List of UHDs currently UN-supported in AnyDVD

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    The UHD is quite good. I enjoyed it a lot.
  2. testiles

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    You mean Ford V Ferrari?

    You think the UHD is a better experience than the Blu-Ray?

    You know for certain types of movies, to me UHD doesn't make a lot of difference...

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    Didn't bother watching the blu-ray since I bought it on UHD.
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    Re-posted list.

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  5. Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2(France) -- OPD: BD_39897951c248 [added Jan 30, 2020] Still not working

    Harry Potter Goblet of Fire(France) -- OPD: BD_9086f4e2d252 [added Jan 30, 2020] working - thank you!

    Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban(France) -- OPD: BD_deb19413281d [added Jan 30, 2020] working - thank you!
  6. Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets -- OPD: (France) BD_88360173d20b - working thank you!
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    Gave this title to a friend and got it back this afternoon.
    Surprise: It´s supported now and can be removed from the list (y)

    GEMINI_MAN -- OPD: BD_3e82c203faf4 (German) supported

    Really quick :)
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    Log file is not necessary. If you use the parser, you can post the OPD here. If your title is already in the list the file won't be copied. It's a lot of work for testiles to check double posts manually.
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    BTW kufo, it's paRser not pRaser

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    Switched the "R" but I think he knows what was meant. :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the update information, Michael!

    I've made the necessary changes.

    Just one more to go and your whole Harry Potter set will be working! (y)

    Ok, great!


    Yeah, quick. Just a little over a week!

    Hi Josef1234.

    I see you're new, welcome.

    You should read what's in post #1 on the thread, the one you've been "replying" to. And post #2 as well.

    I can tell you haven't read post #1 because it clearly says no logfiles should be posted here.

    Here's what it will also tell you, in short...

    If you have the "Cannot process request at the moment..." message (shown in post #1) when you mount your UHD then it's unsupported.

    In that case, download the Parser tool in post #2 and run it on the logfile that you generated.

    The Parser will give the id of the UHD, called an OPD Id. It will also check if that OPD Id is already listed here.

    If the OPD Id is listed, no need to do anything but watch this thread to see when your title is supported.

    If it's not listed, the Parser tool will allow you to paste the disc information and OPD Id to a comment on the thread, and I will add it to the list.

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    Hey guys,

    Midway, as the first UHD with ScreenPass on the List brings up something interesting...

    The question arises that if Midway's key is added to the OPD but still has ScreenPass, should it be considered supported and removed from the List.

    My take is that the List addresses UHD's that don't have their keys in the OPD and so get the Unsupported message.

    Once past that, I think yeah, it should be removed from the List.

    ScreenPass is a separate issue and for those UHD's that (will) have it, probably a new thread should be made where their individual logfiles can be posted and progress tracked.

    I guess if ScreenPass becomes more the norm in the future we can re-visit that --- but let's hope it doesn't! :=).

    Any thoughts?

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  15. SamuriHL

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    This list is about title keys. Screenpass is a whole different issue. For the purpose of this thread, ignore it. Because the important requirement for anything else is getting the title key into the OPD.
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  16. testiles

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    Pretty much what I'm saying.

    But an argument could be made that if a protection is still in place, a title is not yet fully supported -- or put another way, still UN-supported.

    Though that's true, that level of title support is better addressed in a separate thread.

  17. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator

    Yea I'm so not concerned with secondary protections at all. That's something Redfox can take care of with a support thread. Until the title key is in the OPD, however, NOTHING can be done with the disc at all...hence the reason for this thread IMO. So argument considered...and rejected. LOL
  18. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Well the reason I made the thread was to track Unsupported UHDs. This new wrinkle brings up another way a UHD may be Unsupported.

    So there's some credence to that argument, but in the end, I think the two types of support should be handled separately.

    As I said, if, God forbid, things "devolve" in the future to where every single new UHD also has ScreenPass, then it might make sense to handle both here.

    But we're not there, by any means -- and hopefully we never get there.

  19. SamuriHL

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    Here's the thing, though. Right now, we don't KNOW that Midway's ScreenPass protection isn't supported by AnyDVD. Everyone's making an assumption there. Because the title key is unknown. And once the title key is added, if it's found that the ScreenPass variant isn't supported, all that's needed is to post a log in a support thread and within a few hours it'll be supported. That's it. But until we can decrypt the disc with AnyDVD, we have no idea if it's supported or not.
  20. testiles

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    I'm not.

    That's why I'm using "if" and "may".

    I would expect though that if ScreenPass becomes more common on UHD, things will be just like they are for regular Blu-Ray.

    Some titles will require extra time and extra work for someone like Pete to make ScreenPass go completely away. May be a few hours, a few days, who knows?

    We'll see how the situation fleshes out over time.

    Hopefully soon for Midway.

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