No fox, no job, no future?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ivan, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Are the independent or UK owned, English is the official language, daughter of mine was there last year. Might be just as vulnerable to US pressure?
  2. mediacowboy

    mediacowboy Member

    Independent from what wiki says.
  3. imhh1

    imhh1 Well-Known Member

    I'm in for sure!
    thanks for the great work over the years
  4. Slyver

    Slyver New Member

    I just signed up to add my two cents to this misery and - maybe - the rise of a new force (wew). I also own lifetime licences of AnyDVD, AnyDVDHD and CloneBD since 2007, and never had to ask for help in this forum, because the software just was there and worked. Thank you! I still am deeply frustrated, how brainless greed could kill such a wonderful piece of software, which not less than exempted the customers of the content oligarchy and their - probably payed - lawmakers from the burdens of so called "copyright" enforcement. I always have payed for my purchased or rented DVD's and BR's, and never sold any copy to anybody, nor did I offer them via filesharing.

    But the truth is not of interest to the executors of digital content "protection". They do not want to be honorable, not fair, not far sighted - they only want control, cash and influence. What damage is done to society, law system and cultural and technological progress by this policy is not part of the impact assessment, which politicians in western countries failed to do when voting for laws, which only made trusts and their shareholders more influential, but made all others loosers the same time.

    I say influential, and not richer, because he, who purchases AnyDVD, will also purchase the DVD (and BR of course) to make it's content accessible anywhere. Thus no cent for actors, directors, authors and the studios is lost by using AnyDVD, and by killing Slysoft no additional cent is to be earned by them either. It is only a question of arrogance and bossiness. The so called "fair use" was defined by them, and has nothing to do with what is supporting authors, actors and their customers.

    I am really hopeful that this is only a lost round and not the end of the competition for a true copy-right, what for AnyDVD always was and hopefully will be again only an instrument in approaching this goal of freely copyable digital content; a goal that was achieved in the past with audible content on music CDs, and still is declined for visual content. That profits of CD sellers went down the last twenty years was NOT a result of mass copying of music CDs, but the result of changed customer behaviour, technical progress (after Walkman came Discman came Ipod) and stubborn industry bosses, who just did not make their jobs right. Nowadays its no question to not only buy and copy a music CD (on thumb player for jogging, on CD for car player, on HTPC in the living room ...), but also buy the MP3 or rent a music flat rate. All those suppliers earn money, and the same amount has to be divided more often. But say: Does really somebody want to go back to the eighties and abolish spotify? :sneaky:

    For this lesson to learn copy protection means have been invented, politicians have been influenced by lobbyists and in the end the bosses gave up. The music industry was not ruined, they just have more teammates who also want to make money. Side effects of their defensive struggle still prevail in today's laws and does now support the film industry. Why is Britain's Got Talent or American Idol that popular? It's a good show concept, and - well, the singers want to get famous and make money with music. Film bosses and their henchmen in politics still have years to learn, I'm afraid.

    In the meantime I hope that AnyDVD will resurrect quickly. I also am willing to pay for renewed licenses, no doubt. Good luck to us all! (y)
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  5. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Off subject but worth mentioning I guess....
    Most music these days is sold as digital downloads. Nowhere near as many physical CD's. They are starting to die out. Available in MP3, FLAC etc. The ripping is done for you o_O
  6. Jeff53404

    Jeff53404 Well-Known Member

    This past month, we took a cruise and Belize was one of the ports of call. We took a tour and the operator pointed out the local "bootleg" store. About three doors down was the largest police station in Belize. Pretty obvious that this was not an area of interest for law enforcement.
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  7. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Good to hear, plus I'll wager they did their homework on this and aren't planning on going thru this hassle again, if that's part of how they decide to do things (y) As I mentioned earlier, looks like the ball is rolling.
  8. TM2-Megatron

    TM2-Megatron Well-Known Member

    In thinking about less risky ways the software could be distributed in the future, I began wondering if "Redfox" could be operated more like a private club than an incorporated company. These forums could be private and password protected, accessible only to paid license owners. New versions could be distributed via email, the download link also requiring a password (posted on the forum, perhaps). Trial versions could be anonymously uploaded via torrent, giving potential new customers a way to try it before buying (via a cryptocurrency, as others have suggested) a license to access these forums.

    The main problem I can see with this method is that it could potentially make it a little harder to acquire new customers (with the increased hoops to jump through). However, I think at this this point most of the legwork has been done on establishing an excellent reputation of the software, and the majority of potential customers are the type who would be willing and technically knowledgeable enough to manage it.
  9. 35mm

    35mm Member

    Don`t know where you got your numbers, but where I live physical CDs are 2/3 of the sold music and digital download is 1/3, that may change, but for movies I don`t know any offer in streaming or digital where there`s the same quality that a blu ray has today (picture and sound), not to speak of UHD. Maybe kaleidescape, but only in the U.S. and only for billionaires.......
  10. giannuca

    giannuca New Member

    I'm here,I'll do my part to support you.
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  11. mcmenace

    mcmenace Well-Known Member

    Movies, no. He wasn't talking about movies. Digital music downloads, yes. Just look around the web. Itunes, CDBaby, downloads. Amazon has them. but so far no FLAC. Cheaper and instantaneous, Download, put on USB stick. play almost anywhere. No CD's taking up space, no waiting for them to arrive in the mail. CD's going going.....
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator


    This is getting off topic. (n)
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  13. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    Thanks to all for your great support and your positive feedback.

    The fox is back!

    Thread closed.
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