusted person to manage the funds and distribute to the rest. But everyone should be able to see it in your group for transparity. Hopefully you have the OPD and source code already backed up so you just need to setup the forms again.

    You need to change the pay model though. You need to make it profitable. I don't think the old structure was profitable. It needs to be a max yearly license. Are people going to bitch, yes. But they'll pay cause you are offering what isn't elsewhere available. Supply = Demand. I say $100 for a yearly license. I don't know the previous profitability but you do have to deal with that to move forward.

    Lots of folks on here will help you, and even across the internet. Ask for help, people are just waiting for you to. Get a plan together on your internal structure, get a anonymous host setup, get bitcoin setup and move forward. We're all here to help you.
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  10. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    One more thing to add, if nothing else, get bitcoin setup so we can all chip in some coin to show we're all serious. Even without a commitment from you guys that you're going to move forward, I'm happy to contribute now just to show I appreciate you. And I think others will too.
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  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member


    I don't know. I mostly worked on AnyDVD, this is my "baby". I can push this forward. I can build CloneCD, but the code is still a little mystery to me. Maybe I can finally add BD burning, but do people really need this?
    I don't know the guy who took care Game Jackal.

    CloneDVDmobile (and AnyDVD's DVD ripper) contain - AFAIK - code licensed from elby, but I'm not certain.
    I don't want to p*ss them off, so we have to talk to them.
    Same for the elbycdio layer. I don't know, how this was licensed.
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  12. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Have been taking Bitcoin since it evolved.
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  13. pete702

    pete702 Active Member

    I mean get a new one setup now, for you ex employees, so we can all start contributing to you right now and show our love. If you move forward you move forward. If you don't, you don't. Alot of us still want to give and I think it'll help on the decision to move forward.
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    ANYDVD-HD-FAN Member

    Registered to say I will support your work & buy a new licence if I need to when mine expires. Like so many I bought Anydvd-HD never needed to post here as it worked exactly as it should never had any problems with it for over 2 years. Essential product for any serious movie fan who watches the HDCP protected content on their PC.

    Had to buy as Hollywood Studios decided that even though I bought into the HD-DVD format (own about 40 discs all paid full price for) they would force me to have to find workarounds as they forced Power DVD to disable HD-DVD playback due to codec royalties.

    Then if that was not bad enough the Hollywood Studios decided to put BD+ & Region Locks on many classic movies I imported from the US so again I needed a solution to let me legally watch the BD's I paid full price for!

    Anydvd-HD is essential to me I am not a pirate do not share any media online at all & own several hundred Bluray discs yet Hollywood Studios treat me like I am doing something illegal when I try to play movies I imported from the US as they region lock & also put BD+ geo locks on some discs (John Carpenter Shout Factory movies especially) to prevent them playing outside the US unless you own Anydvd-HD!

    So sorry to hear about what happened to Slysoft but I hope you guys n gals can find a way to start again & have more control over your great product (Hollywood should licence the source code & sell it to help legit owners like us all play their content without HDCP playback chain DRM issues which are also partially circumvented with a $20 HDMI splitter which bypasses HDCP altogether)! Wonder if Hollywood will got after amazon for selling these HDCP bypass HDMI splitters!!
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  15. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the reply, it does put the situation into stark perspective.

    The legal/licensing issues are going to be mind-boggling to untangle.
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  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Thank you for your thoughts. All I know is "the powers, that be" might come after us, but not SlySoft. SlySoft, Inc. is dead as a door nail.
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  17. roadworker

    roadworker Member

    I already posted this in another forum yesterday:
    dump a torrent with a trial and a bitcoin link on a torrent indexer (don't forget to rename the program and references in the code to the AnyDvd brand ;) ) and let the word spread.........good luck for the AACS-LA consortium trying to find ya. :D
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  18. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    I'm in for whatever comes next (y), check out how Demonoid did it. Anonymous I believe, from reading on afterdawn, pulled the plug on them for not allowing porn??!! But they are back without porn and a Palau country code. So it can be done.

    They and the other torrent sites have movies, some before they're released and are not targeted. Goodbye Slysoft. Hello Nextgen. May need disclaimers stating things like software is provided for one use only and whomever is not responsible for misuse or abuse.

    Hope you guys can pull it off. You are and always have been the best at what you do, why stop now?? An yes, I'll re-purchase a license, yearly if that's what it takes. Too valuable to simply end
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  19. whatever_gong82

    whatever_gong82 Well-Known Member

    If you guys go out on your own, is there a way to get all of us paying customers on a list or something??

    Also, is there a way to keep our usernames, just so no one/someone else, like trolls, or spambots, can't use them??

    I would pay over again, if need be.

    I got 4 licenses apiece of all the Slysoft/elby products, except for CloneBD, and I have 2 copies of that as well.

    Bring Back the Fox!!!!
  20. DrXenos

    DrXenos Well-Known Member

    I would definite be willing to buy new licenses and/or contribute to startup costs.
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